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01:42, 23 July 2017 Sunday
Health & Environment

13:00, 04 July 2017 Tuesday
WHO confirms end of latest Congolese Ebola outbreak

Four people die in most recent wave of infection; 580 more later test negative

14:24, 02 July 2017 Sunday
DR Congo declares end of Ebola outbreak

Rai is one of hundreds of thousands of small traders fearful of the goods and services tax (GST) launched Saturday that aims to create a single market in place of a labyrinthine system of more than a dozen national and state levies.

16:05, 30 June 2017 Friday
Kenya doctors government sign hard-fought agreement

Doctors went on 100-day strike earlier in the year, demanding 300 pct pay raise under 2013 collective bargaining deal

04:49, 21 June 2017 Wednesday
US scientists decry use of 2 antimicrobial chemicals

More than 200 scientists urge further restrictions on commonly used chemicals

12:20, 20 June 2017 Tuesday
Cholera kills 1 146 Yemenis in 2 months

Over 166,976 suspected cases of cholera have been registered in Yemen

11:19, 19 June 2017 Monday
Watery diarrhea kills 230 in Sudan Minister

Around 16,000 cases of watery diarrhea have been reported in Sudan since August 2016, says Abu Garda

12:21, 16 June 2017 Friday
New antibiotic potentially big in fighting drug-resistant bacteria

Named "pseudouridimycin," or PUM, the new antibiotic is produced by a microbe found in the soil.

06:06, 13 June 2017 Tuesday
Third of global population is overweight obese

Study finds obesity rates doubled in more than 70 countries since 1980

10:51, 11 June 2017 Sunday
Canada wants ban on junk food ads to children

Unhealthy foods include ice cream, cookies, pies, some cheeses, soda

14:59, 05 June 2017 Monday
Cholera death toll in Yemen rises to 676 WHO

More than 86,400 suspected cases of cholera recorded in war-torn Yemen  

15:01, 02 June 2017 Friday
Botched measles vaccines kill 15 children in S Sudan

Health minister says single syringe was used to vaccinate several children, health workers were as young as 12 years old

04:06, 02 June 2017 Friday
Hamas MPs to donate salaries to cancer kidney patients

Gaza’s Health Ministry continues to suffer from acute shortages of both fuel and medicine

12:31, 31 May 2017 Wednesday
Cholera outbreak kills 532 in Yemen WHO

More than 65,300 suspected cases of cholera recorded in war-torn Yemen

17:51, 29 May 2017 Monday
Top economists urge 'strong carbon price' in climate fight

Countries should set a target of reaching $40 to $80 per tonne of CO2 by 2020, and of $50 to $100 per tonne by 2030, they said.

11:05, 28 May 2017 Sunday
India WHO confirms first 3 cases of Zika virus

Indian government issues guidelines to deal with Zika virus

09:31, 25 May 2017 Thursday
US 23M more to lose health care under Republican plan

Number just 1 million shy of those who would have been without coverage under previous Republican draft

09:43, 23 May 2017 Tuesday
Study links intelligence gene to autism spectrum

The human genome has some 25,000 genes composed of more than three billion pairing of building-block molecules.

09:31, 22 May 2017 Monday
Swiss chemical maker Clariant to merge with US Huntsman

On a pro-forma 2016 basis, the merged group would have combined sales of approximately $13.2 billion (11.8 billion euros) and underlying or operating profit of $2.3 billion.

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