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02:19, 19 March 2018 Monday

16:51, 17 March 2018 Saturday
Ex-FBI deputy chief fired 2 days before retirement

Andrew McCabe was accused of misleading investigators on Clinton Foundation corruption case

14:38, 17 March 2018 Saturday
At least 6 dead in Florida bridge collapse

Officials expect to find additional victims under debris

20:27, 16 March 2018 Friday
US supports Cyprus in its search for offshore gas

Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell told reporters after talks with Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades on Friday that the U.S. also wants to see a resumption of talks to reunify the ethnically divided island nation.

16:23, 16 March 2018 Friday
Seven US troops killed in Iraq helicopter crash

"There were seven people aboard, they are all believed to be dead," the official said, adding they were US service members.

12:50, 16 March 2018 Friday
Hillary Clinton fractures hand on India trip

A doctor at the private Goyal Hospital told AFP Friday that Clinton had undergone screening after suffering pain in her right hand following a fall.

12:25, 16 March 2018 Friday
NATO working on cyber attack trigger

The alliance is "dealing with the issue around this and in cyber and working to define an understanding of what would be a trigger for Article 5," General Curtis Scaparrotti, the commander of NATO forces in Europe, told a US Senate committee.

11:23, 16 March 2018 Friday
Iran 'mucking around' in Iraq elections says Mattis

Speaking to reporters as he returned from a trip to Oman, Afghanistan and Bahrain, Mattis said officials he met with had expressed frequent concerns about Iranian behavior.

10:59, 16 March 2018 Friday
Trump to oust national security advisor HR McMaster

The newspaper said that Trump is discussing potential replacements for McMaster, but is willing to take his time because he wants to avoid humiliating him as well as to have a successor ready.

20:17, 15 March 2018 Thursday
US sanctions Russia for election meddling hacking

19 individuals, 5 entities blacklisted by Washington

18:26, 15 March 2018 Thursday
Only lifting embargo will end Gaza crisis

Saeb Erekat slams recent White House meeting on Gaza's deteriorating humanitarian situation  

15:22, 15 March 2018 Thursday
Iraqi parliament speaker backs Turkey's anti-PKK fight

Salim al-Jabouri says Turkey and Iraq will defeat terrorism together through 'full cooperation'

13:06, 15 March 2018 Thursday
Venezuela could tip oil market into deficit

Oil is the lifeblood of OPEC member Venezuela's economy, but a major wave of political unrest that shows no sign of abating has slashed output.

11:59, 15 March 2018 Thursday
US students rally nationwide against gun violence

'We shouldn't have to wake up in fear every day, knowing we can lose our lives in schools,' students says.

11:56, 15 March 2018 Thursday
Trump taps commentator Kudlow for top economic adviser

Known for his free-market stance, television host criticized Trump's tariff plan like his predecessor

11:39, 15 March 2018 Thursday
Humanitarian crisis in Gaza needs urgent attention

Dialogue will continue to improve humanitarian and economic situation in Gaza, White House says

11:20, 15 March 2018 Thursday
US sides with UK blames Russia for chemical attacks

‘The credibility of this Council will not survive if we fail to hold Russia accountable,’ Nikki Haley says

09:34, 15 March 2018 Thursday
Iraqi forces kill 11 ISIL militants in Kirkuk

ISIL terrorists were intercepted near Riyad town as a result of intelligence obtained  

09:09, 15 March 2018 Thursday
Training flight crashes in Florida US

Pilot and weapons system officer are recovered from ocean one mile east of runway  

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