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22:19, 26 May 2018 Saturday

09:34, 25 May 2018 Friday
North Korea still willing to talk to US anytime

Pyongyang responds to President Donald Trump's cancellation of summit with Kim Jong-un  

15:51, 24 May 2018 Thursday
Death toll from south India protests rises to 13

A curfew remained in pockets of Tuticorin city in Tamil Nadu state where police used live ammunition to disperse protesters this week, provoking international outrage and demands for an immediate investigation.

14:26, 24 May 2018 Thursday
North Korea dismantles nuclear test site ahead of US summit

Pyongyang announced its plan to "completely" dismantle the Punggye-ri facility in the country's northeast, inviting some foreign journalists to witness the destruction.

13:00, 24 May 2018 Thursday
Turkey to build schools for Moro Muslims in Philippines

Construction to take place in Bangsamoro Autonomous Region where Moro Muslims live

09:36, 24 May 2018 Thursday
Rallies held in Philippines on anniversary of siege

Amid calls for an end to martial law, the government says there is no reason to lift military rule in southern islands of Mindanao

09:09, 24 May 2018 Thursday
North Korea threatens US with planned summit

Pyongyang pours further doubt on the planned summit with United States

17:53, 23 May 2018 Wednesday
Bangladesh to shift 100 000 Rohingya to island

Refugees will stay there in safe houses until repatriation process completed, says PM

16:24, 23 May 2018 Wednesday
North Korea eyes imminent nuke site dismantlement

If weather conditions are good, Pyongyang will dismantle its nuclear site on Thursday, says official

09:47, 23 May 2018 Wednesday
Philippines can t afford war with China

President’s remarks come amid calls for stronger response against Beijing’s militarization in South China Sea

09:36, 23 May 2018 Wednesday
Pyongyang ends South Korean journalists' wait

Ahead of dismantlement of nuclear test site, North Korea approves list of reporters from the South

17:14, 22 May 2018 Tuesday
MH370 crash Search director rejects pilot ditch theory

New book claims pilot deliberately ditched plane, killing 239 on board

14:08, 22 May 2018 Tuesday
Over 60 die of heatstroke in Pakistan's largest city

Blistering heatwave grips port city of Karachi in last 72 hours

09:07, 22 May 2018 Tuesday
Seoul 'disappointed' by North Korea

South Korea reveals frustration with Pyongyang but insists June 12 Trump-Kim summit is still on

12:27, 21 May 2018 Monday
Macedonian Japanese climbers perish on Mt Everest

Gjeorgi Petkov, 62, reportedly dies of heart problems. Nobukazu Kuriki had lost fingers in previous attempt

12:19, 21 May 2018 Monday
Five mine-cleaners shot dead in Afghanistan

Police blame Taliban for killing along the route of multi-billion dollar TAPI pipeline project

10:55, 21 May 2018 Monday
Philippines watching S China Sea amid Beijing bombers

Manila stresses its policy is not to publicize actions taken through diplomatic channels  

17:36, 20 May 2018 Sunday
N Korea demands Seoul return waitress 'defectors'

The issue has long been controversial, with Pyongyang claiming the women were kidnapped from a North Korean state-run restaurant in China while Seoul insists they defected of their own free will.

17:22, 20 May 2018 Sunday
Myanmar orders Rohingya to leave tense border zone

Around 6,000 refugees from the persecuted minority have been camping on the narrow stretch of land since fleeing a brutal military crackdown in Myanmar's west last August.

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