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07:32, 23 October 2017 Monday

16:53, 13 September 2017 Wednesday
Albanian Parliament approved the new GOV cabinet

After 21 hours of debate and discussion, the Parliament voted with 78 votes in favor the new cabinet government led by Edi Rama, together with his governing program for the next four years. 

11:38, 12 September 2017 Tuesday
Kosovo's Haradinaj to Revise Montenegro Border Deal

Kosovo's Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj said that his government would take a look at the controversial border agreement with Montenegro.

16:48, 08 September 2017 Friday
Serbian leader's Bosnia visit ends with economic goals

Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia can reach €2B in trade annually, says Aleksandar Vucic  

12:21, 06 September 2017 Wednesday
Montenegrin court resumes 2016 'coup' trials

Special prosecutor to present evidence of alleged Russian involvement in attempt to overthrow Montenegrin government

13:00, 25 August 2017 Friday
Kosovo demands more time to form a government

The Parliament of Kosovo gathered today in an effort to conclude the session started in August 3rd, for constituting the government, which has been interrupted several times.

22:46, 21 August 2017 Monday
Serbia pulls staff from Macedonia embassy

Macedonia's foreign ministry said it was informed by the embassy late Sunday that employees were being called back to Belgrade for consultations.

17:21, 21 August 2017 Monday
Former Kosovo PM Bajram Rexhepi has passed away

The former Prime Minister of Kosovo, Bajram Rexhepi, died at 63 in Turkey, where he was being treated in a hospital after a cerebral hemorrhage that put him into coma. 

15:26, 20 August 2017 Sunday
Kosovo's election deadlock blocks funds recognition

A coalition led by President Hashim Thaci's PDK party -- itself in power since 2007 -- topped early parliamentary polls held on June 11, but the alliance did not win the absolute majority needed to govern alone.

17:05, 19 August 2017 Saturday
Melika Salihbeg Bosnawi passed away at the age of 72

Melika Salihbeg Bosnawi, an important poet and intellectual of Bosnia and Herzegovina, died at the age of 72

02:03, 08 August 2017 Tuesday
Serbian leader meets Turkish intelligence chief

Migrant crisis, terrorist threats are Turkey's, Serbia's 'security challenge', says President Aleksandar Vucic

17:12, 02 August 2017 Wednesday
Pence accuses Russia of trying to 'destabilize' Balkans

US vice president uses Montenegro speech to claim NATO's door remains open to those countries that 'share our values'

22:24, 01 August 2017 Tuesday
Bulgaria Macedonia agree to improve relations

The landlocked Balkan nation has attempted to join the EU since 2005 but its lingering dispute with Greece -- whose northern province bears the same name as the former Yugoslav republic -- has torpedoed Skopje's efforts. 

04:03, 29 July 2017 Saturday
Albanian Muslim player leaves Skopje because of cross symbol

Florent Osmani left the team due to religious reasons.

17:45, 25 July 2017 Tuesday
Serbian police make 250 arrests seize weapons

Nationwide police operation busts suspected gun dealers, recovers illegal firearms, ammunition, explosives

06:04, 21 July 2017 Friday
Montenegro coup plot trial adjourned for September

The 14 suspects, who risk lengthy jail terms, include pro-Russian opposition leaders Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic as well as two Russian nationals who will be tried in absentia.

12:43, 19 July 2017 Wednesday
Montenegro coup plot trial adjourned

The 14 suspects, who risk lengthy jail terms, include Democratic Front leaders Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic as well as two Russian nationals who will be tried in absentia.

12:31, 19 July 2017 Wednesday
New mosque construction is being discussed in Kosovo

After years of delay, the assembly of the capital of Kosovo looks set to give the go-ahead to the construction of a new 'Central Mosque' - despite the objections of civil society groups.

17:47, 18 July 2017 Tuesday
Macedonia's new government renews EU talks

High-level meeting sees EU welcome Skopje's commitment to 'address outstanding reform issues'

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