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05:41, 20 February 2017 Monday

16:41, 07 February 2017 Tuesday
United States embargo against Cuba - History

On February 7, 1962 the embargo was extended to include almost all imports.

11:10, 05 February 2017 Sunday
February 5 Super Tuesday tornado outbreak - History

The event began on Super Tuesday, while 24 U.S. states were holding primary elections and caucuses to select the presidential candidates for the upcoming presidential election.

16:02, 14 January 2017 Saturday
Abu Zayd Al Balkhi The 9th Century Muslim Psychologist

Abu Zayd al-Balkhi was a 9th century Muslim polymath, whose writings touched on subjects as varied as geography, medicine, philosophy, theology, politics, poetry, etc.

10:37, 15 November 2016 Tuesday
8 Reasons about Why Rome Fell

Read on to discover eight reasons why one of history’s most legendary empires finally came crashing down.

09:11, 19 October 2016 Wednesday
Alija Izetbegovic the soul of the Bosnian resistance

To understand the Bosnian Muslims, one of the first things one must do is understand their leader Alija Izetbegovic, the leader of the Bosnian resistance

12:05, 10 October 2016 Monday
5 000 year old grape seeds found in Izmir

The unearthed objects were displayed in an exhibition at Bornova Municipality's visitor center at the Yeşilova Mound.

08:58, 10 January 2016 Sunday
Prisoners of Pleven lies in the Turkish Martyrdom in Latvia

Prisoners of Pleven lies in the Turkish Martyrdom in Latvia Despite anti-Ottoman Russian propaganda the Estonian people have established friendly relations with the captured Turks and helped with food and clothing.

08:47, 10 January 2016 Sunday
A Brief History of Masjids in China

From the 8th century until the 15th century Islam has spread rapidly amongst the Chinese by the actions of the Muslims

18:02, 21 October 2015 Wednesday
The Siege of Antioch

On this day (21 October, 1097) the Crusaders began the siege of Antioch. They would capture the city after a seven month siege, paving the way for their continued advance towards Jerusalem.

09:33, 21 October 2015 Wednesday
Ibn Sina Avicenna declared as a ruler in Europe

With the fame and effect to the west on discoveries and creations in medicine, the book of Ibn Sina, “El-Kanun fi't-Tib” was taught in the European medical schools such as Louvain and Montpellier Universities, until the 17th century

20:05, 09 October 2015 Friday
An Extraordinary City in the Islamic Conquest Bukhara

The Muslim Arabs Fought for the Islamisation of Bukhara

20:07, 08 October 2015 Thursday
Clock Towers An Ottoman Heritage from the Balkans to the

One of the most important architectural heritage left by the Ottoman's cities are the clock towers that extends from the Balkans to the Middle East.

07:57, 05 October 2015 Monday
A Forgotten victory The Kutu'l-Amare Siege

General Townshend entered Kutu'l-Amare in 29th September 1915. The Ottoman forces withdrew and reinforced “Selman-i Pak”, under the command of Colonel 'Bearded Nurettin Bey'. While the reinforcement continued, Mirliva Halil Pasa the uncle of Enver Pasa, entered the frontline with a corps and changed the cause of the battle. General Townshend, with 4500 loss regressed Kutu'l-Amare

16:54, 16 September 2015 Wednesday
Ebu'l Feth Mosque in Rumeli Fortress

Built in 1452 and ruined in the 18th century, the minaret and the wall of Ebul Feth Mosque is standing. Expected to be restored again, the elite group is opposing.

10:49, 17 April 2015 Friday
Ahmici massacre remembered after 22 years

The Ahmici massacre was one of the worst massacres of the 20th century when Serbians torched Bosnian villages and killed nearly 3200 Bosnians near Srebrenica.

15:07, 13 February 2015 Friday
Memoirs with Hasan el-Benna The guide and steadfast preacher

The Ottoman-Turkish scholar Ali Ulvi Kurucu narrated his personal account of Hasan el-Benna after he met him during his studies in Egypt in the late 1920s, recounting his encounter with el-Benna during the Hajj pilgrimage.

08:52, 04 February 2015 Wednesday
Sharif Huseyin declared himself Khalifa

On the 3rd March 1924, after the Turkish Grand National Assembly had absolved the caliphate the former Emir of Mecca, Serif Huseyin declared himself “Caliph”.

14:25, 15 January 2015 Thursday
Remembering Palestinian cartoonist killed by Israel

As the world continues to talk about Charli Hebdo attack in Paris and cartoonists who were killed, it is time to remember "Hanzala's father"

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