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18:34, 22 May 2018 Tuesday

07:57, 05 October 2015 Monday
A Forgotten victory The Kutu'l-Amare Siege

General Townshend entered Kutu'l-Amare in 29th September 1915. The Ottoman forces withdrew and reinforced “Selman-i Pak”, under the command of Colonel 'Bearded Nurettin Bey'. While the reinforcement continued, Mirliva Halil Pasa the uncle of Enver Pasa, entered the frontline with a corps and changed the cause of the battle. General Townshend, with 4500 loss regressed Kutu'l-Amare

08:52, 04 February 2015 Wednesday
Sharif Huseyin declared himself Khalifa

On the 3rd March 1924, after the Turkish Grand National Assembly had absolved the caliphate the former Emir of Mecca, Serif Huseyin declared himself “Caliph”.

06:44, 19 November 2014 Wednesday
The Ottoman Army's fight For Gaza

One of the subjects that has stayed in the shadows of Ottoman history was the “Gaza Combats” that were fought on the Palestinian front during WW I

17:50, 06 November 2014 Thursday
Israeli soldiers stormed Masjid al-Aqsa 47 years ago

After the invasion of Jerusalem, the Israeli administration began an effort to eliminate all signs of Islam. With numerous reasons, they removed mosques and Islamic relics

12:08, 03 November 2014 Monday
Indian soldiers in Singapore revolt in support of the Ottomans

One of the lesser known supportive aspects of the Indian Muslim support was their rebellion and their demonstrations against the British army

16:14, 21 May 2014 Wednesday
The Turks who opposed the Armenian deportations

Faik Ali took out all the evidence he had to prove that the Armenians that were living in Kutahya were innocent after Talat Pasha wanted to enforce the law being made about deporting the Armenians. Faik Ali stated that he would withdraw from his position if they enforced this law, and after he had threatened them to leave, Talat Pasha took a step back and cancelled the deportation.

13:48, 08 May 2014 Thursday
The Kumul uprising and East Turkestan's independence

In 1911 after the People's Republic of China was established; came the revolution that was initiated by Sun Yat Sen. Han Chinese people were placed in areas that were mostly rich in agriculture. In April of 1931, an uprising that was triggered by the leaders of Kumul, Niyaz Haji and Salih Darga, led to independence.

15:50, 30 April 2014 Wednesday
French colonialism s massacre in Paris

On the 17th of October nearly thirty thousand Algerian migrants started a peaceful demonstration in protest of the war. With the command of Governor Papo, the demonstration was dispersed. Police were ordered to open fire and a great massacre took place. Thousands of Algerians were wounded, hundreds were killed. The bodies of those murdered on the Saint Michelle Bridge were thrown into the Seine River.

15:25, 04 April 2014 Friday
The westernization of music and anthems in the Ottoman Empire

The new army began their Western practices with French, Italian and English anthems accompanied by a band. Among Sultan Mahmud II’s official and unofficial ceremonies, upon entry and exit, anthems written for European royalty such as 'God Save the King', 'La Marseillaise' and 'Vive Henri IV' were played.

13:54, 20 March 2014 Thursday
The story of an Ottoman banner in Italy

Today in Italy within the cellar of a church that is a remnant from the medieval period, lies a 400 year old Ottoman banner with no other like it.

12:20, 11 March 2014 Tuesday
An assassin divides his native Bosnia 100 years on

Bosnia divided over assassination that started World War One, as rival commemorations highlight differences over Serb role

16:56, 24 January 2014 Friday
Turkish Qur'an' first recited 82 years ago

In 1932 by the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, hired Hafiz Yasar Okur to recite the Qur’an in Turkish in a project designed to ‘Turkify’ worship.

14:27, 11 January 2014 Saturday
The Ottoman way of celebrating the Islamic New Year

Muslims in the Ottomam Empire celebrated the New Year on the 1st of Muharrem, the first month of the Islamic Hijri calendar.

14:05, 23 November 2013 Saturday
The Ottoman memorandum of Indian Muslims to the British PM

On January 5, 1919, Indian Muslims living in Britain gave the then prime minister Lloyd George a memorandum regarding the occupation of the Ottoman Empire.

13:30, 30 October 2013 Wednesday
The sorrow of Meskhetian Turks An unending exile

The 30th October is recognized as a day of remembrance for the catastrophic tragedy of the victims of Stalin’s dictatorial policies.

11:22, 30 October 2013 Wednesday
Origins of the Marmaray project Tunel-i Bahri

The idea of the railway tunnel underneath the Bosphorus Strait was first introduced by Ottoman Sultan Abdulmedjid in 1860.

18:20, 29 October 2013 Tuesday
A journey to reaper Crimean Turks expulsion by Soviets

Soviet Commissioner Beriya who brought the idea of deporting Muslims in Crimean and Caucasus to the agenda of Soviet leadership initiated a plan to remove these communities from their homeland to several camps in remote towns.

14:58, 21 October 2013 Monday
Ottoman heritage lives on in Niger

The Ottoman heritage lives on in one of Africa’s poorest countries Niger, as the residents of Agades declare themselves to be the descendents of the Ottoman sultan Yildirim Beyazid.

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