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15:42, 25 May 2018 Friday

09:04, 10 March 2017 Friday
Az-Zahrawi the great father of modern surgery

The Islamic Golden Age refers to the period of the 8th century until the 13th century. During this era, the Islamic world produced numerous scholars who contributed greatly to various branches of human knowledge, including philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy. Az-Zahrawi was the father of modern surgery and influenced and changed the entire modern science as we know it today

09:11, 19 October 2016 Wednesday
Alija Izetbegovic the soul of the Bosnian resistance

To understand the Bosnian Muslims, one of the first things one must do is understand their leader Alija Izetbegovic, the leader of the Bosnian resistance

15:07, 13 February 2015 Friday
Memoirs with Hasan el-Benna The guide and steadfast preacher

The Ottoman-Turkish scholar Ali Ulvi Kurucu narrated his personal account of Hasan el-Benna after he met him during his studies in Egypt in the late 1920s, recounting his encounter with el-Benna during the Hajj pilgrimage.

13:43, 19 October 2014 Sunday
Alija Izetbegović The soul of Bosnia s resistance

Alija Izetbegović’s outstanding bravery and zealousness led the Bosnian people to victory after four years of war. Even when it was being bombarded, he never abandoned his beloved Sarajevo. Books documenting his political leadership and intelligence carry his legacy on to the future.

11:33, 07 May 2014 Wednesday
Indian Muslim hero in Turkey's liberation war

An Indian Muslim was the Anadolu Agency's first employee in war-torn Anatolia.

14:32, 21 February 2014 Friday
Malcolm X remembered on 49th anniversary of death

Malcolm X, otherwise known as al-Hajj Malik al-Shabazz, was shot dead on February 21, 1965 while giving a speech the Organization of Afro-American Unity in Manhattan's Audubon Ballroom, New York, after some commotion broke out in the conference hall.

18:26, 12 February 2014 Wednesday
Abdurrahman Ibrahim Sori A prince among slaves

Abdurrahman Ibrahim Sori was a 19th century Muslim prince from western Africa who was captured and sold into slavery in the US, where he lived as a slave for 40 years until he won his freedom.

17:07, 27 January 2014 Monday
Memoirs of Mr Hempher Confessions of a British spy

An early 18th century British spy in the Ottoman lands revealed covert operations designed to spread separatism across the Muslim world.

12:18, 13 January 2014 Monday
A life devoted to history of Islamic science Abdelhamid I

Abdelhamid I. Sabra has raised many students, and left hundreds of articles, books, editions and translations in various topics of Islamic and early modern European science...

11:21, 12 January 2014 Sunday
Ariel Sharon Story of a mass killer

For millions of Arabs and Palestinians, Sharon was a "mass killer", who sparked the second Palestinian uprising in 2000 by his provocative visit to the Al-Aqsa mosque.

18:03, 01 January 2014 Wednesday
Reza Shah Pahlavi's exile to Johannesburg

In 1941 Allied powers and Soviets were left with no option but to invade Iran by air, land and sea assaults. They forced Reza Shah to abdicate and leave the throne on the 16th of September 1941, in favor of his son Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi...

15:33, 31 December 2013 Tuesday
The path of Imam Abdullah Haron

The grandchild of Imam Abdullah Haron, Muhajir Haron, tells of how his grandfather fought for the spread and preservation of Islam during the era of the South African Apartheid regime.

17:08, 16 December 2013 Monday
Who was the real Lawrence of Arabia

On Sunday, news of the death of Irish actor Peter O’Toole, who was most famous for his role in the 1962 film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, hit the airwaves. His death reminds the world of the real Lawrence, linking the events in the Arab world today to those of a century ago.

14:15, 08 December 2013 Sunday
Hassan Al-Banna The man who started it all

Muslim Brotherhood is continuing the political and religious legacy of Hassan Al-Banna.

13:59, 24 November 2013 Sunday
Muhammad Hamidullah A Saint in Paris

Muhammed Hamidullah was a scholar who devoted his entire life to education and knowledge...

14:19, 18 November 2013 Monday
Assad Regime Exposed The Rise and fall of Assad Regime

Hafez Assad’s first encounter with Israel is full of suspicious decisions, doubtful exchanges and controversial engagements.

11:51, 15 November 2013 Friday
Ibn Khaldun No predecessor no successor

Ibn Khaldun was an unequivocal scholar who had not any correspondent in his time, both in Islamic world, and in the western intellectual arena

14:49, 11 November 2013 Monday
Allama Iqbal Pakistan's ideological founder

Muhammad Iqbal is a celebrated classical philosopher and politician whose vision inspired millions of people around the world.

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