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18:21, 16 January 2018 Tuesday

16:40, 13 January 2018 Saturday
Canada hopes G7 summit serves for new ideas

"The G7 serves well as a proving or testing ground for discussions that could eventually go into the G20 or the United Nations or international financial institutions," Peter Boehm, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's G7 representative, said in an interview with AFP.

15:35, 13 January 2018 Saturday
US delegation visits PKK PYD-held areas in north Syria

Delegates briefed by terrorist group about demands for federal system in Syria, local sources say

12:42, 13 January 2018 Saturday
Jeff Bezos donates 33 million for DACA scholarships

Amazon founder and richest man in history announces donation to send 1,000 Dreamers to college

12:28, 13 January 2018 Saturday
Trump extends Iran sanctions relief for final time

Announcement comes as US sanctions 14 mostly Iranian individuals, entities

12:08, 13 January 2018 Saturday
Study finds Trump Muslim ban shifted public opinion

New report finds protests against executive order caused public opinion to side against ban

11:07, 13 January 2018 Saturday
Turkey is much safer than the US Foreign minister

In Los Angeles, Mevlut Cavusoglu criticizes new US travel warning on Turkey as 'unnecessary'

16:23, 12 January 2018 Friday
UN official Trump's comments on immigrants 'racist'

There are shocking and shameful comments from US president: UN human rights spokesman 

16:04, 12 January 2018 Friday
US-Pakistan make first contact post-Trump s tweet

Pakistan says it will continue counter-terror efforts even without US aid

13:13, 12 January 2018 Friday
Trump cancels London trip for embassy opening

He wrote on Twitter that he was abandoning the trip -- initially scheduled for next month -- because he did not like the location and price tag of the new building.

10:47, 12 January 2018 Friday
US Activists demand Guantanamo Bay's closure near WH

President Donald Trump keeps Guantanamo Bay open because he despises Muslims, human rights advocate says

09:47, 12 January 2018 Friday
Trump slams immigration from African Latin countries

'Why are we having all these people from countries come here?' Trump says

03:05, 12 January 2018 Friday
US envoy Discussion on Gulen's extradition to continue

This is an ongoing discussion that will continue in coming weeks, months: US Embassy Charge d’Affaires Kosnett

12:42, 11 January 2018 Thursday
Canada convinced Trump will pull out of free trade deal

Canadian dollar, bonds take hit amid speculation

12:31, 11 January 2018 Thursday
Trump says US could stay in Paris climate accord

US 'could conceivably go back' to Paris Agreement, Trump says, without specifying how

10:07, 11 January 2018 Thursday
US disappointed in Myanmar decision on two journalists

State Department urged Myanmar to release two journalists immediately

09:51, 11 January 2018 Thursday
Death toll rises to 17 in California mudslides

Rescuers searching for 17 other missing individuals

14:58, 10 January 2018 Wednesday
Trump signals he could endorse immigration deal

President says Obama-era bill should be 'bill of love', makes support contingent on larger immigration package

12:37, 10 January 2018 Wednesday
US says oil output to beat Saudi Arabia Russia in

Department of Energy says US to produce more than 11 million barrels per day by end of next year

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