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17:13, 23 January 2018 Tuesday
Art & Culture

10:03, 16 January 2018 Tuesday
Ethiopians take pride in helping bring about reforms

Tragedy opens door to changes sought by Omoros

11:57, 13 January 2018 Saturday
Turkey among 'top ten' countries in book diversity

Turkish culture minister says around 65,000 variety of books published in the country as of 2017.

11:14, 12 January 2018 Friday
Albanian village abandoned pearl of the Balkans PHOTO

Most people have swept into cities in the hope of a better life. But some are staying in the village in the hope that there will be a sustainable rural development.

09:39, 11 January 2018 Thursday
US students set to experience Turkish culture

Free Turkish courses will start January 16th, Yunus Emre Institute's US director says  

15:18, 09 January 2018 Tuesday
Turkey renames UAE Embassy streets in Ankara

2 roads next to UAE Embassy in Ankara renamed to reflect Turkey's Ottoman heritage and its defense of Muslim holy sites

16:07, 08 January 2018 Monday
Pamukkale offers unique wellness experience

Natural site in Turkey's southwestern Denizli province combines thermal water treatment with antique city landscape  

14:31, 05 January 2018 Friday
Turkey s Kartepe welcomes thousands of skiers

Kartepe hosted a total of 150,000 tourists, including some 15,000 foreigners, last season

13:27, 30 December 2017 Saturday
Japanese cyclist arrives in Turkish Aegean

Shogan Kameda left Georgia in September

10:22, 29 December 2017 Friday
Women and Family Institution Between Established Culture and Religious Duties

It is hard being a woman all over the world but it is much more harder in some regions, especially in Africa. Somali women have been facing some hardships just like other women in the continent of Africa.

14:39, 28 December 2017 Thursday
Turkish aid agency restores kindergartens in Kosovo

Turkey's ambassador to Kosovo attends opening ceremony of 2 kindergartens

17:27, 26 December 2017 Tuesday
More than a million visit Turkey s Ottoman palaces

Dolmabahce Palace most popular site for visitors to sultans' homes

10:04, 25 December 2017 Monday
Erdogan chooses Palestinian image for photo competition

16-year-old Palestinian became symbol of protest against US move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

09:52, 24 December 2017 Sunday
French pianist gives concert for Palestine in Turkey

Stephane Blet says he has held concerts in support of Palestine for the past 25 years

12:16, 23 December 2017 Saturday
Foreign students discover real Turkey

International students recount how they discovered real Turkey through their experiences

15:21, 22 December 2017 Friday
Int l students vision of Turkey through art

Competition organized by Federation of International Student Associations

17:14, 21 December 2017 Thursday
A Medina Defender like Fahreddin Pasha

Fakhri Pasha or Umar Fakhr ud-Din Pasha (1868–1948) was the commander of Ottoman army and governor of Medina from 1916 to 1919. He was nicknamed “the Lion of the Desert” and “Tiger of the Desert” by the British for his patriotism in Medina.

17:39, 19 December 2017 Tuesday
Turkey's religious body translates Quran in 4 languages

Translations available in Bulgarian, Uzbek and two African native languages, Chewa and Shona

15:53, 18 December 2017 Monday
A Hidden Treasure in the Mountains of Rhodope Library with

The village of Çıngırdere, hidden in the piedmont of Rhodope Mountain in Bulgaria, is famous for its natural beauty as well as its handwritten Islamic manuscripts.

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