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17:45, 23 September 2017 Saturday
Art & Culture

12:49, 07 September 2017 Thursday
Lahore's Istanbul Chowk spices up city's cultural life

Chowk, located in heart of Lahore, connects two different cultures in one city  

12:38, 04 September 2017 Monday
Seoul citizens queue up for Turkish treasures

Ankara Park offers a taste of Turkey in South Korea’s sprawling capital

15:37, 18 August 2017 Friday
Tunisia Muslim scholars slam gender-equality initiative

Unveiled by Tunisian president, initiative includes proposed legal changes that scholars say contravene Islamic precepts  

10:43, 04 August 2017 Friday
Turkish students to take part in African aid projects

Program aims to instill volunteerism, raise awareness of conditions in Africa   

10:37, 03 August 2017 Thursday
Topkapi Palace items featured in Saudi exhibit

Exhibition organized as part of 2017 Medinah Capital of Islamic Tourism activities

14:36, 02 August 2017 Wednesday
French archaeologists uncover 'little Pompeii'

Remarkable discovery of Roman district made during excavations  

09:34, 28 July 2017 Friday
Bosnia Herzegovina and the Pearl of the Balkans Sarajevo

One of the most beautiful cities located in the Balkans is Sarajevo. Built between two mountains, the city has conquered the hearts of the thousands of visitors today as it has done so for centuries with its unique nature, rich history and cultural heritage.

13:34, 26 July 2017 Wednesday
Turkish artists to campaign against Israeli measures

‘I’m standing for Quds, because I am a human’, the campaign says

17:33, 23 July 2017 Sunday
Palestinian Christians Muslims united Archbishop

Head of Jerusalem's Greek Orthodox Church says Christians support protests against recent Al-Aqsa restrictions

09:50, 12 July 2017 Wednesday
450-Year Clock Tower in Skopje

One of the oldest towers in the Balkans is rising above Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

15:04, 09 July 2017 Sunday
Hot air balloons boost tourism in Turkey s Cappadocia

A total of 300,000 tourists are expected to explore the city in the air by the end of 2017

14:09, 09 July 2017 Sunday
Phaselis Unique combination of history and nature

Antique city in Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast attracts tourists with its unique combination of history and nature

16:23, 06 July 2017 Thursday
Rome hosts Ottoman miniaturist exhibition

16th century Ottoman scholar Matrakci Nasuh's works go on display at Societa Geografica Italiana

21:57, 04 July 2017 Tuesday
Community center for Syrians opened in Turkey s Adana

Three-story building would be used for vocational training, language courses for Syrian refugees

11:10, 23 June 2017 Friday
US students set to experience Turkish culture

Yunus Emre Institute wants to “build bridges between the two countries" director says

10:43, 15 June 2017 Thursday
Cappadocia 'sculptures' seen from the air

The sculptures that can be seen from the sky in Cappadocia are made by an Australian sculptor

13:46, 14 June 2017 Wednesday
Prophet's cloak attracts Ramadan faithful in Istanbul

The Hirka-i Serif (the Noble Cloak) was brought to Istanbul in the seventeenth century, at a time when the Ottoman Empire controlled much of the Islamic world deep into today's Saudi Arabia.

23:16, 13 June 2017 Tuesday
Researchers find oldest human remains in Morocco

Modern humans existed 100,000 years earlier than previously thought

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