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03:22, 20 November 2017 Monday
Art & Culture

05:31, 06 November 2017 Monday
First school for disabled children opens in Gaza

60 students suffering from autism, cerebral palsy, or some physical disabilities will get education from trained teachers

16:24, 05 November 2017 Sunday
Why are there so many manuscripts in Timbuktu

In recent years, Timbuktu's libraries and manuscripts have been mentioned so often, but how such works could be accumulated and transferred to the present day in a desert city, in the middle of Africa? Esra Çifçi wrote Timbuktu, Africa’s scholarly center.

12:28, 05 November 2017 Sunday
WWI letters of Ottoman soldiers to reach families

Turkish Red Crescent takes initiative to deliver letters written by Ottoman soldiers held captive by British Army during WWI

15:43, 03 November 2017 Friday
Squares Bearing Witness to the History

The world history has changed with the resistance, protests and demonstrations that began in the squares of Tiananmen, Azadi, Dekabrist and lastly Tahrir Square...

11:22, 01 November 2017 Wednesday
Handmade Turkish pasta making inroads in Europe

Entrepreneur Neslihan Sadak touts the quality and popularity of traditional eriste pasta across the European continent

10:51, 01 November 2017 Wednesday
More cities join UNESCO s Creative Cities Network

New members include Turkey's Istanbul, Hatay and Kutahya

04:53, 30 October 2017 Monday
Sierra Leone 709-carat diamond to be sold in Antwerp

Pastor Emmanuel Momoh found gem 8 months ago in diamond-rich Kono district  

01:06, 28 October 2017 Saturday
One Week with 100 Pakistani Young People in the Himalayas

“I guess it could not be imagined that I would stayed for a week with 100 highly-educated Pakistanis and not observing their ideas about Pakistani politics… First of all, I realized that I underestimated Pakistan in another issue and unfairly categorized it with other Middle Eastern countries: participation in politics.” Deniz Baran wrote about natural beauties of Pakistan, where he attended a meeting, thoughts of Pakistani young people about their country and Turkey.

14:31, 27 October 2017 Friday
Islam and Islamism in Turkey A Conversation with İsmail Kara

The continuing part of the interview with Dr. Ismail Kara

12:19, 26 October 2017 Thursday
Islam and Islamism in Turkey A Conversation with İsmail Kara

Ismail Kara is arguably the foremost academic expert on Turkish Islamism. Although he is a prolific writer and a public intellectual, his work is little known among non-Turkish speaking audiences.The following interview with Kara aims to close this gap. Micah Hughes, a doctoral candidate at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill translated the original text of the interview from Turkish into English under supervision of Cemil Aydin (UNC Chapel Hill). Interview questions were prepared by Cemil Aydin, Huseyin Yilmaz (GMU), Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu (GMU), Peter Mandaville (GMU) and Ahmet Koroglu (Istanbul University). Ahmet Koroglu provided visual material from Istanbul as well as spearheading the project. Kara's detailed bio information and a list of his publications are presented at the end of the interview text.

12:35, 14 October 2017 Saturday
Tarhana represents Turkey 'like spaghetti for Italy'

Octogenarian from western Usak province, who has been selling the unique product for decades, hopes world gets taste of it

15:31, 08 October 2017 Sunday
Runners hit the desert for Tunisia's first ultra-marathon

The 100-kilometre (60-mile) Ultra Mirage El Djerid race, with a course skirting the Sahara desert's biggest salt lake, attracted 58 competitors including eight women and 25 foreign runners.

16:20, 06 October 2017 Friday
Anti-nuclear weapons group ICAN wins Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel committee acknowledges ICAN's efforts to draw attention to catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons

11:28, 04 October 2017 Wednesday
Damascus Cultural Heritage Al-Zahiriyya Library

Al-Zahiriyya Library and al-Madrasa al-Zahiriyya has been played an important role in the scholarly life of Damascus. The number of manuscripts is 15,000, while the number of printed works has reached almost 100,000.

11:25, 03 October 2017 Tuesday
3000 Students of Quran in a Remote Village of Africa

“That pile of ash we passed by is a kind of madrasah that has been fired up every evening for about 70 years and students of Quran have been inculcated by fire’s light.” Haşim Akın wrote about the Sheikh Abdullah Efendi educated 3000 students of Quran in a remote village of Burkina Faso.

11:27, 02 October 2017 Monday
More Gratitude Less Complaining Despite Their Poverty

In Burkina Faso there are interesting gestures and facial expressions regarding the honour and respect. Not looking at the face of the one you are speaking to and greeting ceremony made by women on the knees are some of those…

13:25, 28 September 2017 Thursday
Travel to the History of Slavery through the Bin Jelmood

With the museum projects like Bin Jelmood House, opened by Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, mother of Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim, it is aimed to exhibit and put across the history and the harsh and severe conditions of the slavery. Ceylan Ergin wrote.

14:43, 26 September 2017 Tuesday
World's biggest uncut diamond sells for 53m

Canadian miner Lucara Diamond sold to Graff the 1,109-carat gem, the Lesedi La Rona, which was found in Botswana's Karowe mine in late 2015.

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