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Little known about Syria, says war correspondent Stockt
Little known about Syria, says war correspondent Stockt

Stockt said he had never seen such a country before that could kill its own people so strategically.

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World famous French war correspondent Laurent Van der Stockt said on Monday that only little was known about the Syria crisis, adding that very few people and journalists could watch the incidents at the real scenes. 

Referring to the crisis in Syria, Stockt said he had never seen such a country before that could kill its own people so strategically, adding "I have not encountered before what I saw in Aleppo in September."

Stockt spoke at Press Advertising Institution in Turkey and shared his experiences as well as his observations in Syria.

"Everyone writes something about Syria, or says something, but in fact only little is known about Syria. Very few people and journalists can watch the incidents at the real scenes," said Stockt.

Stating there were no journalists who could go to the area which was in Damascus and controlled by Free Syrian Army, Stockt said he first worked in the northern part of the country to get experience before going to Damascus. 

Stockt touched on the "chemical weapon" discussions in the world, saying "the Syrian people find those discussions quite deceptive. There are many people dying of usual bombs."

Stockt said there was evidence of chemical weapons in the region, adding it could not go beyond the discussions in Europe. 

"You should see the slaughter there. Nobody believes they will live long. Everyone loses either their daughters or mothers in tortures and by bombs. Life is a hell," said Stockt describing the events in Syria. 

Laurent Van der Stockt has seen wars and conflicts over the last 25 years at their original scenes, getting wounded many times while on duty. Photo-interviews of Stockt had a widespread coverage in media throughout the world. 

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