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04:06, 25 April 2018 Wednesday
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New round of talks between Macedonia and Greece
New round of talks between Macedonia and Greece

Macedonia and Greece have held negotiations to find a solution to the name issue since 1991 - under the auspices of the United Nations.

The UN Secretary General’s Personal Envoy for the talks between Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, former US Ambassador Matthew Nimetz, will travel to the region between September 9 and 11, 2013 for meetings in Athens and Skopje, Anadolu Agency (AA) was told Tuesday in UN Headquarters in New York.

Ambassador Nimetz will be meeting in Athens and Skopje with senior government officials of both countries to continue discussions on finding a mutually acceptable resolution to the “name” issue.

Because of the strong objections from Greece, Macedonia was admitted to the UN on April 8, 1993 under the temporary name "the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia."

Since then, more then 160 members of the UN have recognized the country under its constitutional name of Republic of Macedonia.

A large section of northern Greece is also called Macedonia. With the 22-year-old name dispute with Greece, Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic accession dreams remain as far as ever.

Macedonia and Greece have held negotiations to find a solution to the name issue since 1991 - under the auspices of the United Nations.

Back in April this year according to the well informed UN sources, UN mediator Matthew Nimitz proposed that Macedonia could be known as "the Upper Republic of Macedonia."

Greece has reportedly given its consent to Macedonia to join NATO and start negotiations for EU accession under the proposed name.

In return, Macedonia was required to enter an amendment into its constitution that says that the Upper Republic of Macedonia will be the international name of the country, local media reported at the time.

There were no signs that government in Skopje accepted that proposal.

Although there were calls from UN to solve the situation rather sooner then later – both sides remain firmly entrenched in their positions. So far there are no tangible results.

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enough of this greek farce!
Karalambros the Great
How long will this bankrupt and bigoted country dictate to others what they should call themselves? Do they still entertain any hope that others have forgotten the Balkan Wars when Greeks were given Aegean Macedonia as a gift? Greece is one of the welfare states of Europe with neither democracy at work, nor a functionally fiscal government and as such should be left out of Europe to handle her own
05/09/2013, 16:29
WHy have you posted an article about Greece and Macedonia with a pciture of an albanian with an albanian flag? Put a Russian there too while your at it.
05/09/2013, 04:17
Why is there a picture of some Albanian child with an Albanian flag in an article about Macedonia and Greece???
05/09/2013, 03:03
Name Dispute Coming to a Close
Nick the Greek
Macedonians are the Greeks that continue to self-determine in the tradition of their regional-tribal ancestors - FYRoM should respect that! FYRoM is not Macedonia...FYRoM is Paeonia, and then Dardania north from Skopje! The West is not Silly - FYRoM is!
04/09/2013, 18:55