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03:36, 26 May 2018 Saturday
Update: 09:24, 08 September 2013 Sunday

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Protests against US intervention in Syria in Belgrade

Serbian Nationalist Movement urges Serbian government to condemn "the US aggression against Syria"

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Serbian Nationalist Movement Dveri Srpske held a press conference on Saturday in front of the US Embassy in Belgrade and condemned the US for a possible military strike against Syrian regime.

The movement stated that they protest aggression that the US prepares against the people of Syria with the apparent violation of international law.

"Dveri as a movement that is committed to respect for international law and the sovereignty of countries, condemns the US intention of aggression against the people of Syria. We believe that what America is planning to do endangers the whole world", said Vladan Glisic, member of the movement.

Glisic urged the Serbian government to "show a little dignity and join in condemning the US aggression against Syria".

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