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08:28, 21 May 2018 Monday
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Yakova preserves Islamic atmosphere
Yakova preserves Islamic atmosphere

Yakova in western Kosovo stands as a monument of Islamic civilization.

In the western part of Kosovo, the city of Yakova with its bridges, madrasas, mosques and Islamic monasteries, looks like a living example of Islamic civilization.

Yakova is another Kosovar city shining with cultural and historical heritage where many Ottoman works of art still remain. Besides, the city is a successful example of coexistence where Roma, Turks, Bosniaks and Albanians live together.

The Terzi Bridge

The Terzi Bridge is just near the entrance of Yakova. It was built in the 15th century by Ottoman rulers and composes of 11 arches. The bridge is on the way between Yakova and Prizren, and has a similar appearance to another bridge in Prizren. However, the Terzi Bridge is not as fortunate as its Prizren counterpart. Although it was restored in the 1980s, it needs additional work.

Three-hundred-year old bazaar

The bazaar built three centuries ago is among the places where one may feel the time is frozen. There are still craftsmen making traditional hand-made products. Burnt down during the Kosovo War, it was renovated afterwards, as was many other Ottoman structures. Nowadays, its stones are being renewed. The bazaar represents the establishment of Yakova and is a touristic hotspot.

Houses and tombs

In almost all of Yakova’s neighborhoods, there are houses and tombs which show a similar architectural design to Ottoman shrines. These are depicted as “the guardians of Yakova’s tradition”, one of which is the house of Meriban Horasani Hadri, bringing the tradition from three centuries ago to today.


The tomb of Sheikh Hasan Ali is in the yard of the house owned by the Horasani family. Built in 1895 the tomb was heavily damaged during the war. The graves of family members are also within the tomb.

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