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07:14, 23 July 2018 Monday
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Turkish court blocks Google\'s blogging site

Google\'s famous blog hosting service has been banned following complaints by digital satellite platform Digiturk in Turkey, reported.

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Google's famous blog hosting service,, has been banned following complaints by digital satellite platform Digiturk in Turkey, reported.

Serhat Özeren, chairman of the Telecommunications and Energy Services Consumer Rights and Industry Research Association (TEDER) and head of the Internet Council at the Ministry of Transportation, said a Diyarbakır court has issued an order to block after Digiturk filed a complaint against the website on the grounds that it violated the company's broadcasting rights of Turkey's top football division.

Speaking in Germany while attending a CeBIT trade show, Özeren said the decision is a legal process between Google and Digiturk and only Google can solve the problem. "Google experiences the same problem in other countries as well. Only Google can appeal this decision," he said.

Explaining why not all pages had yet been blocked following the court order, Özeren said: "The decision has not reached all Internet providers at the same time. Providers receiving the decision will shut down the web pages while others may still be continuing. But within the two days at most, we expect the decision to have reached all providers. If the situation leading to the decision to ban the website is eliminated and Google appeals to the court, then the process may end."

Özeren added that there is an attempt to end similar court orders in the future with a new bill that has been submitted to Parliament. "If the bill is passed, we will be able to avoid these prohibition decisions which victimize everybody. [In the future] the penalties and rulings will specifically address the offending web pages that broadcast such videos as matches and TV series that are subject to copyright," he said.


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