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21:18, 20 April 2018 Friday
Update: 13:01, 12 December 2011 Monday

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Israel to open embassy in Libya: report
Israel to open embassy in Libya: report

Paper says \"first Israeli ambassador\" will visit Libya in the very near future, heading a mission, accompanied by some Arab Israeli doctors as a \"medical initiative\" toward the Libyan people.

Israeli media claims Tel Aviv has been in talks with the Libyan Transitional Council in a bid to establish ties with the Muslim country and open an Israeli embassy in Tripoli.

Israeli daily Haaretz said, "that the opening of the Israeli Embassy in Libya will be in cooperation with Qatar", which Tel Aviv believes to be an ally and which would facilitate the opening of Israeli embassies in a number of Arab countries.

The daily stated that an Israeli candidate to hold the position of Ambassador will soon visit Libya.

British sources confirmed to the paper that meetings are being held by a number of Libya's Jewish community living in the UK, headed by Rafael Luzon, with some officials in the British government, as well as officials from the Transitional Council.

The Israeli paper disclosed the name of the diplomat nominated for the position of the first Israeli Ambassador to Libya, explaining that he "is of Arab Druze origin, called Raslan Abu Rakoun, currently holding the post of General Vice-Consul of Israel in the American state of Atlanta."

Haaretz added, Rakoun will visit Libya in the very near future, heading a special mission, accompanied by some Arab Israeli doctors as a "medical initiative" toward the Libyan people.

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No recognistion
Poor Muslim
Israel does not exist. Those jews came from Europe have nothing to do with Palestine. So forget your plan.
12/05/2013, 04:37
No Israeli Embassy in Libya
they are not welcom in Libya
22/08/2012, 21:14
No way in hell
Libyan Canadian
Not before Israel recognizes the rights of the Palastenians and their new state and stop the building of the settlement on their occupied land. No Libyan will agree to that bull Sh.. I guarantee you that. Not NTC nor GNC will agree to that, otherwise there will be a coup d'etat once agin. So I say to the auther of this article. Dream on.
22/08/2012, 18:01
israel is the father of Evil
one muslim
what a sham on them those whom open an embassy of isreal at Their country they are not muslims they are out of islam
22/08/2012, 15:28
No way
Free Rianian
they are dreaming
22/08/2012, 11:32
dream on
and dream on a little more, unless u give back the homes u stole from palstinians, then we can talk.
22/08/2012, 11:12