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10:35, 17 July 2018 Tuesday
Update: 10:05, 21 April 2012 Saturday

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Iraq's Barzani calls on PKK to lay down arms
Iraq's Barzani calls on PKK to lay down arms

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Massoud Barzani said PKK should lay down its weapons for a peaceful solution and extend support to Turkish government's democratic move

The head of the regional Kurdish administration in Iraq's north, Massoud Barzani, on Friday said that "PKK and Turkey's Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) should extend more support to the Turkish government's democratic move".      

Speaking at a press conference at Ankara's Sheraton Hotel following the completion of his talks, Barzani said that the situation in Iraq was progressing towards a (political) crisis.      

We will meet with all sides in order to solve the Iraqi crisis. The solution rests in returning to Iraq's constitution. All problems took place as a result of moving away from the constitution. Being loyal to the constitution would protect Iraq's territorial integrity, Barzani said.      

Asked if Turkey could play a role in Iraq to solve the political crisis, Barzani stressed that they expected Turkey to play a positive role in Iraq.      

We expect all countries to respect the will of the Iraqi people, Barzani underlined.      

In regard to a question on a planned Kurdish Conference, Barzani said that the date for the conference was not determined yet.      

The Kurdish Conference will take place to give a message of peace. As everyone knows, I have my own agenda and policy. I am not a person who will implement the agenda of another person, Barzani noted.      

"Friendly relations with Turkey"

Barzani said they always supported friendly relations with Turkey and the policies adopted and implemented by Turkey's ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party were realistic policies.      

Reminded by a journalist about his comments that they would not let terrorist organization PKK live in their region in case they continued to use weapons, Barzani said that "they never favored war. PKK knows my views well. The continuation of war would hurt the Kurdish issue in the upcoming process".      

PKK would benefit if they listen to me. If PKK prefers the continuation of war, we will not permit them carry the war to our region, Barzani said.      

Touching on the Kurds of the region, Barzani said that the Kurds neither were a threat to Iraq nor Syria.      

Dictators pose a threat to these countries. If the administrations become democratic, there would remain no problems, Barzani said.      

Asked about what he thought on Turkish Radio and Television's (TRT) programs in Kurdish language, Barzani said that "it was a positive step. I watch TRT's Kurdish programs and enjoy them".  

"Not spoken with U.S. on PKK's giving up arms"

Massoud Barzani said that he did not speak with the U.S. administration on PKK's giving up arms.      

Barzani replied to a question of the AA correspondent asking him if he shared his decision not to let PKK stay in the region with the U.S. administration during a recent visit to that country.      

"Our decision is very clear. I speak based on my experience. The period for arms and weapons is over. If the PKK prefers arms and not dialogue, I will not let them stay in my region. I have not discussed this issue with anyone during my recent trip to the U.S.. The decision is mine alone," Barzani stressed.  

"Kurds in Syria are not granted citizenship"          

Asked about the situation of Kurds in Syria, Barzani indicated that "in general, we are with the people of Syria and on their side".      

The Kurds in Syria do not have the right to become Syrian citizens. We support their right to become Syrian citizens. The Kurds in Syria hold talks with the Syrian National Council. However, they have not achieved any result yet, Barzani also said.


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