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08:56, 27 March 2015 Friday
Update: 09:55, 13 July 2012 Friday

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Turkish dailies covered in their Friday editions the wreckage of the Turkish military plane which was reportedly downed last June in the Eastern Mediterranean and its parts lying under the sea bed, Turkish PM & Chairman of AK Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan's meeting with the HAS Party leader Numan Kurtulmus at the Prime Ministry building on Thursday, and the solutions over reducing the traffic jam in Istanbul FSM bridge.

A couple of Turkish dailies covered the wreckage of Turkish military reconnaissance plane that went down on June 22. Daily HURRIYET headlined "This is how they were found" over the jet issue and explained in details how the two Turkish pilots were brought back to the surface. Daily MILLIYET headlined "Why all the parts of the plane is not out-", and stated that Turkish General Staff said the 'Nautilus' Exploration Vessel left the researching area because of a failure in the ship. Daily MILLIYET covered that "Why the ship has left the area without bringing back all parts of the jet to the surface."

"Move of the year" daily TURKIYE headlined and "Big Meeting" daily YENI SAFAK headlined over the meeting of two political party leaders and old friends at the Prime Ministry building in Ankara on Thursday. Turkish Prime Minister & Chairman of AK Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan invited the HAS Party leader Numan Kurtulmus in order to discuss the union of their parties. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had offered People's Voice (HAS) Party to join his Justice and Development (AK) Party, said Chairman of HAS Party Numan Kurtulmus. After the 1 hour 15 minute long meeting, Kurtulmus said, "we received an invitation from Prime Minister Erdogan for HAS Party to join his ruling AK Party. We exchanged our views on the union."

Another topic that most of the Turkish dailies covered on Friday was the traffic jam and maintenance work in Istanbul's FSM bridge over the Bosphorus which caused a heavy traffic jam. On Thursday, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality set up a crisis management desk in order to reduce the traffic jam and came out with nine solutions such as increasing the number of ticketing counters, building coffee shops and toilets and not allowing buses to use the FSM bridge between the hours of 24.00-05.00. The bridge, one of the two that links Istanbul's Asian and European sides, is under maintenance for the past 24 days.


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