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03:58, 23 June 2018 Saturday
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Turkish ship to lift debris of downed war plane
Turkish ship to lift debris of downed war plane
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A Turkish ship to pursue search & rescue efforts for downed Turkish plane

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Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said that a Turkish ship would pursue search and rescue efforts for the downed Turkish plane.

Following the Council of Ministers meeting on Monday, government spokesman Arinc said that TCG Inebolu ship would conduct search and rescue efforts to lift the debris of Turkish war plane which was downed by Syria.

We have held talks with U.S. Felix company, and reached an agreement. Felix company will provide the required equipment for TCG Inebolu ship. Personnel of the company will pursue search and rescue efforts, said Arinc.

He noted that Nautilus ship found the place of the plane's debris, displayed the parts of debris, and pulled out the bodies of two pilots, and also lifted some parts of the debris.

We have only ten percent of the debris so far, said Arinc, adding that TCG Inebolu ship would pursue the activities from now on.

The Turkish RF4 military reconnaissance plane was shot down by Syria on June 22 while on an unarmed training and test mission in international airspace after unintentionally straying into Syrian airspace.

The incident has drawn widespread international condemnation amid the continuing violence in Syria.

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