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23:47, 22 June 2018 Friday
Update: 15:01, 03 August 2012 Friday

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Syrian Kurd leader welcomes meeting with Turkish FM
Syrian Kurd leader welcomes meeting with Turkish FM

Syrian Kurds welcomed Turkey's stance towards opponents in Syria.

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Syrian Kurds welcomed Turkey's stance towards opponents in Syria.

Kurdish National Council of Syria (KNCS) Chairman Ismail Resad Heme told AA on Friday that they had seen that Turkey approached equally to all opponents in Syria, adding that his meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Syrian National Council (SNC) in Irbil had been very fruitful.

The Turkish military commenced military maneuvers along its border with Syria on Wednesday, in what appears to be an effort aimed at deterring the emergence of a Kurdish entity in Syria’s north led by the militant Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Meanwhile, the United States has cautioned against any military intervention in the country.

Actually, we were not expecting Davutoglu to sit at the same table with us. The meeting took place also upon the request of Davutoglu. He wanted to see us together with Syrian National Council, said Heme.

Davutoglu expressed hope that the disagreements between SNC and KNCS would end, and both councils would act together, said Heme.

Davutoglu also conveyed Turkey's attitude and concerns about Supreme Kurdish Council and Democratic Union Party (PYD), added Heme.

We have conveyed Davutoglu that our target is to serve "Syrian Revolution", and that Supreme Kurdish Council, which was set up by Kurdish opposition in Syria, serves Syrian opposition, said Heme, adding that they did not have any opinion to create uneasiness for Turkey.

Regarding PYD, we have told Davutoglu that it is a part of Syrian opposition even if it has a different ideology, said Heme, adding that PYD wanted to be a legal civilian political party.

Heme noted that Turkey, for the first time, was positive about Syrian Kurds.


One of the Turkish military drills is under way in the Çağlar village in Mardin, just 10 kilometers to the north of the Syrian city of Qamishli, the biggest Syrian Kurdish city to have fallen into Kurdish hands. Some 30 tanks and 10 armored personnel carriers took part in the maneuver. The tanks moved into firing position as part of the exercise while the armored carriers backed troop deployment and tank attacks. The drill is expected to continue for a week.

In Suruç, a separate drill involving tanks and missile batteries is taking place only a few hundred meters away from the Syrian border. The batteries have been repositioned to target Kobani, one of the cities controlled by Kurdish groups in Syria.

Turkey has repeatedly bombed and sent troops into parts of Kurdish-run northern Iraq where the PKK has camps. But there has been no indication that Turkish troops would cross the border with Syria, although NATO-member Turkey has warned any attack emanating from a PKK presence in northern Syria could give the country reason to intervene.

The United States, Turkey’s NATO ally, on the other hand, appears to be reluctant towards any Turkish intervention in Syria. When asked about the recent Turkish military build-up along the Syrian border, Patrick Ventrell, director of the Press Office at the US State Department, said further militarization of the situation should be avoided.


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