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11:04, 22 May 2018 Tuesday
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Algerians mark Paris 1961 massacre / VIDEO
Algerians mark Paris 1961 massacre / VIDEO
-A victim of the 1961 massacre-

Algerian people remember River Seine massacre 51 years on.

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Algerians remember 51. anniversary of Paris massacre committed on 17 October 1961.

In that year, under the head of the Parisian police, Maurice Papon, the French police attacked a demonstration of some 30,000 pro-National Liberation Front (FLN) Algerians.

Many demonstrators died when they were violently herded by police into the River Seine, with some thrown from bridges after being beaten unconscious.

After 37 years of denial, the French government acknowledged 40 deaths in 1998, although there are estimates of over 200. 

Paris Police chief in 1961, Maurice Papon told in Guardian, in 5th January 2000:

"All states have their dark secrets, too painful to behold, ours in Ireland, the Swiss in their bank vaults, Frances - perhaps the most interesting case in post-war Europe - in uncovering what happened to at least 200 Algerian demonstrators in Paris, said to have been murdered by police and secretly buried outside the city in 1961" 








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