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08:38, 21 April 2018 Saturday
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France as an islamophobic laboratory: occupying mosque
France as an islamophobic laboratory: occupying mosque

The ground for the mosque attack in France was prepared by politicians; social engineers, scared by the Interior Ministry data showing growth of Muslim population, ignited the wick.

By Saadet Oruç, Brussel / World Bulletin

The news posted in French Poitiers on Saturday is at the same time the footsteps of a growing hazard...

A fascist group called "732 Generation Identitaire" occupied a mosque under construction.

The group of 60 young people picked up their name referring to the Battle of Tours in 732 AD that stopped the Muslim army, and organized the "action" to broadcast themselves.

Police forces emptied the mosque in the afternoon arresting three.

The incident was criticised by the French Prime Minister Jean Marc Ayrault and the Interior Minister Manuel Valls.

Was the timing a coinsidence or did this attack happen "all of a sudden"?

Two days after the news headlines appeared saying that according to the Interior Ministry report 4000 Christians annualy convert to Islam reciting the shahadah...

A week after Marine le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front, called on the ban of wearing veil in public...

And a few weeks after the UMP leader Jean François Copé made his famous "pain au chocolat" statement...

The ground for the attack was prepared by the politicians; social engineers, scared by the Interior Ministry data showing growth of Muslim population, ignited the wick.

Last year debates over revision of the 1905 Law on the Separation of the Churches and the State took place in France.

The debates meeting was organized by the UMP and the meeting report said Muslıms were not so numerous in the 1905 France.

Islam is the most widely practiced religion in some areas of France today.

That is wy it was suggested to toughen the 1905 Law.

As human values keep eroding, more and more people search and find spiritual development in Islam.

It looks like the growing number of Muslims activate those who think they should intervene...

On the ohter hand, when one hears about "annoying immigrants in the times of economic crisis and people with no official identity", Muslims come to mind first. In the times of economic

crisis Muslims become the biggest target of the far-right due to several reasons.

France hosts approximately 6 million Muslims - more than any other European country,.

According to Vatican's slip of tongue that created anxiety, the number of Muslims will increase greatly over the next 40 years.

Every visible factor becomes a target for aggression.

French administration managed to live down the caricature crisis by easing and finally making Muslims' reaction vanish into clean air.

Such news as "a pig head chopped off and left in front of a halal butcher" that appeared this summer get lost in between the lines.

But such things do happen.

They did...

And it appears that at this rate such news will appear more and more often.

They are caught by an epidemic, and they will never recognize that it was originated by themselves.

This virus was transmitted and cherished by politicians who imagined they would reap the benefits.

Translated by Anastassiya Elçi


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