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03:19, 07 February 2016 Sunday

09:27, 05 February 2016 Friday
Turkish president urges end to airstrikes in Syria

Erdogan says Syrians will continue to flee country unless Russian and regime airstrikes cease

09:22, 05 February 2016 Friday
Turkey PM urges US to act more 'determined' against Russia

Leaders of governments, NGOs and members of civil society met in London on Thursday to raise funds for those affected by crisis in Syria

15:12, 04 February 2016 Thursday
Turkish parliament launches new constitution talks

MPs from all parties meet to reform Turkey’s military-era constitution

15:02, 04 February 2016 Thursday
Turkey PM defines Assad regime ISIL as 'enemies of humanity'

‘We have to be shoulder to shoulder against those who are committing war crimes,’ PM Davutoglu says at Syria Donors Conference in London

12:00, 04 February 2016 Thursday
Turkey to send envoy back to Vatican

Turkey recalled its ambassador in April last year, days away from the 100th anniversary of what the pope described as 'the first genocide of the 20th century'

11:15, 04 February 2016 Thursday
Turkey confirms blocking Russian plane

'An agreement could not be reached on the itinerary for the reconnaissance flight requested by the Russian Federation for 2-5 February 2016,' foreign ministry says

09:06, 04 February 2016 Thursday
PM claims Turkey fighting terror on three fronts

Premier Davutoglu identifies ISIL, PKK, far-left DHKP-C as threats to security

16:48, 03 February 2016 Wednesday
Turkey imposes visas for Russian journalists

Turkey has decided to introduce a visa regime for Russian journalists starting February 15

12:09, 03 February 2016 Wednesday
PKK leader Ocalan slams arming of group

Notes made my PKK leader Ocalan during peace talks have been published, in which he takes aim at the group who have armed themselves.

09:28, 03 February 2016 Wednesday
Meskhetian Turks fleeing Ukraine hope Turkey is last stop

Meskhetian Turks -- who have faced repeated deportations and separations -- share their hopes for a better life in Turkey

09:12, 03 February 2016 Wednesday
Turkey to get Iranian gas discount

Reduction will be between 13.3 and 15.8 percentage, Turkey's energy minister says

10:10, 02 February 2016 Tuesday
Erdogan says Turkey spent 9bn on refugees

'Turkey has opened its doors without distinction to more than 2.5 million Syrian and Iraqi refugees. So far, the amount we have spent surpasses $9 billion,' Turkish president says

09:10, 02 February 2016 Tuesday
Turkey denies reports of 'bargaining' over refugees

Senior minister refutes German media claim Ankara demanded extra 2 billion euros to tackle refugee crisis

09:06, 02 February 2016 Tuesday
Turkey presses Canada on free trade deal

Turkish ambassador to Canada says Turkey wants agreement ‘as soon as possible’

09:10, 01 February 2016 Monday
Russia can't cover up airspace breach Turkey PM

Ahmet Davutoglu warns Moscow to quit 'threatening' attitude against Turkish airspace

10:01, 31 January 2016 Sunday
Turkey 1 000 ISIL suspects held over 12 months

Military says last five months of 2015 saw 90 percent increase in amount of ISIL suspects held

09:25, 31 January 2016 Sunday
Turkey reveals airspace violation by Russian jet

Ministry of Foreign Affairs says SU-34 was in Turkey's airspace; Moscow denies claim; Turkish Air Force steps up security

09:23, 31 January 2016 Sunday
Turkey condemns Saudi mosque attack

Four killed, 18 hurt when suicide bomber struck during Friday prayers

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