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19:21, 06 October 2015 Tuesday

12:20, 06 October 2015 Tuesday
NATO Russia's Turkey air violations 'not accident'

NATO Secretary Generalsays Russian violations of Turkish airspace near Syrian border were 'not an accident'

11:32, 06 October 2015 Tuesday
G20 Level-playing field key to global investment

Lack of consistency in regulation and protectionism are souring investor sentiments, business leaders at the G20-OECD global forum in Istanbul say

10:55, 06 October 2015 Tuesday
Turkey summons Russian envoy over new airspace violation

Turkey summoned Russian ambassador to Ankara for second time after new violation of its air space by Russian war plane close to Syrian border

10:24, 06 October 2015 Tuesday
Russia 'bad weather' made jet violate Turkish airpace

Moscow says Russian fighter jet violated Turkish air space because of 'bad weather conditions'

10:19, 06 October 2015 Tuesday
Six Turkish soldiers injured in southeastern Turkey

A roadside bomb has wounded six soldiers in Diyarbakir province

09:36, 06 October 2015 Tuesday
Turkey urges EU action on Syria

Turkish president criticizes EU for not doing enough to solve refugee crisis, calls for buffer zone at Turkish-Syrian border

15:01, 05 October 2015 Monday
Russia's airspace violations 'unacceptable' NATO chief

Russian violations of Turkish airspace are "unacceptable", NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says

14:02, 05 October 2015 Monday
Turkey 'will activate rules of engagement if air space violated'

Country's PM says, 'Whoever violates our airspace, our rules of engagement are clear'

13:17, 05 October 2015 Monday
Turkish jets harassed by unidentified MIG-29

Two F-16 jets were harassed by a MIG-29 plane, whose nationality could not be identified, Turkish army says

13:15, 05 October 2015 Monday
Turkey 'Over 2 000 PKK terrorists killed since July 22'

Turkish Interior Minister Altinok says a total of 2,483 terrorist attacks have taken place since July 22 in Turkey

12:08, 05 October 2015 Monday

Turkish dailies cover AK Party's election manifesto ahead of country's Nov.1 election, plus Erdogan's criticism of Russian air attacks in Syria

12:05, 05 October 2015 Monday
NATO head to meet Turkish FM on Syria

NATO head Jens Stoltenberg will meet Turkish Foreign Minister to discuss situation in Syria

09:48, 05 October 2015 Monday
Russian jet violating Turkish air space intercepted

Turkish jets intercept Russian fighter plane violating its air space

09:06, 05 October 2015 Monday
8 PKK men killed in clashes in SE Turkey

Security forces respond after long-barreled weapon attack hits district governor's office, police department and 34th Border Brigade Command in Hakkari

22:12, 04 October 2015 Sunday
German parliamentarian leaked secrets to PKK

Die Welt has revealed the leak of top secret information by a German parliamentarian to the PKK regarding Turkeys arms shipments to opposition forces in Syria.

17:17, 04 October 2015 Sunday
Turkey ruling AKP unveils manifesto for election

To 'maintain peace and stability' is AKP's priority says Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

15:10, 04 October 2015 Sunday
Turkey's Erdogan Russia made a 'serious mistake'

Turkish president says Russian intervention in Syria will lead to Moscow's regional isolation

13:46, 04 October 2015 Sunday
Strikes hit PKK targets in Turkey N Iraq

Turkish General Staff says hideouts and underground ammunition depots were destroyed

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