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22:19, 03 March 2015 Tuesday

17:06, 02 March 2015 Monday
Turkey reveals location of Syrian train-equip program

Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz says joint-US training program for Syrian opposition forces will be held in Turkey’s central province of Kirikkale.

14:11, 02 March 2015 Monday
Turkey to complete EU membership

Turkish EU and agriculture ministers attend mass opening ceremony for agricultural investments in Ankara.

14:00, 02 March 2015 Monday
Greek solar company to invest in Turkey

Greek solar energy company official said preparing to invest in renewable energy and settled on the Kesan district as it is an organized industrial zone

12:32, 02 March 2015 Monday
Turkish Defence We are part of the coalition against ISIL

Ismet Yilmaz has said " When the it comes to national interests, as assessment is made on this basis and to fulfill the responsibilities required to become members of the coalition "

12:17, 02 March 2015 Monday
Turkey to explore for oil in northern Iraq

Agreements with Baghdad and Northern Iraq authorize Turkish oil exploration in the country, Energy Minister Yildiz says.

12:02, 02 March 2015 Monday
Armenian Diaspora takes aim at Turkish economy

With Armenians preparing for the 100th year of the killings, the diaspora is now taking aim at Turkeys investments, putting pressure on American business to withdraw their investments from Turkey

10:49, 02 March 2015 Monday
Security forces prevent bomb scare in Turkey south

Over half a kilogram of explosives have been found by security in Hatay province under a car belonging to a Syrian citizen living in Turkey.

14:47, 01 March 2015 Sunday
Kurdish rebels call disarmament move historic

Abdullah Ocalan still exerts influence from his prison cell.

10:58, 01 March 2015 Sunday
Turkey's Erdogan welcomes 'call on terror group to disarm'

Describing the call on PKK to lay down arms as a key expectation of the Turkish government, Erdogan nevertheless cautions against the terrorist group's failure to deliver

09:59, 01 March 2015 Sunday
Erdogan arrives in Saudi Arabia to boost bilateral ties

Turkish president to meet with Saudi King on March 2nd after visiting the holiest sites in Islam in Mecca and Medina

17:32, 28 February 2015 Saturday
Turkish PM welcomes call for disarmament of PKK

About invitation to find common ground on PKK’s disarmament, Turkish PM Davutoglu says, it will pave the way for a democratic policy in Turkey.

17:25, 28 February 2015 Saturday
Famous Turkish author Yasar Kemal passes away

Turkey’s literary giant, Yasar Kemal, passes away aged 92.

17:15, 28 February 2015 Saturday
Turkey's Erdogan slams Austria's controversial Islam law

"On the one hand you say EU acquis, but on the other hand you take steps which totally oppose EU acquis,” Turkish president says.

14:35, 28 February 2015 Saturday
Post-modern coup remembered on 18th anniversary in Turkey

The Feb. 28 coup wrought havoc on observant Muslims, in particular, who were subjected to a series of rights violations and profiling efforts by the military and the state

13:24, 28 February 2015 Saturday
Turkey's Kurdish party calls for disarmament of PKK -UPDATED

Jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan has invited on his followers to attend a conference on disarmament, a crucial step in Turkey's drive to end a 30-year insurgency with Kurdish militants, in the forthcoming spring.

11:00, 28 February 2015 Saturday
Turkey's June elections key to changing system Erdogan

Turkish President Erdogan has lately been pushing for a presidential system to replace the current parliamentary one.

10:53, 28 February 2015 Saturday
Turkey EU agree on 7-year employment program

The €920 million program aims to provide in Turkey a high level of quality and sustainable employment; and will guarantee decent social protection.

10:45, 28 February 2015 Saturday
US concerned about Turkish security bill

Thomas Melia, US deputy assistant secretary of state, expressed concern about additional authority given to police in new security draft bill.

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