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08:22, 21 October 2014 Tuesday
Interviews & In Depth

12:05, 14 October 2014 Tuesday
Stateless' academic highlights plight of Europe's quot ghost quot people

There are an estimated 600,000 stateless people in Europe. Without nationality they are deprived of the rights and benefits most people take for granted and at risk of exploitation and detention

13:54, 12 October 2014 Sunday
For booming Bolivia the panorama is mixed

After tremendous crises, Bolivia is firmly in the ascendant but slumping commodity prices could just as soon derail President Morales' economic turnaround.

16:51, 09 October 2014 Thursday
New curricula await students in Ukraine's rebel-held areas

For the children a new curriculum awaits, with mentions of Ukraine carefully avoided, and a new focus on the history of Russia and the separatist regions.

10:10, 06 October 2014 Monday
Khamenei's health raises questions about succession

In early September, Khamenei made a surprise announcement that he was having surgery and asked people to pray for his health.

11:03, 30 September 2014 Tuesday
U S -led air strikes pose problem for Assad's moderate

The Western-backed rebels say they face a backlash from Syrians angered by the offensive because of civilian casualties from the week-old air campaign and suspicion of U.S. motives

11:59, 28 September 2014 Sunday
Phoning 'home' what your mobile may be giving away

Bitdefender, a Romania-based antivirus manufacturer, found last year that one in three of Android smartphone apps upload personal information to "third party companies, without specifically letting you know."

10:10, 26 September 2014 Friday
From jubilation in Tahrir Egypt returns to Mubarak-era politics

The course of Egypt's transition has raised concerns that the most populous Arab nation will fail to build state institutions free from corruption and nepotism that can deliver political stability and economic growth.

10:25, 25 September 2014 Thursday
In Abenomics' shadow Japanese women fight quot maternity harassment quot

More Japanese women are continuing to work after having children, as a downtrend in wages since the late 1990s has made life harder for single-income families, and complaints about harassment and discrimination related to pregnancy and childbirth have risen

09:15, 24 September 2014 Wednesday
U S prepares to ease Vietnam arms embargo

The move to lift the embargo follows a gradual resumption of links between the United States and Vietnam over two decades, which accelerated with a series of high-level diplomatic and military meetings

14:33, 19 September 2014 Friday
Scotland stays in UK but Britain faces change

Many voters outside Scotland see Scotland's gains as a bribe and have grumbled that Scots are getting special treatment

16:57, 18 September 2014 Thursday
Palestinians turn attention to Mahmoud Abbas' successor

Abbas's mandate as Palestinian Authority president theoretically expired in January 2009, but officials say the constitution gives him the right to remain in office until new elections are held

09:45, 18 September 2014 Thursday
Poor Egyptians help fund Suez Canal megaproject

The digging of a second lane of the canal will cost 60 billion Egyptian pounds (roughly $8.4 billion). The government, whose coffers are almost empty after three turbulent years, thought the money would best come from the public's pocket.

12:58, 16 September 2014 Tuesday
UN to launch bold plan to end statelessness in a

Stateless people are not recognised as citizens by any country and typically have no rights to the benefits most people take for granted.

11:27, 16 September 2014 Tuesday
Ghosts of ethnic conflicts past haunt Fiji vote

A long-simmering rivalry between indigenous Fijian nationalists and the descendants of ethnic Indian labourers, brought by the British to work sugarcane fields used to justify coups in the country.

17:48, 15 September 2014 Monday
Myanmar's Rohingya stuck in refugee limbo in India

The Rohingya are among an estimated 10 million stateless people worldwide. Their plight will be discussed during the first global forum on statelessness opening in The Hague

14:07, 13 September 2014 Saturday
Ethiopia PM seeks win-win relations with Egypt

In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency, Desalegn said that Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi is committed to relations between Egypt and Ethiopia.

09:33, 12 September 2014 Friday
For Assad U S plan will weaken one foe but

Both Assad's allies and opponents agree there can be no military solution to a war that requires a political settlement

10:22, 11 September 2014 Thursday
China asserts paternal rights over Hong Kong in democracy clash

The two sides have been wrangling over what it means to have "one country, two systems" for the past 30 years - China stressing "one country" and democrats in the former British colony the "two systems

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