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12:31, 27 November 2014 Thursday
Interviews & In Depth

10:47, 20 November 2014 Thursday
Crimean savers ask Where's our money

Lawyers for the banks are preparing legal actions against Russia, which confiscated many of the banks' buildings, equipment and cash.

15:29, 19 November 2014 Wednesday
New index underlines slavery no thing of the past

Survey claims almost 36 million people worldwide subjected to modern slavery in 2014, found forms of forced servitude in all 167 countries surveyed

17:56, 17 November 2014 Monday
Talking Palestinian resistance with Norman G Finkelstein

Well-known American author of Jewish origin who gained recognition for his works on the Israel-Palestine conflict talks to World Bulletin

12:13, 15 November 2014 Saturday
Afghan youth risk perilous journeys for work abroad

Afghanistan's fragile economy is failing to provide jobs for its youth, who are leaving the country in search of employment

11:26, 14 November 2014 Friday
Turkish Cypriots Children of an unrecognized state

Tomorrow is the 31st anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Still unrecognized, its citizens – proud of their identity – talk about the struggles they face.

15:32, 10 November 2014 Monday
China's Silk Road challenges U S dominance in Asia

U.S. officials fear the new Chinese-led institutions will lend to projects that are unable to secure financing from other multilateral institutions, rendering the conditionality ineffective.

10:27, 10 November 2014 Monday
Hard Ukraine bargaining leaves sour taste for some in EU

Some in Brussels are disillusioned by the experience of helping Ukraine. EU generosity in waiving import duties and funding gas supplies from Russia may be being abused, they say.

09:37, 09 November 2014 Sunday
As Obama visits Asia old alliances face new strains in

As Washington seeks to expand American interests in Asia as a counterpoint to China's growing influence, some U.S. partners have shown less willingness to challenge Beijing

11:12, 06 November 2014 Thursday
Palestinian anger boils in the heart of East Jerusalem PHOTO

As settlement expansion and Jewish access to holy site fuel anger, some see another Palestinian Intifada coming

15:51, 02 November 2014 Sunday
quot One game too far quot - the downfall of

His fall revealed the gulf between those he ruled and Western governments, who saw him as a useful ally against militant forces in the turbulent Sahel.

10:22, 31 October 2014 Friday
Tsunami evacuees caught in 30 billion Japan money trap

Japanese government funds budgeted for reconstruction and transferred to local governments are stuck in banks across the tsunami-ravaged northeast

10:36, 28 October 2014 Tuesday
In France kebabs get wrapped up in identity politics

National Front candidates across the country criticised the rise of kebab shops, with one coining the phrase that France was undergoing a "kebabisation".

10:14, 25 October 2014 Saturday
Kashmir the oldest dispute at the UN Agenda

The current agitation in Indian-Held Kashmir is rooted in the struggle of the people for the exercise of the right of self-determination

09:49, 25 October 2014 Saturday
Sykes-Picot drew lines in the sand that blood is washing

Iraq, like Syria, was a consequence of World War One and of the infamous, in Arab eyes, agreement between Sir Mark Sykes and Francois-Georges Picot which led to the division of the former Ottoman Turkish domains by the two leading European powers, Britain and France

09:55, 24 October 2014 Friday
Pistorius shoves race crime and punishment in S Africa's face

Many black South Africans said it was another example of wealthy whites securing preferential justice

17:40, 23 October 2014 Thursday
Israeli Arabs complain of discrimination on campus

Arab students were recently threatened to be punished as a result of staging a demonstration in support of the Palestinian people

09:36, 23 October 2014 Thursday
Ukraine is the quot Kashmir quot of Europe - Russia

Militarisation by both sides along the border has risen and public animosity between the two countries is growing, said Igor Sutyagin

09:51, 21 October 2014 Tuesday
Swedish quot Cold War quot thriller exposes Baltic Sea nerves

Russia has long seen the Baltic as part of its sphere of influence, and still smarts at the former Soviet Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania entering NATO and the EU

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