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21:57, 27 September 2016 Tuesday
Islamic World

11:09, 11 September 2016 Sunday
Ethiopians welcome 2009 prepare for Eid al-Adha

Muslim festival coincides with orthodox New Year, placing premium on livestock

17:47, 09 September 2016 Friday
Kenya makes Eid al-Adha festival into public holiday

Majority-Christian country urged to share in 'auspicious holy day together with our Muslim brothers and sisters'

11:20, 02 September 2016 Friday
Arsenal player Mustafi Refuses to Pose Next to Beer

This took place when he was playing for Spanish club Valencia.

10:13, 19 November 2015 Thursday
Research shows Muslim nations disdain ISIL

According to newly released data collected in 11 countries with significant Muslim populations, views of ISIL group are overwhelmingly negative

09:55, 03 October 2015 Saturday
The liberator of Jerusalem Salahuddin Ayyubi

Gentle hearted Saladin Ayyubi, was one of the world's greatest warriors - chivalrous, humane, agile, brilliant and courageous. On October 2nd 1187, 828 years ago yesterday, Jerusalem was liberated pushing back the surging wave of Christianity out to engulf the Holy Land. he conquered Jerusalem, pushing back the surging wave of Christianity out to engulf the Holy Land.

12:14, 24 September 2015 Thursday
Muslim world marks Eid ul Adha

Muslims around the world have gathered in open parks and mosques, celebrating the Greater Eid, Eid ul Adha, known as the Feast of Sacrifice

12:34, 23 September 2015 Wednesday
Hajj pilgrims gather at Arafat for Day of Prayer

More than two million pilgrims have gathered in the Arafat valley for a day of prayer, marking the pinnacle of hajj in Saudi Arabia.

10:43, 22 September 2015 Tuesday
Elderly Kenyan man sells spices for 15 years to make

For first time ever, Kenya is sending a record number 4,500 Muslims to Makkah for Hajj

15:40, 17 July 2015 Friday
Photo essay of Eid ul Fitr around the world

Worldbulletin presents a photo essay of Muslims celebrating Eid ul Fitr around the world

11:50, 17 July 2015 Friday
Turkey celebrates Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr starts Friday in Turkey and lasts through Sunday.

13:32, 14 July 2015 Tuesday
Two million Muslims attend night prayer in Mecca

Muslims gathered from across Saudi Arabia and the world to pray Taraweeh prayer on Ramadan’s 27th night

16:57, 12 July 2015 Sunday
Kabul gets ready for Ramadan celebration

With the end of Ramadan approaching, shoppers in Ramadan hit the markets to do their food, clothing and gift shopping.

12:07, 08 July 2015 Wednesday
Amazing clock inventions from the Islamic world

Knowing the correct time of the day for daily affairs is important and it is the inventions from Muslim scientists who have impacted current clock technologies.

00:16, 26 June 2015 Friday

Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting, has begun and World Bulletin has put together pictures that showcases Muslims from across the Islam world during this sacred month.

16:25, 22 June 2015 Monday
Ethiopia reflects on its unique place in the Islamic word

In Addis Ababa, turnout at mosques was so high that main streets had to be closed to make way for worshippers

16:25, 18 June 2015 Thursday
Ramallah lights biggest Ramadan lantern in Palestine

West Bank cities are being decorated to celebrate holy month of Ramadan with Ramallah lighting the biggest lantern for Ramadan

12:12, 17 June 2015 Wednesday
Islam world to begin Ramadan fast on same day

Muslims will begin the Ramadan fast on June 18

12:14, 08 April 2015 Wednesday
Italy's football striker donates 60K Euro for muslims

According to a report by Calico Mercato website, the amount will be used to develop mosques and Islamic centers in Florence province.

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