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17:18, 23 October 2016 Sunday
Islamic World

12:21, 18 October 2016 Tuesday
Spanish Muslim Walks 9 000 km to Perform Umrah

Ishaq intended to travel from France to Makkah on foot.

10:56, 12 October 2016 Wednesday
The man who brought Islam to South Africa - Sheikh

The story of Sheikh Yusuf, who went to Arabia at a tender young age never to return to his homeland, turning these far lands into his 'own Macassar', has a lot of deep wisdom

09:23, 11 October 2016 Tuesday
Pilgrimage routes in the Ottoman period

Whilst pilgrimage in these times are comfortable, pilgrims in the Ottoman period was nothing less than a three month journey with much sacrifice and one of seven traditional routes used in the journey

13:37, 05 October 2016 Wednesday
Mosque construction shows growth of Islam in Thailand

Phadungsat Mosque in southern tourist area of Phuket built with Saudi Arabian donation of $35,000

08:09, 03 October 2016 Monday
Salahuddin Ayyubi the great warrior of Islam

Salahudin Ayyubi was a fighter who was freed in Jerusalem of the crusaders, he was a living example of the tolerant, progressive, and inclusive faith which was so dear to his heart. By showing restraint and peaceful treatment, Salahuddin was upholding the central tenets of Islam such as freedom of religion and protection of non-Muslims.

12:32, 02 October 2016 Sunday
Muslim history of Gujarat

Talk about Muslims of Gujarat and pictures of genocide of 2002 come to mind. How is that Muslims, who have lived and shaped Gujarati identity for over a millennium, are now living on the fringe of Gujarati society?

11:50, 01 October 2016 Saturday
New 1438 Hijri Year begins 2nd October

Muslims around the world will be marking the first month of the Islamic calendar, also known as Hijri New Year, the second holiest month in the religion's calendar following Ramadan

10:17, 30 September 2016 Friday
The Islamic Legacy

The story of how this came about is far from simple, and much research needs to be done before its details are completely understood, but the broad outlines are clear.  

14:44, 29 September 2016 Thursday
A new estimate of the U S Muslim population

According to current estimate, there are fewer Muslims of all ages in the U.S. than there are Jews by religion (5.7 million) but more than there are Hindus (2.1 million) and many more than there are Sikhs.

14:01, 23 September 2016 Friday
Muslim Student Named 'Most Influential People' in London

All I have done is try to be a good Muslim, and it’s great to be recognised on such a prestigious list for doing so!

18:34, 12 September 2016 Monday
The African continent celebrates Eid al-Adha

Muslim leaders in Africa call for peace and perseverance on Eid al-Adha amidst war and economic hardships

16:06, 12 September 2016 Monday
Afghans mark Eid with prayers for peace

Fellow Muslims across Asia spent the day slaughtering livestock, giving charity to the poor and visiting relatives on Islam's second-holiest holiday.

15:22, 12 September 2016 Monday
Cambodia s faithful mark Eid al-Adha

Malaysians involved in NGO efforts to help poorer Muslims with annual sacrificial festival also attend prayer at mosque

11:09, 11 September 2016 Sunday
Ethiopians welcome 2009 prepare for Eid al-Adha

Muslim festival coincides with orthodox New Year, placing premium on livestock

17:47, 09 September 2016 Friday
Kenya makes Eid al-Adha festival into public holiday

Majority-Christian country urged to share in 'auspicious holy day together with our Muslim brothers and sisters'

11:20, 02 September 2016 Friday
Arsenal player Mustafi Refuses to Pose Next to Beer

This took place when he was playing for Spanish club Valencia.

10:13, 19 November 2015 Thursday
Research shows Muslim nations disdain ISIL

According to newly released data collected in 11 countries with significant Muslim populations, views of ISIL group are overwhelmingly negative

09:55, 03 October 2015 Saturday
The liberator of Jerusalem Salahuddin Ayyubi

Gentle hearted Saladin Ayyubi, was one of the world's greatest warriors - chivalrous, humane, agile, brilliant and courageous. On October 2nd 1187, 828 years ago yesterday, Jerusalem was liberated pushing back the surging wave of Christianity out to engulf the Holy Land. he conquered Jerusalem, pushing back the surging wave of Christianity out to engulf the Holy Land.

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