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16:45, 25 July 2014 Friday
Muslim World

10:00, 22 July 2014 Tuesday
Muslim academics call for unity against Israeli strikes

Intellectuals jointly berate Israel's military operations on the besieged territory, which has left almost 600 Palestinians dead since July 7

17:54, 21 July 2014 Monday
A 21st Ramadan fast for an Indian Hindu

Sanjay Mitra, 71, has been celebrating Ramadan since 1993, as a sign of solidarity, following the destruction by Hindu militants of the Babri mosque in northern India.

17:39, 21 July 2014 Monday
Imam shot dead by thugs in Uganda

Twahir Kamisi, the 42-year-old the imam of Masjid Sharaf in Mbiko was killed on Saturday.

16:55, 19 July 2014 Saturday
Turkey's religious affairs head tells of fading Islamic values

Mehmet Gormez said Muslims need to put in a joint effort to revive the quintessential values of the Islamic civilization.

09:15, 19 July 2014 Saturday
Malaysian Ramadan markets attracts non-Muslims as well

The market gets crowded as the fast-breaking time approaches and chefs cook out in the open.

11:40, 18 July 2014 Friday
Muslims flock to see giant wooden Qur'an in Indonesia

The project, named Al-Quran Al-Akbar (The Biggest Qur'an) features 15 chapters of the Qur'an carved on both sides of 315 revolving timber panels measuring 177cm x 140 cm.

09:00, 18 July 2014 Friday
Ramadan bolsters social solidarity among Hungarian Muslims

The mosque in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, the Martyr Isa Omer Mosque, is the center where Hungarian Muslims come together and share the fast-breaking iftar dinner.

16:18, 17 July 2014 Thursday
Photographer highlights plight of Italian Muslims

Nicolo Degiorgis's book Hidden Islam received an award at the Rencontres d'Arles photography festival for highlighting the problem Italian Muslims face in finding a suitable place for worship.

17:26, 16 July 2014 Wednesday
Far-right group 'invades' mosque in London

Britain First's "Kent battalion activists" stormed into the mosque's prayer hall with their shoes on, refusing requests from an elderly man to show respect to the place of worship.

16:19, 16 July 2014 Wednesday
Jewish mayor in Ukraine to reopen Soviet-era mosque

The mosque was closed in 1926 during the Soviet era amid a crackdown on all public displays of religion.

17:38, 15 July 2014 Tuesday
Uzbek hafizs take world tour in Ramadan

Hafizs, people who memorized the Qur'an and recite it without needing any help therefore become much busier in Ramadan.

17:36, 15 July 2014 Tuesday
Ramadan joy a casualty in Israeli attacks on Gaza

Stores are now shuttered and people stay indoors, listening out for the shriek of rockets and thud of bombs.

16:54, 15 July 2014 Tuesday
Fasting where the sun doesn't set

In northern parts of Scandinavia where the sun does not set in the summer, Muslims have to resort to an alternative way of fasting.

14:45, 14 July 2014 Monday
New Zealand cancels Muslim convert's passport

Wiremu Curtis was on his way to the Middle-East to study when he was put on the no-fly list and had his passport cancelled.

13:56, 14 July 2014 Monday
Lithuania police monitor fast-breaking Muslims

Although the police said the measures were taken for security reasons, many commented that it resembled the Soviet-era procedures applied to those engaged in religious practices.

16:39, 12 July 2014 Saturday
American Muslim teen shot during iftar meal in Detroit

Rifle caliber rounds went through the window of a nearby bakery and pierced the victim's shoulder.

13:42, 12 July 2014 Saturday
Woman helps over 1 000 Belgians converts to Islam

'Prejudices stem from not being introduced to real Islam properly,' said Veronique Cools, a 25-year-old Belgian convert to Islam.

09:11, 12 July 2014 Saturday
Palestinian businessman sponsors mosque construction in Sofia

Refugees and asylums seekers from Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and many other African states are frequent visitors of the newly-built mosque.

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