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23:06, 25 April 2018 Wednesday
Islamic World

12:26, 10 March 2018 Saturday
Turkey renovates mosque in Chile's capital

As-Salam Mosque -- Chile's first -- renovated at direction of Turkish president during visit to country in 2016

10:13, 20 February 2018 Tuesday
The Man Who Founded London s First Mosque

Hadji Mohammad Dollie was a son of Scottish father and a Malay mother born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1846. He opened the first “Hanafi” Mosque in Cape Town along with a Dutch convert to Islam in the 1880’s.

09:48, 17 February 2018 Saturday
London mosque offers meal to homeless

Finsbury Park Mosque, which suffered terror attack last year, continues feeding homeless in London

10:14, 30 January 2018 Tuesday
Thousands in Quebec City remember murdered Muslims

Ceremony ends four days of national commemoration

09:36, 27 January 2018 Saturday
4 Ways to Bring Barakah to Your Business

I went to the local shop to buy some naans. After placing my order, I was just waiting on the side when I noticed that the guy in the shop was just staring at the door and had no smile on his face. It seemed like he was annoyed that no one was coming to buy anything. I noticed he kept looking at the clock then at the door, becoming more miserable each time.

16:35, 19 January 2018 Friday
20 000 Palestinians perform Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa

Palestinian mosque officials accuse Israel of waging aggressive campaign against Islam's third holiest site

12:26, 17 January 2018 Wednesday
An emotional courtroom speech by a Muslim mother

Suliman Abdul-Mutakallim was shot in the head as he was going home and was robbed of just $60.

10:30, 17 January 2018 Wednesday
Millions of Muslims take part in Bishwa Ijtema

BISHWA Ijtema is the second largest congregation of the Muslim community after the Hajj in Mecca. The annual gathering draws in Muslims from 150 countries.

10:58, 03 January 2018 Wednesday
Jerusalem Qudus images in the 1930s

Here are 12 fascinating photos of Jerusalem in the 1930s when Muslims, Christian and Jews lived peacefully side-by-side.

20:15, 31 December 2017 Sunday
Aina Gamzatova The Muslim woman challenging Putin

Hundreds of her supporters gathered around her to celebrate in Makhachkala, Dagestan's capital, on Saturday, two days after she confirmed her bid in a Facebook post.

18:10, 23 December 2017 Saturday
Mosques in Denmark increase by 48 pct over last decade

Aarhus University's research shows number of mosques in Scandinavian country jumps from 115 in 2006 to 170 in 2017

12:47, 04 December 2017 Monday
S African Muslims demand prayer room in hospital

'We are ready to furnish and maintain our own facility if we are given space,' social activist says  

13:43, 29 November 2017 Wednesday
Canada sees drop in reported Muslim hate crimes

Statistics Canada warns not all crimes reported

11:01, 29 November 2017 Wednesday
An Intellectual Influenced Nelson Mandela Profoundly Dus Mohamed Ali

When Nelson Mandela visited Nigeria in 1996, he wanted to go to the Muslim cemetery in Lagos. Journalists were asking why and he answered “Here lies the first person who fired up our fight against racism. Even when we were not born, he started combatting racism.” The grave of the person that Mandela visited was no one else but Dusé Mohamed Ali.

10:37, 26 November 2017 Sunday
2nd largest mosque in Central Asia accommodates 10 000

With its Kazakh Palace-style architecture, Khazret Sultan Mosque in Astana has been attracting tourists since 2012

12:37, 24 November 2017 Friday
Muslim states urged to compete for 4B halal market

There are no Muslim countries among world's 10 biggest halal-product exporters  

10:51, 20 November 2017 Monday
Philippines Muslim region marks 28th anniversary

Monday’s celebration will feature Governor Mujiv Hataman's State of the Region Address (SORA). 

10:19, 16 November 2017 Thursday
Halal certification cannot overlook hygiene standards'

Islamic studies professor says health experts should work with theologians to issue certification  

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