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08:33, 05 March 2015 Thursday
Muslim World

16:57, 24 January 2015 Saturday

Footage of a drone that has recorded the amazing sights and sounds of the ezan, the Muslims call to prayer at the Prophets Mosque in Medina, note how it also captures the sounds of the birds.

15:38, 17 January 2015 Saturday
American Muslim campaign to dispel Islamophobia

New campaign, "Share a Quran" launched to help dispel Islamophobia as well as a guide provided to dispel misconceptions about Muslims.

10:10, 15 January 2015 Thursday
Why Muslims reject the depiction of Prophet Muhammad

The attack on Charlie Hebdo has reawakened the controversial issue of depicting Prophet Muhammad which has often angered Muslims across the world.

12:54, 11 January 2015 Sunday
Second largest Muslim gathering closes in Bangladesh

First phase of annual Biswa Ijtema event closes in Bangladesh.

17:36, 10 January 2015 Saturday
Muslim scholars condemn Paris attacks

A number of Muslim scholars have responded to the Paris attacks and have slammed the incident as un-Islamic and have said that their actions will hurt Islam and Muslims.

10:25, 05 January 2015 Monday
S Africa Muslims celebrate prophet's birthday in style

Muslims participating in the event came from different parts of the city to join in the procession. There was also a convoy of over 100 vehicles following those participating in the march.

09:18, 05 January 2015 Monday
Malawi Muslims want public holiday on Mawlid Nabawi

President Mutharika asserted that throughout his life, Prophet Muhammad preached love and unity

21:51, 04 January 2015 Sunday
Kenya's Muslims celebrate Mawlid-i Nabawi

The songs were all in praise of Islam's prophet whose birth was widely celebrated on Saturday across the world by hundreds of millions of Muslims.

22:31, 03 January 2015 Saturday
Uganda Muslims mark prophet's birthday call for unity

In Uganda, the occasion was marked with Muslim songs accompanied by drums locally known as "Mataali."

16:25, 03 January 2015 Saturday
Ethiopia's Muslims mark the Prophet's birthday

The prophet's birthday special for Ethiopia's Muslims who always take pride in being the descendants of people who hundreds of years ago gave refuge to some of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad when they escaped persecution

11:47, 02 January 2015 Friday
Mawlid celebrated in Muslim world tonight

The Mawlid is a celebrated event in the Muslim world, honouring the Prophet Muhammad which this year marks the 1444 year of his birth.

16:42, 01 January 2015 Thursday
Bosnian Muslims in Sarejevo enter 2015 with Quran recitals

In Sarajevo the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Quran recital was held as part of the traditional “Ode to the Prophet” event.

14:47, 01 January 2015 Thursday
Siberia A Mosque in the land of snow

The Tulip mosque in Russia’s Siberia is attracting attention and adding vitality to the city that is near the North Pole.

08:49, 01 January 2015 Thursday
Muslims unite at 13th MAS-ICNA in Chicago

Organised after the Sept 11 attacks, Muslims unite in Chicago with Turkish Americans attending for the first time.

17:17, 27 December 2014 Saturday
Muslims seeking knowledge at Islamic Convention in Toronto

Thousands of Muslims from across the world are attending the Islamic conference in Toronto

13:44, 22 December 2014 Monday
Islamophobic journalist says Muslims 'should be deported' from France

French journalist Eric Zemmour, whose remarks are often dubbed as racist, xenophobic and sexist, talked about a potential deportation of Muslims from France, sparking controversy once again.

17:14, 20 December 2014 Saturday
Cuban Ambassador The Mosque will be built

The ambassador to Cuba has said that a mosque will be built in Havana.

08:09, 20 December 2014 Saturday
My story Muslim reporter threatened in Paris metro

Just the snarling of the racist -- and the silence of the other riders. A Muslim reporter's fear on the Paris metro.

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