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20:14, 24 May 2015 Sunday
Middle East

11:04, 24 May 2015 Sunday
Iran says OPEC unlikely to change output ceiling

Iran's oil minister says OPEC unlikely to change its production ceiling

09:43, 24 May 2015 Sunday
Houthi delegation heads to Oman

The delegation, contained Houthi spokesman and the head of the Houthi political council, was paying a visit to the sultanate at an invitation from it.

09:35, 24 May 2015 Sunday
Filipina sentenced to death for killing employer in UAE

Philippine foreign department to appeal for Jennifer Dalquez, whose mother says she stabbed employer who attempted to rape her.

17:48, 23 May 2015 Saturday
Israel detains Palestinians youths near Gaza border

The Israeli army detained two Palestinian youths on the Gaza border

16:51, 23 May 2015 Saturday
Iranian aid will be carried by UNWFP

The contents of an Iranian aid ship will not be carried by Yemen but will be transferred to a World Food Program ship instead.

15:39, 23 May 2015 Saturday
Barrel bombs kill 14 in eastern Syria

Barrel bombs have killed 14 people including children in a residential area in Deir Ez-Zor

15:29, 23 May 2015 Saturday
US and allies strike ISIL near Ramadi

The US and allies have staged 22 strikes near Ramadi since Friday

15:15, 23 May 2015 Saturday
17 Egyptians acquitted of violating protest law

17 Egyptians were acquitted of charges of violating Egypt's protest law.

14:31, 23 May 2015 Saturday
Israel offered Iron Dome to Saudi in Yemen conflict

In meetings last week in Amman, the US ambassador on behalf of Israel, offered the use of Iron Dome technology to defend its border with Yemen where there is ongoing conflict

14:26, 23 May 2015 Saturday
Egypt court adjourns Hamas case to June 6

An Egyptian court has adjourned the Hamas lawsuit case until June 6.

12:40, 23 May 2015 Saturday
ISIL raises flag over citadel in Syria's Palmyra

Reports are coming in with witnesses saying that ISIL has raised their flag over Palmyra

12:22, 23 May 2015 Saturday
Turkey condemns Saudi Arabia mosque attack

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has denounced the bombing of worshippers by an ISIL-linked group.

12:08, 23 May 2015 Saturday
Shi'ite militia deploy from base near Iraq's Ramadi

Shi'ite forces have been deployed west of Ramadi heading towards areas controlled by ISIL.

10:02, 23 May 2015 Saturday
Morsi death sentence protested by Egyptians in New York

Egyptian protesters have protested the Morsi death sentence and are seeking justice against 'politically-motivated', 'flawed' trial.

22:28, 22 May 2015 Friday
Criticizm of Israel lands IDF soldier in prison

The IDF has been quick to sentence one of their own soldiers for taking part in a Deutsche Welle programme that debated whether the occupation of Palestine was destroying Israel.

22:18, 22 May 2015 Friday
Iran's Yemen bound-aid ship docks in Djibouti

An Iranian aid ship that was on its way to Yemen has docked in Djibouti where it will undergo a UN inspection.

19:22, 22 May 2015 Friday
ISIL claims Saudi mosque attack

ISIL has claimed the attack on a Saudi mosque that killed 20 people.

17:56, 22 May 2015 Friday
Bomb explosion at mosque in Saudi Arabia

A bomb has exploded at a mosque in Saudi Arabia, with reports of injured.

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