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03:13, 11 December 2016 Sunday
Middle East

13:52, 10 December 2016 Saturday
Egypt reopens Gaza crossing for 3 days

Crossing will be opened on both sides to allow students and patients to cross through

11:50, 10 December 2016 Saturday
Pentagon chief announces 200 more US troops for Syria

Iraqi forces are battling militants deep inside Mosul, edging closer to the River Tigris that divides the city and looking for a breakthrough in the seven-week-old offensive.

10:20, 10 December 2016 Saturday
Israel's killing machine Lockheed Martin stealth fighters

The delivery of the first two of 50 F-35s to be purchased by Israel comes as the years-long development of the most expensive plane in history reaches a critical stage.

09:39, 10 December 2016 Saturday
quot Talks quot in Paris as West watches Aleppo die

Calls from Western leaders to stop the fighting and diplomacy at the UN have so far amounted to nothing with Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin seemingly intent on pushing their advantage.

20:31, 09 December 2016 Friday
US-led coalition strikes 168 ISIL oil tankers in Syria

Military estimates strike resulted in more than $2M in lost revenue

20:17, 09 December 2016 Friday
Iraqi VP calls for interim body to run post-ISIL Mosul

Ayad Allawi calls for ‘transitional body’ to administrate city following its recapture from isil

20:04, 09 December 2016 Friday
Iranian defense spending surpasses 10-billion mark

Since Hassan Rouhani assumed presidency, Iranian defense spending has risen by whopping 80 percent

17:20, 09 December 2016 Friday
Six Egyptian police personnel killed in Cairo blast

No group has yet claimed responsibility for blast, which left six police dead and another three injured

16:45, 09 December 2016 Friday
Syrians angry about PYD 'rags' shown across border

The PYD forced us from our lands, say Syrians sheltering in Sanliurfa, Turkey, blaming the US for PYD provocation

16:27, 09 December 2016 Friday
Roadside bomb kills Saudi border guard near Yemen

Border guard killed in kingdom’s southwest when vehicle strikes roadside bomb near Yemen border

15:14, 09 December 2016 Friday
UN says hundreds of Aleppo men remain missing

Fears growing for fate of men who crossed into regime-held areas of war-torn city

12:39, 09 December 2016 Friday
Turkish jets destroy 10 ISIL targets in northern Syria

ISIL targets hit in airstrikes as part of Operation Euphrates Shield

10:05, 09 December 2016 Friday
Pentagon works to ease Kurdish-Turkish tensions in Syria

Turkish troops have attacked Kurdish forces multiple times since Ankara entered Syria in August.

09:42, 09 December 2016 Friday
US approves 7 bn in aircraft sales to Arab allies

Boeing and Honeywell Aerospace will be the main contractors in aircraft sales. Up to 60 Americans -- both private and government employees -- will work in Saudi Arabia to maintain the aircraft.

09:39, 09 December 2016 Friday
US arms used in 'unlawful' Yemen strikes

Human Rights Watch says Saudi-led coalition used US weapons in two strikes that killed dozens of civilians

09:30, 09 December 2016 Friday
US facilitating joints talks with Turkey SDF

'These meetings are starting points in addressing a challenging situation,' US-led coalition says

06:00, 09 December 2016 Friday
Lavrov Syrian suspends military operations in Aleppo

Russian FM Lavrov says the combat operations were suspended for evacuation of civilians from Aleppo

16:22, 08 December 2016 Thursday
Israel approves 770 new settlement units

In related development, Knesset approves first reading of bill that would legitimize illegal West Bank settlements

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