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22:25, 02 May 2016 Monday
Middle East

11:25, 02 May 2016 Monday
Kerry says getting closer to Syria truce renewal

'We're getting closer to a place of understanding, but we have some work to do, and that's why we're here,' US Secretary of State says

11:16, 02 May 2016 Monday
Egypt police arrest two journalists wanted for incitement

Interior ministry denies police stormed union building but confirms arrest of two opposition-linked journalists.

11:00, 02 May 2016 Monday
Iran to grant citizenship to families of foreign 'martyrs'

A new allow passed in Iran will allow for the granting of Iranian citizenship for those who dies while fighting for Iran

10:06, 02 May 2016 Monday
Fresh raids in Syria's Aleppo despite bids to halt carnage

Air strikes on opposition-held east Aleppo hit in the early hours of Monday with no immediate reports of casualties

09:38, 02 May 2016 Monday
Iran's Rohani happy with record number of women in parliament

'For the first time we have 18 women in parliament, and it is a record that makes us very happy,' Iranian president says

17:06, 01 May 2016 Sunday
Yemen gov't suspends 'direct' talks with rebels

'We have decided to suspend direct talks with the rebels to protest continuing violations of the ceasefire,' a Yemeni government official says

16:11, 01 May 2016 Sunday
Coalition drones hit ISIL bomb factory in Syria

Military sources say at least two ISIL militants die in drone-strike operation launched from Turkey

16:09, 01 May 2016 Sunday
Free Syrian Army thwarts PYD gains in Aleppo

FSA stops Democratic Union Party (PYD) terrorist group from making advances in beleaguered city despite regime support for the latter

10:32, 01 May 2016 Sunday
Reformists win second round of Iran parliamentary polls

Moderates make gains over conservatives, winning 35 seats, local media says

19:02, 30 April 2016 Saturday
Qatar requests 'emergency' Arab League meet on Syria

The latest round of attacks on Syria has compelled Qatar to request an emergency meeting to discuss the air raids on Aleppo

18:13, 30 April 2016 Saturday
Aleppo strikes expected to quot get worse quot

The Assad regime – with Russian support – has continued to target opposition-held areas of Syria's northwestern Aleppo province with fresh strikes killing 7 people

14:09, 30 April 2016 Saturday
Yemen foes begin direct talks to resolve key issues

Key issues will be discussed in face to face peace talks between Yemen's warring parties

09:38, 30 April 2016 Saturday
Rouhani allies set for Iran parliament second round win

Unofficial, incomplete results from Iran's parliamentary runoff election show 33 to 40 of the 68 seats being contested went to allies of President Hassan Rouhani

09:26, 30 April 2016 Saturday
US Russia agree on 72-hour cease-fire in Syria

Russia's state-run TASS reports US and Russia agree on 72-hour cease-fire in Latakia starting just after midnight Saturday

09:19, 30 April 2016 Saturday
Syrian Kurdish group condemns PYD over corpse display

Syria’s Kurdish National Council slams PYD parading dead bodies of FSA fighters as 'brutal and barbaric'

17:10, 29 April 2016 Friday
UN warns of 'lethal escalation' in Syria

'The violence is soaring back to the levels we saw prior to the cessation of hostilities,' UN human rights chief says

16:28, 29 April 2016 Friday
US Russia 'agree freeze' on two Syrian fronts

'This announcement came after a request from the Americans and the Russians, who met in Geneva to calm down the situation in Damascus and Latakia'

15:51, 29 April 2016 Friday
Kuwait steps up deportations of expat workers

In the first four months of the year, authorities deported 14,400 expats, compared with 26,600 in the whole of 2015

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