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11:13, 24 November 2014 Monday
Middle East

16:49, 23 November 2014 Sunday
Iran powers set to miss nuclear talks deadline seek extension

Diplomats said a framework accord was still possible, but that weeks or months would then be needed to agree on the all-important details of how it would be implemented.

16:41, 23 November 2014 Sunday
34 Bahrain parliament seats still up for grabs in runoff

Around 51.5 percent of eligible voters participated in the parliamentary elections, while 53.7 percent participated in the municipal elections

16:39, 23 November 2014 Sunday
Jerusalem woman attacked by Israeli settler

The female Israeli settler had attacked the Palestinian woman outside the latter's house and sprayed her with the spray, leaving her with minor face and neck burns

15:53, 23 November 2014 Sunday
Egypt could send troops to a Palestinian state to help

Sisi told Italian daily Corriere della Sera the creation of a Palestinian state was the best way to protect Israeli security while restoring hope for the Palestinian people.

15:13, 23 November 2014 Sunday
Israel charges cop in Palestinian youth's death

The prosecutors' decision to level a charge of manslaughter rather than murder drew criticism from the boy's father, who said the evidence showed the killing was pre-meditated

13:59, 23 November 2014 Sunday
Palestinian's Jerusalem ID revoked for 'aiding terrorist'

Permanent residency status refers to the Jerusalem ID granted to Palestinians residing in occupied East Jerusalem

12:56, 23 November 2014 Sunday
Jerusalem settlers' security cost 26mn in 2014

The additional funds approved by the Knesset Finance Committee meant that protecting each Jewish settler in the holy city cost Israel 30,000 shekels (around $8,000) a year, Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported

10:38, 23 November 2014 Sunday
U S pledges 135 mln in additional Syria aid

The U.S. planned to admit close to 7,000 refugees from Turkey in the coming year, including Iraqis, Iranians, and a growing number of Syrians, the statement said

10:16, 23 November 2014 Sunday
New Israeli bill to target 'those who act in terror'

Netanyahu's office said following discussions last week, the Israeli Prime Minister was expected to propose the bill against those who commit "terrorist" attacks with national ramifications

09:24, 23 November 2014 Sunday
Jordan rules out plan to ban Muslim Brotherhood

Al-Kalaldeh said Bani Arshid's arrest was an isolated incident that did not reflect a government drive against the Muslim Brotherhood

15:21, 22 November 2014 Saturday

This is the first meeting is to be held between al-Subaihi and Corman since the appointment of the former as defense minister in the current Yemeni government.

14:45, 22 November 2014 Saturday
Hamas denounces Egypt lawsuit to ban Qassam Brigades

Barhoum described the accusations leveled against the Qassam Brigades as "false", which – according to him – aim at defaming Hamas and its military wing.

14:22, 22 November 2014 Saturday
Dozens rally in Sanaa for release of detainees

Demonstrators also demanded the expulsion of armed militias from Sanaa, in reference to Shiite Houthi militants who have seized control of the capital in September.

14:17, 22 November 2014 Saturday
U S -led strikes have killed 910 people in Syria

The majority of the deaths, 785, were ISIL fighters according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

12:23, 22 November 2014 Saturday
Israel to allow building supplies machinery into Gaza

"Another shipment of building supplies will be allowed into the Gaza Strip next week via the Kerem Shalom crossing," Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheikh said

11:07, 22 November 2014 Saturday
Opposition may create safe zones in Syria US official

If the train-and-equip program is effective it can allow Syrian opposition groups to clear up and create a safe zone in Syria, says a U.S. official

09:55, 22 November 2014 Saturday
No intifada' in Jerusalem Israeli defense chief insists

Ya'alon vowed that his government would step up its arrest of members of Palestinian resistance faction Hamas and other resistance movements in the Palestinian territories

09:32, 22 November 2014 Saturday
Houthi 'affiliate' to head up Yemen's special forces

Yemen has recently appeared on the verge of civil war, as the Houthis seek to expand their control beyond capital Sanaa, which they took over in September.

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