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07:59, 26 October 2014 Sunday
Middle East

14:19, 25 October 2014 Saturday
No peshmerga passage to Kobani on Sunday -UPDATED

Kurdish media claimed the first units tomorrow to across Turkey's border, but news on when the peshmerga will start their passage is denied

14:15, 25 October 2014 Saturday
4 Hamas members detained in W Bank

Hamas said that two members had been detained in Bethlehem and two others in Hebron late Friday.

13:57, 25 October 2014 Saturday
Iran hangs woman convicted of killing alleged rapist

Jabbari had been sentenced to death in accordance "qisas" (eye for an eye) law after being found guilty of stabbing dead an older man with a kitchen knife seven years ago.

12:50, 25 October 2014 Saturday
Israeli police detain 4 Palestinians in E Jerusalem

Police said on Twitter that the four youths had been detained for attacking soldiers with fire crackers and causing disturbances.

11:43, 25 October 2014 Saturday
US drones hit targets in Yemen killing 10

According to the sources, ten militants were killed and a number of others wounded in the airstrikes.

22:36, 24 October 2014 Friday
US investigating alleged chlorine gas use by ISIL

John Kerry says allegations are "extremely serious."

16:22, 24 October 2014 Friday
Army recaptures key town in western Syria - state TV

The town is significant because it sits on the main route between two of Syria's most populated cities.

14:45, 24 October 2014 Friday
Erdogan Syrian Kurds seem to accept FSA in Kobani

Erdogan said the Kurdish PYD had agreed to the passage of 1,300 Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters to Kobani to reinforce Kurdish forces there.

14:11, 24 October 2014 Friday
Israel restricts access to Aqsa Mosque -UPDATED

Israeli police have imposed restrictions on the entry of Palestinians worshippers to Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem, banning men under 40 from entering the holy site.

12:01, 24 October 2014 Friday
Israeli panel to discuss E Jerusalem settlement building

The regional planning committee for Jerusalem will convene to discuss issuing approval for building 1,600 settlement units in East Jerusalem

10:56, 24 October 2014 Friday
Iran will be seen as responsible if nuclear talks fail

U.S. negotiator Sherman said the United States and the other major powers were prepared to reach an agreement and suggested it would ultimately be seen to be Iran's fault if one did not materialize

09:30, 24 October 2014 Friday
Free Syrian army to send military aid to Kobani

Troops under the command of the opposition force's Colonel Abdul-Jabbar al-Aqidi will be deployed in the Syrian border town

09:29, 24 October 2014 Friday
Assad regime bombs Turkmen population in north

The Latakia province of Syria, largely populated by Turkmen, was attacked by fighter planes, mortars and missiles

09:01, 24 October 2014 Friday

"His psychological state was not good," she said. "He was terrified that Israeli troops would storm the house; he couldn't complete a sentence."

17:21, 23 October 2014 Thursday
Riyad warns women not to join driving ban protest

The announcement comes ahead of the anniversary on Oct. 26 of a demonstration last year in which dozens of Saudi women said they had taken to the road in protest at the ban on female drivers

17:14, 23 October 2014 Thursday
Israeli home-buying in E Jerusalem alarms Palestinians

The presence of Israeli settlers in 37 of the village's flats brings Palestinians face to face with what they shudder at the most: the success of Israeli settlers in buying homes in Jerusalem, thus changing the demographic nature of the city

16:46, 23 October 2014 Thursday
ISIL takes the control of Tel Shair hill in Kobani

U.S. led coalition planes bombs ISIL objectives in the city, as intense fighting in the city continues

16:35, 23 October 2014 Thursday
U S allies stage 15 air strikes on ISIL in

A total of 15 strikes were staged against ISIL in Iraq and Syria on Wednesday and Thursday, according to a statement from Central Command.

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