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13:27, 05 August 2015 Wednesday
Middle East

11:01, 05 August 2015 Wednesday
Entire family killed in Sinai shelling

Seven people, including five children were killed in the Sinai Peninsula

10:01, 05 August 2015 Wednesday
Obama warns of dangers to Israel if Iran deal blocked

US Jewish leaders says Obama assured that Iran deal is benefitial for Israel as well

09:50, 05 August 2015 Wednesday
Train-and-equip Syrian fighters held by Nusra

A Pentagon official says there are 'indications' that members of the train-and-equip program for Syrian fighters have been held by al-Nusra in Syria

09:33, 05 August 2015 Wednesday
US denies pact with Turkey on YPG in ISIL-free zone

'We are working with Turkish partners on next steps and are not going to give out further operational specifics,' says official

09:28, 05 August 2015 Wednesday
UN urges immediate funding for Palestinian refugees

Donors urged to meet $100 million shortfall so that Palestinian children can begin next school year

09:15, 05 August 2015 Wednesday
Pro-Hadi fighters score more gains in south Yemen

Army units trained and equipped by Gulf Arab countries have made advances against the Houthis in recent weeks

09:12, 05 August 2015 Wednesday
US warns Damascus not to attack its rebels

State Dept. says it will carry out defensive strikes if rebels 'come under fire from Syrian forces'

09:06, 05 August 2015 Wednesday
UN Civilian deaths in Yemen near 2 000

UN's human rights body calls for belligerents to distinguish civilian from military targets

09:01, 05 August 2015 Wednesday
Jewish extremist nabbed for planning violence

Arrest is first of its kind since last week’s arson attack by suspected Jewish extremists in which Palestinian baby was killed

15:22, 04 August 2015 Tuesday
Yemen's Lahij captured by pro-Hadi forces

Forces loyal to Yemen’s president-in-exile say they have taken southern Lahij province from Houthis pro-Saleh forces

14:08, 04 August 2015 Tuesday
Israel detains 4 Palestinians amid fresh Al-Aqsa violence

Waqf official, Palestinian guards, detained after settlers raise Israel flag in mosque compound

11:09, 04 August 2015 Tuesday
Iraq Kurdish region to sell oil pay companies

Independent oil producers operating in the region will be paid directly by KRG, ignoring agreement with Baghdad

10:05, 04 August 2015 Tuesday
Ex Saudi soldier jailed for joining ISIL

The former Saudi soldier was given a jail sentence for joining ISIL as well as being fined for taking part in rifle training.

09:30, 04 August 2015 Tuesday
Pro-Hadi fighters retake Yemen's biggest airbase

Loyalists recapture the al-Anad base after 24-hour battle

09:29, 04 August 2015 Tuesday
Russia FM condemns US plan to extend Syria bombing

Lavrov says, 'it's counterproductive to announce publicly that US-trained armed groups will be under protection of coalition's air forces'

09:16, 04 August 2015 Tuesday
Palestinian file over toddler's murder lodged with int court

Report addresses killing of toddler burned to death in West Bank, foreign minister says

09:11, 04 August 2015 Tuesday
YPG expels residents from captured Syrian town

Democratic Union Party’s armed wing expels residents of town in Aleppo after wresting it from ISIL

17:47, 03 August 2015 Monday
Clashes over Yemen's largest military base

Pro-Hadi fighters, Houthis battle for the al-Anad base

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