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19:31, 27 March 2017 Monday
Health & Environment

12:57, 22 March 2017 Wednesday
Qatar reports 1st coronavirus infection this year

MERS destroys the lungs and kidneys  

06:03, 21 March 2017 Tuesday
Dead zones' a threat to coral reefs

"Fortunately dead zones can be reduced by controlling sewage and agricultural runoff into the ocean."

16:43, 20 March 2017 Monday
UK smokers braced for tobacco restrictions

Packs of 10 cigarettes to be scrapped amid coming anti-smoking rules

16:45, 18 March 2017 Saturday
Preserving the memory of glaciers

A glacier is a slow-moving mass of ice formed when snow accumulates year after year, compacting the layers below into a dense body of ice. 

15:47, 18 March 2017 Saturday
Web-based counseling lowers blood pressure as much as meds

A study has shown counseling sessions online had just as much effect as taking regular medication

08:36, 17 March 2017 Friday
First fluorescent frog found in Argentina

The finding was recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

08:21, 16 March 2017 Thursday
Renault chiefs implicated in decades-long emissions fraud

For more than 25 years French car maker Renault has cheated on emissions according to a report which showed that there was a difference of up to 377 percent between the test levels of emissions performance of some of these cars and the on-road levels.

08:58, 15 March 2017 Wednesday
Polluted air causing early deaths in fossil-fuelled Balkans

Tuzla, the industrial city housing the power plant, is one of five Balkan cities that are among the 10 most polluted in Europe based on concentrations of particulate matter, according to the World Health Organization.

08:32, 15 March 2017 Wednesday
Liberia hydro plant powers businesses left in dark by war

LEC says the first turbine can generate a maximum capacity of 22 MW, and the second 22 MW turbine is due on line in the next few weeks after testing, with two more to follow by year's end.

09:55, 14 March 2017 Tuesday
Parenthood linked to longer life study

The study merely pointed out a correlation, and cannot conclude that having children is the cause of the life expectancy gains, the researchers admitted.

11:45, 11 March 2017 Saturday
World's first museum of polar lands opens in France

The Arctic's surface temperature has risen by more than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) since the late 19th century -- double the pace of the world as a whole, with a museum now in France dedicated to show the unique landscape

11:43, 11 March 2017 Saturday
Patients take flight to Turkey as medical tourism booms

Medical tourism offers range from dental care through to plastic surgery, reproductive medicine, cancer or heart treatments, rehabilitation and preventive examinations.

08:34, 11 March 2017 Saturday
Wildfire destroys more than 200 acres of Kenyan forest

Menengai forest home to more than 169 species of plants, endangered wildlife, birds

12:32, 09 March 2017 Thursday
Tuberculosis' kills 14 in Myanmar s remote north

Officials confirm deaths from pulmonary tuberculosis in underdeveloped region hit by fatal measles outbreak last year

15:42, 08 March 2017 Wednesday
Eco-warriors win first S Africa climate change case

The group, Earthlife Africa, successfully challenged a government decision to confirm construction of a proposed coal-fired power station, arguing that the proper climate change impact assessment had not been carried out.

08:13, 07 March 2017 Tuesday
Environmental risks kill 1 7mn kids under 5 a year

New reports highlight the particular dangers faced by the youngest in society with death related to polluted enivronments

09:40, 06 March 2017 Monday
Japan's 'fake food' more appetising than the original

They're common sights in this food-obsessed nation, with everything from sudsy beers and perfectly glazed sushi to hamburgers and deep-fried pork cutlets, known as tonkatsu, on display.

15:53, 04 March 2017 Saturday
Teenager's sickle cell reversed with world-first therapy

SCD is an inherited disease caused by a gene mutation that results in red blood cells losing their usual donut-like appearance and taking on a sickle or crescent moon shape.

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