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08:00, 29 September 2016 Thursday

15:31, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
Netanyahu rejects 2-state solution Palestine leader

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks about the dim prospects for peace with Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel

15:14, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
Swiss army helicopter crashes in Alps

Emergency services have arrived at the scene, with the number of people travelling in the helicopter unknown. 

14:45, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
Paris to host international meeting on Libya next week

Libyan prime minister-designate Fayez al-Sarraj held talks with President Francois Hollande in Paris on Tuesday.

14:42, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
Iran says held naval manoeuvres with Italy in strategic strait

The joint manoeuvres in the strategic waterway between the Gulf and the Sea of Oman come after a series of incidents between Iranian vessels and US warships in the area in recent months.

14:16, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
EU Commissioner urges immediate end to Syrian war

Christos Stylianides says aid cannot be delivered "when convoys are deliberately shot at"

11:54, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
Libya unity govt slams Hungary call for refugee city

Libya is a key gateway for thousands fleeing turmoil for a better life in Europe

11:26, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
Basque separatists criticize Spain France

Statement from ETA terror group cites recent peace deal signed by FARC rebels, Colombian government

10:42, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
How a homesick woman nearly derailed D-Day

The wife of a prized MI5 intelligence officer Mrs Garbo had threatened to end the entire operation and expose the deception, by going to the Spanish Embassy and revealing her husband's activities.

10:33, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
US-led coalition troops in Iraq reach 8 000 Official

Number of troops in Iraq as part of 60-nation anti-ISIL alliance now stands at 8,000, US official asserts

10:17, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
Obama names first ambassador to Cuba in five decades

A new ambassador has been appointed to Cuba on the footsteps of once unthinkable changes to the relations of US and Cuba

09:52, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
All-female flotilla members aim to break Gaza blockade

Flotilla carrying women only sails off to Gaza Strip to end Israeli siege

09:50, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
German mosque attacked with homemade explosive

German police investigate xenophobic motive after unknown suspects attack mosque in Dresden

09:35, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
No plans to change US nuke strike rules Pentagon chief

America and NATO allies insist that retaining the right to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike is a vital tactical option

09:19, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
US Senate blocks spending bill to keep government open

Congress needs to pass measure by midnight Friday to keep federal government running

09:19, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
Turkey welcomes historic Colombian peace deal

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and goverment end 52-year-old conflict

09:02, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
New Yorkers give Clinton edge after first debate

Anadolu Agency gets viewers' thoughts after first of three debates

08:55, 28 September 2016 Wednesday
Merkel EU cannot close doors to Muslim refugees

German Chancellor says EU members have humanitarian responsibility, should take in refugees irrespective of religion

17:44, 27 September 2016 Tuesday
Clinton boosted by debate as candidates rally support

The White House hopefuls sparred over temperament, judgment, trade, terrorism and other issues in a televised match-up Monday night that seemed to have gone in favor of the Democrat Clinton.

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