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11:13, 27 May 2018 Sunday

09:55, 26 May 2018 Saturday
Seoul welcomes Trump's latest twist on North Korea

South Korea's presidential office celebrates possible resurrection of Trump-Kim summit

17:46, 25 May 2018 Friday
Gazans maintain rallies near Israel fence

For 9th Friday in row, Palestinians demonstrate near Gaza-Israel security fence despite risk of violent Israeli response

14:09, 25 May 2018 Friday
Iraqi warplanes strike ISIL positions in Syria

Baghdad says strikes are pre-approved by regime in Damascus

12:50, 25 May 2018 Friday
Muslim prisoners fed pork during Ramadan

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed a lawsuit on Tuesday claiming Anchorage Correctional Complex had violated constitutional prohibitions against "cruel and unusual punishment."

12:49, 25 May 2018 Friday
Kirkuk s Turkmen continue to protest Iraq poll results

Turkmen, Arabs in oil-rich Kirkuk say results of May 12 parliamentary poll were manipulated, demand recount

11:17, 25 May 2018 Friday
Bomb blast injures 15 in Canada

2 suspects entered Indian restaurant, police say  

10:31, 25 May 2018 Friday
Kurd region won t use electronic vote machines in polls

Use of electronic voting machines in Iraq’s May 12 polls has led to allegations of electoral fraud

17:56, 24 May 2018 Thursday
Israel pushed Palestine Authority to send funds to Gaza

Mahmoud Abbas last year reduced salaries of 60,000 Gaza-based Palestinian Authority employees  

16:56, 24 May 2018 Thursday
Trump Singapore summit won't take place

'This missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history,' Trump writes in letter

10:12, 24 May 2018 Thursday
Students slam US envoy over Israeli violence

'Nikki Haley, the blood is on your hands!', one student shouted during her speech at a Texas university

09:55, 24 May 2018 Thursday
Suicide bombing kills 8 in Iraqi capital

11 civilians are also injured in attack

09:48, 24 May 2018 Thursday
Israel to approve 2 500 new settler homes

Israel's West Bank settlements are illegal under international law and are bitterly opposed by Palestinians.

17:33, 23 May 2018 Wednesday
G7 rejects Maduro's Venezuela election win

In a joint statement, the G7 leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States, along with the European Union, said they "are united in rejecting the electoral process" that led to the May 20 ballot.

13:13, 23 May 2018 Wednesday
Iraq slams Belgian police over refugee baby s death

An Iraqi refugee baby died as Belgian police was chasing a vehicle carrying illegal migrants

12:58, 23 May 2018 Wednesday
Trump N Korea summit may face delay

'If it doesn’t happen, maybe it will happen later,' American president says

12:43, 23 May 2018 Wednesday
Iraqi PM rules out fresh polls amid rigging allegations

Haidar al-Abadi says agreement reached with winning coalition bloc

10:54, 23 May 2018 Wednesday
US envoy's picture sparks outrage among Palestinians

Controversial picture of Haram al-Sharif circulates on social media

10:39, 23 May 2018 Wednesday
Preliminary investigation on Israel continues

International court responds to Palestinian foreign minister's request

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