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05:21, 05 December 2016 Monday

15:01, 04 December 2016 Sunday
Brexit must not mean isolation says UK foreign secretary

The sheer desire of high-skilled workers to come to Britain is a massive compliment to our economy, says Boris Johnson

14:08, 04 December 2016 Sunday
Putin says 'clever' Trump will soon grasp weighty role

The Kremlin said last month that the two men agreed, in their first phone call after Trump's election win in November, on the need to "normalise" Russia-US relations.

13:35, 04 December 2016 Sunday
Cuba to bury Castro enter post-Fidel era

Capping a week of tributes and mass rallies, Castro's ashes will be interred at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery in Santiago de Cuba, the eastern city where his revolution was launched more than a half-century ago.

13:12, 04 December 2016 Sunday
Trump threats may not stop US offshoring of jobs

Trump laid down the gauntlet on Thursday at a campaign-style rally after striking a deal with Carrier to keep about 1,100 jobs in Indiana in exchange for $7 million in state tax incentives over 10 years.

12:50, 04 December 2016 Sunday
Europe holds its breath as Italy votes for change

Whatever the outcome of a vote being anxiously watched in capitals across Europe and carefully scrutinised on trading floors around the world, it will lead to change.

12:19, 04 December 2016 Sunday
4 Palestinians found in collapsed Gaza tunnel

The workers had gone missing when a cross-border tunnel collapsed a week ago

10:05, 04 December 2016 Sunday
Stein switches tactics in Pennsylvania recount drive

The party dropped a bid to pursue the recount in a state court, citing difficulties raising a million dollar bond demanded by the tribunal. It said it would instead press on in federal court and file suit Monday.

09:35, 04 December 2016 Sunday
Germany detains senior extremist wanted by Turkey

Federal prosecutor’s office says suspect is key figure of terror group DKHP-C's European wing

23:29, 03 December 2016 Saturday
Up to 40 feared dead in blaze at California party

As many as 40 people have been suspected to be killed during a fire that broke out at a rave party

23:20, 03 December 2016 Saturday
Gambia's political transition begins after election shock

Gambians celebrated after the surprise defeat of their longtime president.

23:18, 03 December 2016 Saturday
Nigeria Morocco mull gas pipeline mega-project

Algeria held talks with Nigeria as far back as 2002 for a similar pipeline crossing the Sahel region, however the Algerian government was unable to finance the project.

19:12, 03 December 2016 Saturday
Tsipras Hollande discuss Greek debt relief

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and French President Francois Hollande agreed that a deal on Greece's bailout review must be reached by Monday, when euro zone finance ministers are meeting in Brussels, Tsipras' office said on Saturday.

18:53, 03 December 2016 Saturday
US veterans join Sioux tribe elders in protest

The Native Americans and protesters say the $3.8 billion pipeline threatens water resources and sacred sites.

18:46, 03 December 2016 Saturday
Three Burundi army officers held over assassination attempt

Burundi police had already arrested a lieutenant-colonel and a corporal on Monday, hours before the assassination attempt.

18:32, 03 December 2016 Saturday
Spain rescues 72 refugees from sea

Separate rescue missions have saved 72 refugees from the Mediterranean

17:31, 03 December 2016 Saturday
Azaan silenced 48 times at Ibrahimi mosque in November

Israel bans Muslims’ call to prayer at Ibrahimi Mosque 48 times in November

16:53, 03 December 2016 Saturday
French appeal verdict due for Rwandan genocide convict

Prosecutors argued that his conviction should be upheld, but Pascal Simbikangwa insisted he had been "demonised".

16:40, 03 December 2016 Saturday
Lithuanian president NATO exercises send clear message

Civilians across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, are concerned that Moscow, after displaying its military might in Georgia, Ukraine and now Syria, could have the Baltic states in its sights next.

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