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19:00, 31 May 2016 Tuesday

14:08, 31 May 2016 Tuesday
Refugee deaths in Mediterranean up sharply

In the past week alone, at least 880 people have died in a series of shipwrecks, the United Nations refugee agency says

14:05, 31 May 2016 Tuesday
French firm in 500mn Libya oil contract

'The project demonstrates the desire of French companies to contribute to the petroleum sector, the backbone of the Libyan economy,' French foreign ministry says

13:45, 31 May 2016 Tuesday
Freed pilot Savchenko sworn in as Ukrainian MP

'I want to tell you that nothing is forgotten, no one is forgotten, and no one is forgiven,' Nadiya Savchenko asserts

12:20, 31 May 2016 Tuesday
Human catastrophe' unfolding in Iraq's Fallujah

'A human catastrophe is unfolding in Fallujah. Families are caught in the crossfire with no safe way out,' an aid group says

12:08, 31 May 2016 Tuesday
Dagestan the land of centuries-long history

The Republic of Dagestan set on the Caspian Sea between the staggering Greater Caucasus mountains is a wonderland of ethnic and cultural diversity

09:23, 31 May 2016 Tuesday
Drowned refugee baby photo wake-up call for EU

Although not identified, the photograph that has emerged of a drowned baby that was pulled out from the Mediterranean may force European leaders to take further action and provide safe routes for refugees.

09:17, 31 May 2016 Tuesday
UN supervising exhumation of Mexico mass graves

Victims’ relatives to file human rights case according to local media

17:51, 30 May 2016 Monday
NATO-Russia tension 'could help solve' Karabakh issue

Recent showdown between NATO and Russia is believed to be a possible solution for the Nagorno-Karabakh question in Azerbaijan

17:20, 30 May 2016 Monday
Kremlin expects Turkey to take 'first step' apologize

No working group can tackle question between Turkey and Russia unless Turkey takes step first, Kremlin spokesman says

17:03, 30 May 2016 Monday
New Libya FM takes control of ministry

Mohamad Taher Siala, a foreign ministry employee for three decades, 'officially took up his post' at the ministry building

16:21, 30 May 2016 Monday
Chechen asylum seekers on increase in Germany

As it is announced the number of the Chechen refugees living in Germany it is increased.

15:55, 30 May 2016 Monday
Hungary bolsters anti-refugee fence on Serbia border

'Following last week's closure of the Idomeni refugee camp, the number of refugees trying to cross Hungary's barrier has increased,' Hungarian PM's chief adviser says

15:41, 30 May 2016 Monday
UK PM London mayor jointly back 'Remain' campaign

Today, Sadiq Khan and I will set aside our differences to show how remaining in Europe guarantees we are better off: UK PM

15:07, 30 May 2016 Monday
Rights monitor blasts new Greek refugee centres

Council of Europe representative says Greece failed to 'to create decent facilities that meet international standards'

14:29, 30 May 2016 Monday
Tunisia landmine blast kills 2 women

Two Tunisian civilians are killed and one other injured by a landmine planted by extremist groups near the Algerian border

14:20, 30 May 2016 Monday
Abbas wants NATO to replace IDF in West Bank

As part of a peace deal, Palestinian Authority wants NATO to substitute IDF forces in the West Bank

13:27, 30 May 2016 Monday
Paris tourism hit by attacks protests

'The start of 2016 is still feeling the disastrous consequences of the attacks in 2015,' the French capital's tourism board says

12:54, 30 May 2016 Monday
Bomb attacks kill 22 in Baghdad area

Deadly blasts occurred in three different areas killing eleven, wounding dozens

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