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05:35, 03 July 2015 Friday

16:47, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Russia Ukraine tensions rise over Donbass

Gas row between Russia and Ukraine flares up again with Russia and Ukraine trading words over decentralization of Donbass

15:56, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Washington Navy Yard on lockdown

Navy Yard spokesman says no casualties, no shooter spotted at Washington Navy Yard.

15:44, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Germany asks US ambassador for talks on spying reports

The German Chancellor's chief of staff has requested a meeting with US embassy over spying reports

15:37, 02 July 2015 Thursday
French president visits Benin to discuss Boko Haram

The French President Francois Hollande has visited Benin to discuss the Boko Haram

15:31, 02 July 2015 Thursday
UNHCR urges Hungary not to tighten asylum rules

The UNHCR has condemned the plan of the the Hungarian parliament to vote on Friday whether the planned change to asylum rules can be decided on a fast-track basis

15:29, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Attack on UN convoy in Mali

Attack on U.N. convoy in northern Mali leaves five dead and six wounded.

15:27, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Israel razes Bedouin village in Negev for 86th time

Bulldozers backed by Israeli forced their way into al-Araqib village in Negev Desert

15:10, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Iraqi forces say most of Baiji town recaptured from ISIL

According to the Iraqi forces 90 percent of the district has been cleared and the remaining areas will be done in the coming hours

15:03, 02 July 2015 Thursday
BBC to axe more than 1000 jobs

BBC director general says they need to save £50 million more every year

14:56, 02 July 2015 Thursday
S African activists aboard Gaza flotilla arrive home

Activists say flotilla's interception by Israel will not stop them from making further attempts to break siege

14:54, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Latino Muslims fastest growing population in US

Latino Muslims are considered to be one of the fastest growing segments of Islam in the U.S., according to PBS.

14:29, 02 July 2015 Thursday
China's FM to attend Iran nuclear talks

Chinese foreign ministery says in a statement China pays great attention to the Iran nuclear talks process and attends nuclear talks in Vienna.

14:22, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Tanzania gives free land as incentive

Tanzanian government has tried to get low-income families to move out of disaster zones by providing free land as an incentive.

14:07, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Cyprus leaders on same page in peace talks

Long running peace talks are set to make progress with both Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders making way in finding common ground.

13:44, 02 July 2015 Thursday
After Cuba quiet diplomacy key to US-Venezuela relations

Venezuela one of the most anti-US governments in Latin American and the US have taken steps to improve their relationship.

13:24, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Liberia confirms third Ebola case in new outbreak

Liberia has confirmed a third Ebola case after a two month period of no new cases

13:24, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Burundi celebrates independence amid political violence

Opposition says president does not have constitutional right to seek third term

13:14, 02 July 2015 Thursday
New US military strategy is confrontational for Russia

Kremlin spokesman said in a statement his regret about the content of the new military strategy that would not help improve relations with US.

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