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20:39, 20 December 2014 Saturday

22:06, 17 December 2014 Wednesday
KRG hopeful about interim oil agreement with Baghdad

The dispute between Erbil and Baghdad, fueled by independent Kurdish oil exports through Turkey, is on the way towards a solution as Erbil helps Baghdad sell Kirkuk oil

16:55, 17 December 2014 Wednesday
Iraqi Kurdistan says oil exports could total 800 000 bpd

The interim deal agreed this month restored the KRG's budget allocation in return for handing some Kurdish oil over to Baghdad.

15:45, 17 December 2014 Wednesday
Six dead eight injured in Baghdad attacks

At least six people were killed and eight others were wounded in four separate attacks in Baghdad Wednesday.

15:39, 17 December 2014 Wednesday
Iraq seeks one-year deferral on Gulf War reparations

Kuwait and major powers on the ruling body of the U.N. Compensation Commission will consider the formal request at a special session in Geneva

13:42, 17 December 2014 Wednesday
Iraq Kurds launch Sinjar offensive control 2 villages near Mosul

Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces wrest control of two villages near Mosul from ISIL.

11:38, 17 December 2014 Wednesday
Kurdish Peshmerga swaps sides to join ISIL in northern Iraq

A former Peshmerga fighter from a ­respected Kurdish military family had been killed by an airstrike in Shangal, northern Iraq, while serving as fighter with ISIL.

10:47, 17 December 2014 Wednesday

ISIL militants carried out a number of attacks in Fallujah and buried victims in mass graves in one of the city’s neighborhoods.

18:02, 16 December 2014 Tuesday
Iraqi forces kill 13 ISIL militants in central Iraq

Mosul inhabitants flee the city as fears of U.S. airstrikes increase.

15:05, 15 December 2014 Monday
Iraq's new premier battles to unite a fractured nation

Haider al-Abadi faces a huge challenge forging a common front against ISIL fighters, rebuilding an ineffective army and reasserting a degree of central government authority across Iraq

11:45, 13 December 2014 Saturday
17 5 million Shi'ite pilgrims gather in Karbala

The number of pilgrims in the city of Karbala for the annual Arbain commemoration had reached a record 17.5 million this year.

16:54, 10 December 2014 Wednesday
Iraqi Kurdish govt vows to continue independence bid

President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government has pledged to continue his region's independence and referendum bid despite ISIL threats

14:27, 10 December 2014 Wednesday
Iraq preparing to liberate Mosul from ISIL -UPDATED

Nineveh Provincial Council says first shipment of arms reaches Erbil International Airport

15:29, 09 December 2014 Tuesday
Iraq presses U S for more strikes arms as Hagel

Speaking to reporters ahead of the visit, Hagel said the Iraqi army and Kurdish forces were gaining momentum.

09:45, 09 December 2014 Tuesday
US allies to send about 1 500 troops to Iraq

A joint command has been established with more than 30 countries to combat and defeat militants who have seized large portions of Iraq and Syria, the U.S. announced Monday.

13:38, 08 December 2014 Monday
Rivalries resurface in Iraqi town recaptured from ISIL

Shi'ites, Kurds mark territory with flags and graffiti in recapture of Jalawla, as displaced Sunni residents fear returning to town

09:27, 08 December 2014 Monday
ISIL executes Shi'ite militia fighters north of Baghdad

Balad's mayor, Amir Abdul Hadi, confirmed that some of the Shi'ite militiamen were executed by ISIL near Balad and others were missing after Friday's battle

13:53, 07 December 2014 Sunday
Kirkuk Governor Oil revenue to Kurdish region delayed

2014 budget not yet passed; damage to the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline prevents daily transfer of 300,000 barrels of oil from Kirkuk

09:58, 07 December 2014 Sunday
Kurdish region may seek to leave Iraq parliament head

Yusuf Mohammed Sadik says a referendum would be held if the northern Kurdish region were to seek independence

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