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05:16, 19 January 2017 Thursday

17:09, 16 January 2017 Monday
Health officials warn of spread of disease in W Iraq

Prevalence of slain militants’ bodies in areas recently captured from ISIL raises fears of possible spread of disease

09:30, 15 January 2017 Sunday
9 killed in Iraq suicide car bomb attack

Curfew declared in Baqubah.

15:03, 13 January 2017 Friday
Turkish jets 'neutralize' 11 PKK terror in N Iraq

Jan. 6 airstrikes carried out in Qandil region, Turkish military says

14:24, 13 January 2017 Friday
Iraqi forces retake provincial HQ in ISIL-held Mosul

Army counter-extremism forces recapture Nineveh’s provincial HQ from ISIL extremist group

01:00, 12 January 2017 Thursday
Turkey-trained Iraqi troops proven effective US says

Turkey currently training forces at camp just northeast of Mosul

18:04, 11 January 2017 Wednesday
Germany to extend military mission in northern Iraq

Government decides to continue training mission for Kurdish Peshmerga until next year amid continuing threat posed by ISIL

17:11, 11 January 2017 Wednesday
PKK must not be allowed in Iraq Kurdish officials

Kurdish MP warns of potentially adverse effect on relations if ‘Turkey’s enemies’ remain in Iraq

16:39, 11 January 2017 Wednesday
Turkey Iraq to discuss troop withdrawal after Mosul

Turkish military will stay in Iraq until ISIL extremists are removed from the region, says Turkish defense minister

11:43, 11 January 2017 Wednesday
Turkey destroys 14 PKK targets in northern Iraq

Airstrikes take place in the Zap, Gara, Hakurkm and Avasin-Basyan regions Tuesday night

20:30, 10 January 2017 Tuesday
Iraqi security forces disperse Baghdad sit-in

Aborted rally organized by Iraq’s Sadrist movement to protest capital’s rapidly deteriorating security situation

05:04, 10 January 2017 Tuesday
Iraq eyes recapture of east Mosul within days

Baghdad's forces have retaken a series of areas in eastern Mosul since launching an operation to recapture the city from the Islamic State group on October 17, but the west remains under IS control.

08:47, 09 January 2017 Monday
4 500 Iraqis flee Mosul amid offensive

Thousands leave city in days as Iraqi army launches second phase of effort to remove ISIL terrorists

12:04, 08 January 2017 Sunday
Coalition warplanes kill 27 civilians' in Iraq's Mosul

Reports are emerging of coalition warplanes hitting convoy of civilian vehicles and residential neighborhood in Mosul

11:10, 08 January 2017 Sunday
Suicide bomber kills at least 18 at Baghdad market

"A soldier at the gate of Jamila market opened fire on a suicide car bomb after noticing a suspect vehicle but the terrorist blew up his car," interior ministry spokesman Saad Maan said.

09:33, 08 January 2017 Sunday
16 civilians killed in ISIL attacks in Iraq's Mosul

Extremists carry out two deadly howitzer attacks in ISIL stronghold

13:14, 06 January 2017 Friday
Lawyer for former VP found dead in eastern Iraq

Journalist and lawyer for former Iraqi Vice-President Tariq al-Hashimi turns up dead in eastern Diyala province

13:32, 05 January 2017 Thursday
Baghdad car bomb kills 6 injures 17

Iraqi authorities typically blame such attacks on ISIL extremist group

01:04, 05 January 2017 Thursday
US-led coalition doubles number of advisers in Mosul

Coalition boosts advisers to 450 as campaign to retake Mosul ramps up

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