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07:15, 25 April 2015 Saturday

16:25, 18 April 2015 Saturday
Iraqi forces retake Baiji oil refinery

Iraqi armed forces have retaken the oil refinery that was seized on Friday by ISIL forces.

12:10, 18 April 2015 Saturday
US senators slam general on Ramadi comments

Gen. Dempsey says fall of Ramadi to ISIL in Anbar province is not central to Iraq's future, with US senators slamming his comments saying that it was an insult.

10:39, 18 April 2015 Saturday
Iraq bomb attack in Ramadi

Eight police officers were killed and five others were wounded Friday in a ISIL suicide car bomb attack.

19:23, 17 April 2015 Friday
Bomb attack in front of US Consulate in Erbil

A bomb laden with explosives has exploded in front of the US Consulate in Erbil, with reports saying three killed, and five wounded.

17:07, 17 April 2015 Friday
Saddam Hussein aide Ezzat al-Douri killed in Iraq

The Iraqi leader Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, a former right-hand man to Saddam Hussein, has been killed in a report in Iraqi media

16:06, 17 April 2015 Friday
2000 families flee Anbar as ISIL approaches

More than 2000 families have fled from Ramadi as ISIL forces approach the city of Ramadi, capital of Anbar province

18:15, 16 April 2015 Thursday
Barzani accuses PKK with betrayal

Barzani has accused the PKK with betrayal, saying that, "We will control South Kurdistan through Erbil".

13:55, 16 April 2015 Thursday
ISIL takes parts of Iraq's biggest oil refinery

The refinery, 200 kilometers north of Baghdad, once produced some 300,000 barrels of refined products per day, meeting half the country’s needs.

11:08, 16 April 2015 Thursday
Iraq will seek 5 billion bond issue

Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that Iraq has finalized decision to issue $5 billion in government bonds

17:43, 15 April 2015 Wednesday
Obama more humanitarian not arms for Iraq

After the two leaders met at the White House, Obama said with the support of U.S. airstrikes they had retaken about a quarter of the territory seized over the last year by ISIL

17:20, 15 April 2015 Wednesday
Iraq's PM seeks US arms with payment deferred

Asked about when Baghdad would pay: "Iraq can pay for it later, not now... I think there can be an arrangement for deferred payment."

14:58, 15 April 2015 Wednesday
Hundreds of families under siege by ISIL in Iraq's Ramadi

Iraqi security forces and tribesmen withdraw from Albu Ghanim area after fierce clashes with ISIL.

17:33, 14 April 2015 Tuesday
Iraq fighters receive training for Mosul operation

Twenty Turkish officers provide military training for fighters of al-Hashid al-Watani.

14:45, 14 April 2015 Tuesday
Deadly car bombs strike Baghdad

One of the blasts, in a parking lot near Yarmuk hospital in western Baghdad, killed at least four people and wounded 10.

09:35, 14 April 2015 Tuesday
Iraqi forces launch counter-attack in Anbar

A policeman in one of those districts, Albu Faraj, said security forces had recaptured around 40 percent of it on Monday, but were facing stiff resistance from the armed group

17:51, 10 April 2015 Friday
Baghdad violence claims eight lives

At least 26 others wounded Friday in several attacks in Iraqi capital.

14:12, 10 April 2015 Friday
Iraq ISIL advances in Anbar province

Iraqi forces lost control of the Albu Farraj area located north of Ramadi after intense clashes with ISIL members.

17:04, 08 April 2015 Wednesday
Operation begins to free Iraq s Anbar Province

Two areas have so far been liberated from ISIL terrorists with dozens of fighters killed or wounded, said  Karhout. 

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