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10:57, 23 October 2017 Monday

12:13, 21 October 2017 Saturday
Iraqi forces take control of town in Mosul

Army also takes 2 oil fields in disputed area of Mosul, bringing number of captured oil fields to 44

14:58, 20 October 2017 Friday
Iraq s al-Sadr dispatches fighters to secure Kirkuk

Shia cleric sends fighters to ‘restore security’ in Kirkuk amid reports of ‘fierce’ fighting between Iraqi army, Peshmerga  

14:19, 20 October 2017 Friday
US dodges question on banner of PKK leader in Raqqah

Pentagon ignores PKK/PYD's dedication of victory against ISIL to Abdullah Ocalan  

13:41, 20 October 2017 Friday
Iraqi forces Peshmerga clash in sub-district of Kirkuk

‘Fierce’ clashes now underway in Kirkuk between Iraqi forces, Peshmerga fighters, official Iraqi sources report

16:59, 19 October 2017 Thursday
Iraqi court issues warrant for arrest of Kurd region VP

Warrant issued after KRG official compares Baghdad’s recent troop deployments to Saddam-era ethnic cleansing campaign

16:47, 19 October 2017 Thursday
Rosneft KRG to cooperate on 5 oil blocks in N

Total recoverable oil reserves at 5 blocks could be about 670 million barrels

15:52, 19 October 2017 Thursday
Saudi plane lands in Baghdad after 27-year hiatus

All flight traffic between Saudi Arabia and Iraq has remained frozen since latter’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait

10:00, 19 October 2017 Thursday
Turkish jets destroy PKK arms depots in northern Iraq

Wednesday's airstrikes target terrorist camps in Zap region, Turkish military says  

10:30, 18 October 2017 Wednesday
Iraq 9 killed in clashes near Mosul dam

On Monday, Iraqi government forces captured oil-rich Kirkuk from Peshmerga forces  

09:25, 18 October 2017 Wednesday
Turkish airstrikes kill 5 PKK terrorists in N Iraq

Anti-terror airstrike conducted in northern Iraq's Zap region, military says

16:41, 17 October 2017 Tuesday
Iraqi militia controls border crossing with Iran

Iran has three main crossings with northern Iraq’s Kurdish region

13:54, 17 October 2017 Tuesday
2 Turkish soldiers killed in northern Iraq

Turkish airstrikes kill 8 PKK terrorists in Zap region of northern Iraq, according to Turkish military

13:37, 17 October 2017 Tuesday
Peshmerga withdrawal spooks civilians in Iraq's Kirkuk

Thousands flee northern city after Peshmerga fighters retreat before Iraqi army advance, local sources report

11:37, 17 October 2017 Tuesday
Iraqi forces take Sinjar after Peshmerga pullout

Government forces entered the district center this morning

10:45, 17 October 2017 Tuesday
16 PKK terrorists killed in northern Iraq airstrikes

Turkish military launches jets, drones after soldiers martyred in ambush in Zap region

10:19, 17 October 2017 Tuesday
Germany suspends Peshmerga military training in N Iraq

Defense Ministry says that officials closely monitoring developments

16:59, 16 October 2017 Monday
Iraqi president calls for end to conflict in Kirkuk

As tensions continue to mount between Baghdad and Erbil, Iraqi army begins operations to secure oil-rich Kirkuk province

12:28, 16 October 2017 Monday
Iraqi forces seize Tuz Khurmatu amid Kirkuk operation

Six government forces were killed in artillery shelling by Kurdish Peshmerga in Tuz Khurmatu district

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