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05:22, 21 August 2014 Thursday

15:16, 19 August 2014 Tuesday
Iraqi forces fail to recapture Tikrit from militants again

Baghdad is now trying to turn the tide after the Kurds said they had taken the dam, easing fears that the militants could cut off electricity and water supplies

14:05, 19 August 2014 Tuesday
U N sends aid to half a million fleeing violence

The UNHCR estimates that a total of 1.2 million have fled their homes across Iraq this year.

09:41, 19 August 2014 Tuesday
Clashes kill 21 in Iraq while Yazidis released

Fighting between rebels and Kurdish peshmerga, supported by Iraqi army helicopters, saw 21 killed while an activist reported 300 Yazidis freed.

09:29, 19 August 2014 Tuesday
Fugitive Iraqi VP criticises U S for quot focusing only

"The United States summarises the whole dilemma into attacking (ISIL) only. This is not going to put an end to the Iraqi issue," Tarek al-Hashemi said, adding Shi'ite militias were also guilty of acts of terrorism.

17:55, 18 August 2014 Monday
ISIL says kills dozens of Kurdish fighters

ISIL militants have so far killed dozens Kurdish peshmerga fighters and captured 170 of them

14:27, 18 August 2014 Monday
Kurds will take part in talks on new Iraq government

Hoshiyar Zebari said a final decision on whether the Kurds will end their suspension of participation in the government would come later

14:25, 18 August 2014 Monday
Iraqi Turkmens request arms to fight ISIL rebels

Iraqi Turkmen Front leader Ersad Salihi said that if the support was given to the Kurds alone, it would indicate that there are “other plans and games” being played in the region.

11:44, 18 August 2014 Monday
Kurdish Iraqi forces in control of Mosul dam

Kurdish fighters pushed to retake Iraq's largest dam in an attempt to reverse gains by ISIL insurgents who have overrun much of the country's north, officials said.

16:11, 17 August 2014 Sunday
Kurdish militants train Yazidis to fight ISIL

Dressed in green military fatigues, young and old men were taught how to use assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades by the Syrian Kurds

09:44, 17 August 2014 Sunday
Iraqi Kurdish leader appeals to Germany for weapons

Masoud Barzani, the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, said the Kurds needed more than the humanitarian aid that Germany began sending

11:45, 16 August 2014 Saturday
Fleeing Iraqi Turkmen take shelter in Baghdad

Iraq's third largest ethnic group after Arabs and Kurds, Iraqi Turkmen include both Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims and have a history of being targeted in previous conflicts.

11:17, 16 August 2014 Saturday
Eighty Yazidis killed in northern Iraq 'massacres'

A push by the rebels through northern Iraq to the border with the Kurdish region has sent tens of thousands of Yazidis, Turkmen and Christians fleeing for their lives.

09:29, 16 August 2014 Saturday
UN adopts resolution on ISIL rebels

The UN Security Council resolution aims to tackle funding and recruiting for the Islamic State and other al-Qaeda-inspired groups.

15:51, 15 August 2014 Friday
Sunni leaders open to joining Iraq's new gov't if conditions

Abadi said he would not make unrealistic promises but he encouraged Iraqis to work together to strengthen the country. Spiritual leader of Iraq's Shi'ite majority said the handover offered a rare opportunity to resolve political and security crises.

11:37, 15 August 2014 Friday
UK 'would consider' arming Iraqi Kurds

The UK, which is already helping to transport Soviet-era military equipment from eastern Europe to the Kurdish peshmerga forces, has also been using its airbase in Cyprus to assist in the delivery of aid to civilians fleeing violence.

23:14, 14 August 2014 Thursday
Iraq's Maliki drops bid for third term as prime minister

Nuri al-Maliki has given up his fight to remain prime minister of Iraq and now supports his replacement, Haider al-Abadi

13:04, 14 August 2014 Thursday
Iraqi Yazidi MP arrives in Turkey for treatment

An Iraqi lawmaker who gave an impassioned speech in the Iraqi Parliament about the plight of her Yazidi community survived a helicopter crash on Tuesday and is recovering in an Istanbul hospital.

12:44, 14 August 2014 Thursday
Iraqi Sunni tribes preparing to 'finish off' the ISIL

Having seen the massacres not only carried out on local Christian and Yazidi minorities, but also on their fellow Sunnis, Sunni tribes that once supported the ISIL are now planning to expel the ISIL from their midst, an Iraqi Kurdish tribal leader said.

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