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06:22, 30 November 2015 Monday
Latin America

10:00, 24 October 2015 Saturday
Economic woes fuel Puerto Rican exodus to US

Puerto Rico's liquidity crisis is pushing its citizens to the US with its island's politician face the choice of paying creditors or paying government workers and pensioners.

09:08, 20 October 2015 Tuesday
Colombian says more than 45 000 disappeared in conflict

More than 14,000 disappearances recorded in 2002 alone

10:37, 19 October 2015 Monday
Dominican traders to reopen bilateral market with Haiti

On Friday, Dominican traders in the market town of Dajabon began a strike to pressure Haiti to scrap its ban.

10:10, 03 October 2015 Saturday
Rousseff axes ministries cuts her pay by 10

8 ministries, 30 departments have been cut in a shakeup that will slash ministers' pay

10:49, 01 October 2015 Thursday
Brazilian lawmaker's Swiss accounts blocked

Brazilian lawmaker Eduardo Cunha is alleged to have taken at least US$5 million in bribes as part of a sprawling kickbacks scheme centred on state oil company Petrobras

11:02, 28 September 2015 Monday
Venezuela Guyana restore ties in Essequibo dispute

President Nicolas Maduro said that Venezuela and Guyana would return their ambassadors to their respective mission in the coming hours.

10:24, 24 September 2015 Thursday
Colombia FARC set date for final peace agreement

President Santos, Timochenko to sign agreement to end conflict in March 2016

16:24, 23 September 2015 Wednesday
Colombia's Santos to visit peace talks

Santos said on Tuesday that a deal on justice will not please everyone, but that it will be positive in the long-term.

11:25, 21 September 2015 Monday
Brazil denounces Israeli envoy appointment

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff as well as left wing activists have denounced the appointment of the new Israeli ambassador, Dani Dayan, a former activist for promotion of settlements in the West Bank.

11:01, 21 September 2015 Monday
Thousands left homeless by giant Chile quake

More than 9,000 people have been left homeless by September 16 earthquake.í

09:47, 18 September 2015 Friday
Cuba appoints first ambassador to US in 54 yrs

President Barack Obama welcomed José Ramón Cabañas, who has been officially named as Cuba's ambassador in the U.S. for the first time in over 54 years

09:07, 11 September 2015 Friday
Brazil's Rousseff pressured to loosen austerity

After months of trying to shore up Brazil's public finances, President Dilma Rousseff faces political and business pressure to ease up on austerity measures.

11:16, 09 September 2015 Wednesday
Guatemalan ex-president to await trial in jail

Otto Pérez Molina has been sent to prison as Guatemala awaits final election results

09:28, 08 September 2015 Tuesday
Latin American nations offer to take in Syria refugees

Several South American countries ready to open their doors to people fleeing war in Syria

09:27, 02 September 2015 Wednesday
Guatemalan Congress strips president of immunity

President Otto Perez Molina is at the top level in the hierarchy of a criminal network that defrauded the state of an estimated $120 million in customs revenue.

09:10, 01 September 2015 Tuesday
UN envoy warns Colombia-Venezuela row threatens peace talks

Tensions over border crisis between Colombia and Venezuela that have left three soldiers and thousands of Colombians expelled from Venezuela have threatened peace talks.

09:04, 01 September 2015 Tuesday
Colombia s intelligence systems operating outside law

'This report shows that there are still practices to expose, systems to reveal, and questions to be answered,' says privacy watchdog

09:12, 25 August 2015 Tuesday
Brazil government to axe ministries in austerity drive

As part of austerity reforms the government is to cut 10 of Brazil's 39 ministries in drive to cut costs and improve efficiency

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