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09:30, 01 December 2015 Tuesday

09:54, 26 November 2015 Thursday
Palestinian killed by Israel army fire

'Yahya Taha, 21, from the village of Qatanna... died after he was shot and wounded in the head during clashes,' Palestinian health ministry says

09:24, 25 November 2015 Wednesday
US refuse to recognise Israeli settlements

Us Secretary of State John Kerry, whose nine-month peace mediation between the parties collapsed in April 2014, reiterated the American goal of establishing an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel however he made no mention of reviving peace talks.

09:32, 24 November 2015 Tuesday
Israel renews attacks in Gaza

The Israeli army has hit out at a Hamas military post in the Gaza Strip

09:21, 24 November 2015 Tuesday
UN panel calls for end to Israeli occupation

UN General Assembly's Third Committee has adopted a resolution urging international community to support Palestinian efforts for statehood

14:50, 23 November 2015 Monday
Ottoman coins found in Gaza

A large number of cruses with Ottoman coins was found during sewerage infrastructure excavations in Shuja'iyya district

10:47, 23 November 2015 Monday
Israel bars Palestinians from settlement bloc

Restriction applied to the areas, where an estimated 2,000 Palestinians work

09:47, 22 November 2015 Sunday
400 Palestinian children languish in Israel prisons

Israel detains Palestinian children under difficult conditions, mainly in four prisons

12:23, 21 November 2015 Saturday
Egyptian army contaminates Palestinian soil

Seawater is being pumped by Egypt in order to contaminate Palestinian soil while Israel

10:50, 21 November 2015 Saturday
Israel closes down second Al Khalili radio station

This is the second time this month that Israel has raided radio station in tense West Bank city

09:28, 20 November 2015 Friday
Israel kidnapped 1 000 children in less than 2 months

More than 1,000 children have been kidnapped by Israel in less then 2 months and more than 12,000 since the first Intifada in 2000

10:16, 17 November 2015 Tuesday
Israel bans Islamic Movement in Palestine

Israel bans Islamic Movement in Palestine accusing them of incitement as as well as slapping a travel ban on its leaders.

12:09, 16 November 2015 Monday
Israel kills 2 Palestinians over home demolition

Israeli government intensifies demolitions of homes of those accused of carrying out the attacks

13:48, 12 November 2015 Thursday
Israel to build underground barrier around Gaza

In addition to 'security fence', Israel plans to surround Gaza Strip with subterranean barrier, according to Israeli officials

13:16, 12 November 2015 Thursday
Palestine hails EU move to label settlement-made goods

'Decision will go towards delegitimizing products made on Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land,' Palestinian government minister says

11:51, 12 November 2015 Thursday
Israel IDF open fire on Palestinian farmers

The Israeli IDF has shot live rounds on Palestinian farmers, forcing many to evacuate their land.

10:20, 12 November 2015 Thursday
Deadly Israeli raid on hospital

Israeli forces shoot dead a man when he allegedly tried to resist arrest while in hospital

09:20, 11 November 2015 Wednesday
Israel seeks to jail Palestinians as young as 12

Israel is now preparing to jail Palestinian children as young as 12, surpassing the United States in their sentencing approach

09:03, 11 November 2015 Wednesday
Video shows Israeli officers grilling Palestinian minor

Officers can be seen yelling, cursing at and verbally abusing 13-year-old while demanding that he confess to stabbing Israeli

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