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03:41, 07 March 2015 Saturday

12:11, 05 March 2015 Thursday
Israeli navy fire at Palestinian fishermen

Israel naval forces opened fire on Palestinian fishermen and detained four fishermen on Wednesday

10:17, 05 March 2015 Thursday
Israel closes Gaza commercial crossing for Jewish holiday

A Palestinian official says Israel closes only functioning crossing on Thursday for the Jewish holiday

17:22, 04 March 2015 Wednesday
Palestine Israel is a quot gangster quot

Israels refusal to hand over $100 million in tax revenue from Palestinians has caused severe difficulties in Palestine, who is already struggling from Israeli bullying.

15:54, 04 March 2015 Wednesday
Israeli soldiers are mentally depressed after Gaza attacks

More than 350 Israeli troops had been receiving treatment for full psychological trauma after last year launched a weeks-long onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

13:12, 04 March 2015 Wednesday
Israel razes Palestinian homes in Jordan Valley

Israel demolished makeshift homes for the fourth time on the grounds that economic and security buffer zone for Jewish settlements

13:01, 04 March 2015 Wednesday
Hamas unfazed by Netanyahu speech to US Congress

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri described Netanyahu's discourse as an attempt to "portray the aggressor as the victim before international public opinion"

10:53, 04 March 2015 Wednesday
UK bans Israel tourism advert

Britain's advertising watchdog banned an Israeli advert that showed a view of the walled Old City with the text "Israel has it all"

17:43, 03 March 2015 Tuesday
Palestinian movement in talks with Egypt re Gaza

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement secretary general Ramadan Shalahk said that they discussed opening the Rafah border crossing and acceleration relations with Egypt over Egyptian court ruling designating Hamas as a "Terrorist Organization"

14:56, 03 March 2015 Tuesday
3 Palestinian children beaten by Israeli army

The three students were detained after being beaten by Jewish settlers while on their way to the Ibrahimiya School in the West Bank city of Al-Khalil (Hebron), the ministry said

13:31, 03 March 2015 Tuesday
Israel dog attack on Palestinian boy 'sadistic'

After the video went viral online, Israeli media reported that Israel's chief military prosecutor had ordered an investigation into the incident

13:15, 02 March 2015 Monday
3 Israelis nabbed for selling Hamas material for rockets

Three Israeli nationals have been accused of “providing raw materials directly to Hamas for the benefit of manufacturing rockets, missiles and other armaments.”

11:03, 02 March 2015 Monday
Hamas 'mistakes' behind Egypt terror label

Chief Justice Minister Mahmoud al-Habash has said that Hamas has made critical mistakes which led to the "terrorist" organisation group.

12:50, 01 March 2015 Sunday
Israel to remain the Arabs' 'real enemy' Hamas

Egyptian court labels Hamas as terrorist organisation

12:02, 01 March 2015 Sunday
Egypt army says killed 173 'terrorists' in Sinai in Feb

Egypt has been cracking down on militancy in Sinai

10:38, 01 March 2015 Sunday
30 Gazans allowed by Israel to travel via Erez

Abu Sabga said that the Erez crossing is not considered safe by many Palestinians, who fear that they would be arrested by Israeli authorities for "resisting the occupation"

09:53, 01 March 2015 Sunday
Israel army storm refugee camp 2 Palestinians injured

Two Palestinians were shot and injured after

16:45, 28 February 2015 Saturday
Hamas Egypt no longer 'impartial sponsor'

Palestinian faction Hamas denounced as "shocking" an Egyptian court decision to designate the movement a "terrorist organization".

15:26, 28 February 2015 Saturday
Palestinian killed in Gaza explosion

Nagi Abu Sabla, 21, was killed and his brother Akram,18, was wounded after an unexploded ordinance left over by Israeli forces went off in Rafah

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