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05:34, 27 March 2015 Friday

12:29, 23 March 2015 Monday
Earthquake hits Taiwan

Earthquake with magnitude 6.0 hits the coast of Taiwan

11:54, 23 March 2015 Monday
Pakistan's first Republic Day parade in 7 years-UPDATE

The Pakistan Day parade in the capital, held amid tight security with traffic and pedestrian access blocked, had been cancelled since 2008 amid fears of a Taliban attack.

11:10, 23 March 2015 Monday
Japanese row over U S island base move deepens

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government and Okinawa have been on a collision course since anti-base conservative Takeshi Onaga was elected governor last November and ruling party candidates were trounced in a December general election.

10:06, 23 March 2015 Monday
US banks to work with China banks

The United States, worried about China's growing diplomatic clout, has been urging countries to think twice about joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB, considered by some as a challenge to the World Bankand the Manila-based Asian Development Bank.

09:47, 23 March 2015 Monday
Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew has died

Singapore's first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew died early on Monday, aged 91.

09:26, 23 March 2015 Monday
Indonesia China's claim in South China Sea has no legal

China's Foreign Ministry appeared to downplay the remarks, repeating its standard line about Chinese sovereignty and that the dispute needs sorting out between the countries directly involved.

14:35, 22 March 2015 Sunday
Chinese vice president visits Iraq

Vice President Li Yuanchao visits Baghdad and meets with Iraqi authorities.

10:19, 21 March 2015 Saturday
US to bolster military defence of South Korea

Announcement by US military based on Korean Peninsula comes as North claims it is ready to launch nuclear war.

13:28, 20 March 2015 Friday
US to stop China's South China Sea reclamation

Leading U.S. senators expressed alarm on Thursday at the scale and speed of China's land reclamation in the South China Sea and said a formal U.S. strategy was needed to slow or stop the work.

10:25, 20 March 2015 Friday
The daunting task of educating Afghanistan

Private universities are cropping up to meet the increasing Afghan hunger for university education.

09:38, 20 March 2015 Friday
5 dead as freedom fighters police clash in Kashmir

Indian security forces clashed with Kashmir freedom fighters early-morning raid

14:05, 19 March 2015 Thursday
Azerbaijan frees two opposition activists in amnesty

Both were on an Amnesty International list of political prisoners and among a group of 101 prisoners pardoned by Aliyev.

13:42, 19 March 2015 Thursday
Aziz Royesh No simple teacher

Aziz Royesh had only one ambition in life, and that was to be a teacher. With no formal teaching qualificiations but with a passion for education, Royesh has surpassed his peers and became not only teacher at age 46 but also went to be eligible for the Varkey Foundation's Global Teacher Prize - the education equivalent of the Nobel.

09:49, 18 March 2015 Wednesday
34 killed in Pakistan army air strikes

Pakistan Army claim to have killed Taliban members and destroyed their hideouts in northwestern Pakistan

17:20, 17 March 2015 Tuesday
Two anti-polio vaccinators killed in Pakistan

Polio vaccinators ambushed by gunmen in northwestern Pakistan

16:51, 17 March 2015 Tuesday
Self-exiled Pakistani politician charged for threats

Altaf Hussein who was head of the Karachi-based Muttehida Qaumi Movement, known as MQM, has been in London for last 23 years in self-exile

15:09, 17 March 2015 Tuesday
Pakistan hangs 12 men in largest single execution

Pakistan has hanged 12 convicts, the largest number of people executed on the same day since the country overturned a ban on executions.

14:58, 17 March 2015 Tuesday
Myanmar sentenced 3 for Buddha insult

New Zealander Philip Blackwood and two colleagues get two and a half years with hard labor after they used an image of Buddha wearing headphones on a flyer promotin

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