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03:32, 19 December 2014 Friday

11:37, 14 December 2014 Sunday
Mass grave' unearthed in Bosnia and Herzegovina -UPDATED

The search for more bodies at what is believed to be a new mass grave site in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been called off.

17:05, 12 December 2014 Friday
Air Serbia resumes flights to Croatia after 23 years

Serbian national carrier launches twice-daily flights between Belgrade and Zagreb

09:25, 12 December 2014 Friday
Bulgarian workers protest over pension age extension

More than 15,000 workers due to retire next year to be affected by pension age extension

09:30, 11 December 2014 Thursday
Western integration not Bosnia's only option says Russia

Moscow is nurturing ties with fellow Orthodox Christian Serbs in Bosnia who reject deeper post-war integration with Muslim Bosniaks and Catholic Croats

19:29, 09 December 2014 Tuesday
Kosovo earns Olympic recognition Serbia furious

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci welcomed the news in Pristina and even revealed the name of the team's flag bearer in Rio.

23:21, 08 December 2014 Monday
Bitter rivals seal power-sharing deal in Kosovo

"Kosovo's new PM will be Isa Mustafa. Hashim Thaci will be Deputy PM and new Foreign Minister," outgoing deputy foreign minister and Thaci aide Petrit Selimi said

09:53, 07 December 2014 Sunday
Far right party wants removal of Serb President

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic was accused of buying a Master's Degree without attending a class or taking an exam

12:35, 06 December 2014 Saturday
Bosnia more than ready to join EU says top official

The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are more than ready to move towards the European Union, the bloc's foreign policy chief Mogherini has said

16:55, 05 December 2014 Friday
Two decades on Serb killers arrested in notorious Bosnia killing

Victims marched off train crossing briefly through Bosnia; robbed, tortured and executed in 1993 massacre

15:16, 05 December 2014 Friday
Turkish agency repairs Bosnia homes damaged by floods

A Turkish aid agency has handed the keys to repaired houses that were damaged by floods last May in Bosnia and Herzegovina to their owners

15:23, 03 December 2014 Wednesday
British colonel I will never forget Bosnia

Srebrenica genocide has marked former commander Bob Stewart for life.

09:36, 03 December 2014 Wednesday
Croatian PM slams Belgrade refusal to extradite Seselj

Croatian PM urges Serbia to react to resolution European Parliament imposed regarding alleged war criminal.

12:52, 02 December 2014 Tuesday
Serbia PM thanks Israel for not recognizing Kosovo

Serbia's top official thanked Netanyahu and Rivlin for their stance regarding Kosovo

09:36, 02 December 2014 Tuesday
Prosecutors seek return of Serb war crimes suspect

If it orders his return, and Seselj refuses, the Serbian government would be obliged to arrest and extradite him.

18:03, 01 December 2014 Monday
Construction of long-awaited mosque in Albania to begin

New mosque in capital Tirana will be largest in Albania

18:54, 28 November 2014 Friday
Albanians celebrate 102nd Anniversary of Independence

Albanians celebrate founding of the country in 1912 under leadership of national hero, Ismail Qemal Bej.

14:49, 28 November 2014 Friday
Russia protests over anti-Russian billboards in Montenegro

"Better a banana in the hand than a Russian boot in the neck," read the billboard.

13:33, 28 November 2014 Friday
Croatia PM cancels Belgrade visit over freeing of war crimes

Zoran Milanovic had been due to visit Belgrade on Dec. 16 for a gathering of leaders from central and eastern Europe and China.

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