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18:37, 28 November 2015 Saturday

16:49, 21 November 2015 Saturday
Bosnia's 20-year division under Dayton accords

Although the deal has been heavily criticized over the years for different reasons, the benefits of the Peace Agreement should not be understated. It managed to put an end to the four-year conflict, during which some 100,000 people were killed with nearly 2 million people, nearly half the population of Bosnia, displaced.

17:09, 20 November 2015 Friday
NATO lifts airspace restrictions in Serbia

Restrictions towards Kosovo had been in place since 1999 campaign

11:50, 19 November 2015 Thursday
Serbia Macedonia limiting entry of refugees by nationality

Serbia and Macedonia have begun allowing refugee passage to only Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans, the UN refugee agency said Thursday. All other refugees were being turned back, with currently 100 trapped in no mans land.

11:38, 19 November 2015 Thursday
Gunman kills two Bosnian soldiers in Sarajevo

At least two Bosnian soldiers were killed and three civilians injured in an attack by a gunman in Sarajevo.

16:52, 18 November 2015 Wednesday
Police protesters clash in Kosovo

Opposition MPs and their supporters are in a weeks-long protest against EU-brokered dialogue and agreements with Serbia

09:08, 17 November 2015 Tuesday
Kosovo PM slams Serbia for trying to block UNESCO bid

Serbia's 'aggressive campaign' to negatively has negatively affected the dialogue process between Pristina and Belgrade.

09:54, 12 November 2015 Thursday
Bosnian leader Izetbegovic leads prayer in mosque

Bosnian Presidency member Bakir Izetbegovic has lead the evening prayer, much to the pleasure of many.

15:20, 11 November 2015 Wednesday
Slovenia setting razor wire on Croatia border

PM Cerar announced on Tuesday that Ljubljana planned to build 'obstacles' along parts of its frontier with Croatia, outer border of passport-free Schengen zone

13:47, 11 November 2015 Wednesday
Serbian PM visits Srebrenica memorial

Aleksandar Vucic lays a wreath of white roses at Srebrenica's memorial

16:37, 10 November 2015 Tuesday
Serbian PM to visit Srebrenica

Visit would be Vucic's first to Srebrenica since July 11, when crowd at memorial ceremony of the genocide began hurling stones and bottles

15:53, 10 November 2015 Tuesday
Slovenia to build border 'obstacles' against refugees

PM Cerar says his country will build some temporary technical obstacles on Croatia border

14:49, 09 November 2015 Monday
UNESCO rejects Kosovo bid

Kosovo fails to reach required majority in UNESCO membership vote

12:14, 09 November 2015 Monday
22 years since destruction of Bosnia's Stari Most

On November 9, 1993, one of the most exemplary pieces of Islamic architecture in Balkans was deliberately destroyed by Croats during the Croat–Bosniak War

09:09, 09 November 2015 Monday
Croatia's conservatives win election

Sunday marked Croatia's first parliamentary election since joining the European Union in 2013

12:03, 08 November 2015 Sunday
Kosovo Serbia row over heritage before UNESCO vote

UNESCO membership would put the government in Pristina in charge of managing all of Kosovo's heritage, including Gracanica and three other Serbian Orthodox Christian sites that are on UNESCO's endangered world heritage list

10:19, 08 November 2015 Sunday
Croatia goes to general polls

Opinion polls predict tight race between ruling centre-left alliance, led by PM Milanovic's Social Democrats (SDP), and rival conservative 'Patriotic Coalition'

09:07, 05 November 2015 Thursday
Bosnia Serbia hold first joint ministerial meeting

'Bosnia is one of our most important partners,' says Serbian PM

13:34, 03 November 2015 Tuesday
Merkel warns of Balkans fighting amid refugee influx

With an eye to deep rifts exposed after Hungary closed its frontier with Serbia and Croatia, Merkel says blocking the border with Austria to refugees would be reckless

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