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10:21, 29 August 2016 Monday

11:59, 16 August 2016 Tuesday
No rating cut for Turkey expected from Fitch

Economists argue that thanks to Turkey's strong fiscal position, Fitch will not change its outlook

10:24, 13 August 2016 Saturday
Turkish PM 'Coup attempt did not hit economy'

Turkey has foreign trade volume of over $350 billion, gross reserve of over $121 billion, says prime minister

17:27, 12 August 2016 Friday
Pluses from Turkish-Russian trade in TL ruble

Foreign trade done in local currencies between Russia and Turkey will deepen bilateral economic ties, say experts

14:29, 12 August 2016 Friday
Turkey to import 5 tons of frozen carcass meat from

According to experts, Turkey needs over 1.3M tons of red meat annually, while there is shortage of 200,000 tons each year

14:51, 11 August 2016 Thursday
Turkey in pursuit of 24B foreign investment

Turkey to announce new foreign investments this month in meeting hosted by PM, head of investment agency says

12:49, 10 August 2016 Wednesday
Turkey Lira rebounds against sinking below 3 lira

Turkish lira regains losses after July 15 defeated coup, sinks below 3 to the dollar

16:17, 09 August 2016 Tuesday
Central bank decreases Turkish lira reserve requirement

Decrease in lira reserve requirement ratios will add over $1B liquidity to Turkish financial system

15:09, 09 August 2016 Tuesday
Kuveyt Turk's net profits rise 24 pct

Istanbul-based participation bank's midyear net profits reach $85 million

09:56, 08 August 2016 Monday
Turkish businessmen hopeful over Erdogan Putin meeting

Business world expects revival of trade relations after Turkish and Russian presidents meet Tuesday

13:44, 06 August 2016 Saturday
Turkey's energy giant to make 1B investment

Polat Energy plans to complete new project in 2 years in collaboration with foreign partners after completing paperwork

16:20, 05 August 2016 Friday
Turkey to boost precious-metals storage

New facility with 1,600-ton capacity will open soon, Borsa Istanbul head says

13:01, 05 August 2016 Friday
Turkey banking watchdog to urge lower rates

Turkish banks expected to support companies with loans, lower rates for personal housing credits, banking watchdog chief says

17:04, 04 August 2016 Thursday
Investors making 'long-term' commitments to Turkey

Foreign Investors Association says firms will not be put off by political events

11:28, 04 August 2016 Thursday
Turkey imposes anti-dumping duty on Chinese steel pipe

The anti-dumping duty, which will remain in effect for six months, aims to protect local industry

12:00, 03 August 2016 Wednesday
Turkey's consumer inflation rate goes up in July

TurkStat reports annual inflation rate increase to 8.79 percent in July compared with 7.64 percent in June

11:29, 03 August 2016 Wednesday
Turkey's energy role to continue after coup attempt

Experts say failed coup attempt will not impact Turkey's role in energy in its region

13:10, 01 August 2016 Monday
Turkish households spend most money on rent

Turkish rent expenses accounted for 26 percent of total living expenses last year, says state-run statistics agency

17:24, 31 July 2016 Sunday
Business advisory giants confident in Turkish economy

Short-term events cannot undermine confidence in Turkey’s economy, heads of local EY and PwC offices say

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