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11:13, 23 March 2017 Thursday

08:18, 20 March 2017 Monday
Turkey warns about 'arbitrary' decision of Kirkuk gov't

Turkey's Foreign Ministry says Kirkuk governorate decision to use KRG flag in official business may harm stability in Iraq

13:22, 18 March 2017 Saturday
Erdogan expects parliament to restore capital punishment

Turkey abolished the death penalty in 2004 but since the July 15 defeated coup, in which 248 people were killed, there have been calls for it to be reinstated

12:36, 18 March 2017 Saturday
26 FETO-linked ex-judges and prosecutors detained

Search for other 29 suspects continues in probe of last July's defeated coup

09:27, 18 March 2017 Saturday
Turkish FM urges EU to implement visa-free regime

'If the EU does not implement visa liberalization, we have three interconnected agreements' Cavusoglu says

08:31, 18 March 2017 Saturday
Turkey dismisses 202 FETO-linked judges prosecutors

Over 4,000 have been dismissed so far for suspected links to July 15, 2016, defeated coup: top judicial official

08:28, 17 March 2017 Friday
Turkey FM singles out France for praise amid Europe row

Mevlut Cavusoglu says France acted differently to other European states during recent diplomatic spats

15:31, 16 March 2017 Thursday
Turkish FM shrugs off Dutch election results

Mevlut Cavusoglu says there is ‘no difference’ between social democrat and fascist parties in the Netherlands

13:28, 16 March 2017 Thursday
Turkish appeals body to hear dismissal claims in weeks

Commission will hear cases of those sacked, suspended under post-coup attempt emergency law

10:31, 16 March 2017 Thursday
Turkey condemns German newspaper for insulting Erdogan

Foreign Ministry says stories like Bild report that 'thrive on xenophobia and racism belong to garbage can of history'  

07:58, 16 March 2017 Thursday
Turkey threatens to scrap migrant deal with EU

Turkey on Wednesday threatened to scrap a critical deal on halting the flow of migrants to the EU amid a spiralling war of words between Ankara and the bloc.

03:02, 15 March 2017 Wednesday
Turkish FM blasts Dutch authorities

Cavusoglu accuses West of backing terror groups

08:39, 14 March 2017 Tuesday
Colombia to set up special war crimes courts

The court system, which allows for war crimes reparations, is the backbone of the peace deal the Santos administration reached in November with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia rebels.

07:59, 14 March 2017 Tuesday
Turkey bars Dutch ambassador amid tensions

High-level ties suspended, Turkish deputy prime minister says

03:00, 14 March 2017 Tuesday
Turkey spokesman slams Swiss paper on referendum report

Spokesman says newspaper's 'accusations and allegations are completely unacceptable'

19:36, 13 March 2017 Monday
Turks should vote in large numbers in Dutch polls MHP

MHP leader Devlet Bahceli urges Turkish voters in the Netherlands to head for polls in Wednesday general elections there

16:54, 13 March 2017 Monday
Turkish deputy PM tells Europe to not back neo-Nazis

In the end, you will see, the Netherlands will apologize to Turkey, Numan Kurtulmus adds

06:03, 13 March 2017 Monday
Suspend ties with Netherlands says Turkey's CHP head

Opposition Republican People's Party chairman backs Turkish government after Dutch ban on ministers

10:27, 12 March 2017 Sunday
Turkish EU Minister Dutch approach exactly fascism

Ankara requests Dutch ambassador on leave not return ‘for a while’

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