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14:13, 28 March 2015 Saturday

12:11, 27 March 2015 Friday
Turkey campaign to train Syrian rebels delayed by US

A campaign to train Syrian opposition forces to fight hardline ISIL militants, which was due to start this month, has been delayed by Washington, Turkey's foreign minister said on Friday.

13:52, 22 March 2015 Sunday
Turkey voices concern re Saudi-Sweden tension

Turkish foreign ministry voices sadness on diplomatic row between Saudi Arabia and Sweden.

14:42, 21 March 2015 Saturday
PKK head calls for end to armed conflict against Turkey

PKK must convene congress to end 40-year armed conflict against Turkey, jailed Kurdistan Workers' Party leader said in message.

13:01, 21 March 2015 Saturday
Ocalan calls for congress for new era of disarmament

Celebration this year is of great importance as letter from jailed PKK head calling for peace is read out, saying "We regard it necessary for the PKK to hold a congress to end the armed struggle against the Turkish Republic"

12:18, 21 March 2015 Saturday

Militant leader to reaffirm peace commitment with Erdogan denial of 'Kurdish problem' triggers anger

11:08, 21 March 2015 Saturday
Turkey s Somalia policies discussed at London panel

For President Erdogan, Somalia is an issue related to solidarity among Muslims, former Turkish Ambassador to Mogadishu says.

12:56, 20 March 2015 Friday
Erdogan Turkey blocks foreign fighters when warned

Turkish president says Turkey will block foreign fighters from joining extremist groups in Syria and Iraq if it is informed beforehand.

10:43, 20 March 2015 Friday
Erdogan disapproves of Kurdish monitor group

"Let me say clearly I am not in favor of this issue," Erdogan

09:35, 20 March 2015 Friday

63 articles of domestic security bill were rediscussed by Turkish parliament's lower committee and were pulled out completely.

14:07, 17 March 2015 Tuesday
Davutoglu Assad is like Hitler

Davutoglu has said that shaking hands with Assad and negotiating with him is no different to negotiating with Hitler.

12:22, 14 March 2015 Saturday
Turkey slams European Parliament's human rights report

European Parliament adopted a report calling on EU members to recognize 1915 events as 'genocide'.

11:51, 14 March 2015 Saturday
Erdogan receives new ambassadors

Erdogan has received letters of credence from the new Italian and Pakistani ambassadors.

14:40, 13 March 2015 Friday
Turkey Parts of govt-backed 'security bill' withdrawn

Turkish interior minister asks parliament head to refer parts of a highly-debated "security reform bill" to the parliament's lower committee

14:22, 13 March 2015 Friday
Turkey's ex-president Gul closes door on to be involved in

Turkey's ex-president Abdullah Gul rejects speculation of making a comeback, says he 'will not be involved in active politics.'

17:56, 10 March 2015 Tuesday
Turkey Davutoglu denies rift with Erdogan

Opposition parties claim Davutoglu's reappointment of Hakan Fidan as intelligence head was a result of Erdogans pressure

14:04, 08 March 2015 Sunday
Three Turkish ministers resign for elections

Constitution requires three key cabinet members quit in routin preparation for next elections..

13:37, 07 March 2015 Saturday
Solution process is at a key stage

Deputy PM Arinc has dismissed HDP's Demirtas' remarks that he is allegedly an obstacle in the ongoing solution process with the outlawed PKK.

13:01, 07 March 2015 Saturday
Cavusoglu meets EU foreign policy chief in Latvia

Mevlut Cavusoglu and Federica Mogherini hold talks on Libya and Syria in Latvia.

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