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05:23, 29 November 2015 Sunday

09:00, 23 November 2015 Monday
Turkish parliament elects new speaker

Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputy gets 316 votes to head Grand National Assembly

17:26, 17 November 2015 Tuesday
Turkish parliament's 26th term begins

Parliament’s eldest MP Deniz Baykal serves as speaker of Grand National Assembly

14:55, 17 November 2015 Tuesday
Turkish PM repeats call for a new constitution

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says Turkey needs a new constitution that is liberal, based on human dignity and separation of powers

09:28, 16 November 2015 Monday
Turkey's Erdogan Terrorism requires global response

Turkish President Erdogan says global issues like terrorism, the civil war in Syria and refugee crisis, require a global response.

09:02, 13 November 2015 Friday
Istanbul raids target PKK's youth wing

Early morning operations take place across five districts

12:10, 12 November 2015 Thursday
Turkey New parliament to meet on Nov 17

According to constitution, General Assembly needs to gather five days after announcement of official results

09:34, 12 November 2015 Thursday
Turkey nabs French ISIL member after hair transplant

Turkish authorities have held a French citizen accused of being an ISIL fighter after police followed him to a hair transplant salon in the western city of Izmir.

09:03, 12 November 2015 Thursday
New Turkish govt to prioritize EU membership

PM Ahmet Davutoglu expects EU to take 'necessary steps' through opening new chapters

11:14, 10 November 2015 Tuesday
Turkish PM signals ground operations against ISIL

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said that Turkey may possible take part in an "integrated" strategy alongside a coalition force.

09:24, 07 November 2015 Saturday
Turkish army releases details of anti-PKK offensive

Military says 40-day air and land operation on PKK bases in Turkey's southeast left over 100 terrorists dead

09:17, 06 November 2015 Friday
Turkey deports 20 ISIL-linked suspects

Turkish police have released details of over 40 people from Morocco and Syria held on suspicion of trying to reach extremist group

13:37, 04 November 2015 Wednesday
Turkey may hold referendum on presidential system

Turkey’s presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said a possible change to the country’s system of governance may come by through a referendum

09:10, 04 November 2015 Wednesday
Istanbul court imposes travel ban on 54 judges lawyers

The judges and lawyers are all allegedly linked with US-based preacher Fetullah Gulen, and asahave been implicated in an illegal wiretapping case

12:56, 02 November 2015 Monday
Observers mark Turkey vote as 'democratic'

International observer mission says contest was in accordance with democratic laws and international norms

10:38, 02 November 2015 Monday
Turkish vote a reaction to terrorism says Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told reporters in Istanbul: 'National will favored stability on Nov. 1'

09:33, 02 November 2015 Monday
Turkey PM revives new constitution calls after election win

Ahmet Davutoglu believes current constitution does not fit Turkey as ruling party revives calls for presidential system

03:32, 02 November 2015 Monday
Turkish Pres Erdogan Turkey voted for stability

In an emailed statement Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that for the PKK "violence, threats and bloodshed cannot coexist with democracy and the rule of law."

03:20, 02 November 2015 Monday
Turkey's AKP clinches victory in election

With 95 per cent of votes counted, AKP is holding firm lead in Turkey's general election

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