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13:39, 26 May 2016 Thursday
Art & Culture

10:56, 13 February 2016 Saturday
Thousands expected at Arabic Book Fair in Istanbul

Fair to host around 50 writers and publishing houses from 25 countries including Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Kuwait

12:15, 26 January 2016 Tuesday
Beautiful cupolas in Turkey's Ahlat under snow PHOTO

The snow falling on a nearly millennium-old ancient cupolas has created a breathtaking sight

11:05, 13 January 2016 Wednesday
The last Ottoman defending Medina surrendered today

Fakhretting Pasha was the commander of the Ottoman army and was also governor of Medina from 1916 to 1919. Today was the day he surrendered to the British after much resistance.

11:15, 04 November 2015 Wednesday
Historical tomb in Hasankeyf Turkey to be moved

The Zeynel Bey tomb will be relocated for preservation as it is located at a site where a new dam is being built.

16:26, 10 July 2015 Friday
Istanbul art fair to exhibit Warhol Miro Banksy

The third edition of the ArtInternational, a modern art fair will gather pieces from iconic artists and will be on display between Sep. 4 and 6.

11:23, 10 July 2015 Friday
4 million liras for Fatih Sultan Mehmet portrait

One of three oil painting of Fatih Sultan Mehmet was sold by Sotheby's for 4 million TRY

10:53, 17 June 2015 Wednesday
Tiny companions Prayer-bead makers ready for Ramadan

The Anadolu Agency has met with the men and women with a passion for crafting 'tesbih' - an everyday companion for many Muslims

16:21, 17 April 2015 Friday
Istanbul voted Europe's top travel destination

The annual Trip Advisor's Travellers Choice Award has voted Istanbul as the top travellers destination for Europe for 2015.

11:01, 11 April 2015 Saturday
Turkey First Quran recitation in Hagia Sophia in 85 years

'Love of Prophet Hagia Sophia' exhibition opens to mark the birth of Prophet Muhammad.

14:52, 10 April 2015 Friday
Ottoman architect Sinan exhibition opens in Istanbul

Exhibition in Istanbul showcases Mimar Sinan's models, pictures and drawings.

13:08, 07 March 2015 Saturday
Turkey Police seize 'Van Gogh' painting in Tokat

The oil painting was discovered during a search of a vehicle in the northern province.

08:13, 05 March 2015 Thursday
Syrian refugees story on big screen

Syria's civil war has caused the death of thousands of people and the displacement of millions across into Turkey. Filmmaker Ossama Mohammad has compiled a film, shown at Cannes from those who know best - clips taken from videos the Syrians have filmed on their cell phones.

07:27, 08 February 2015 Sunday
Istanbul Tunnel is 140 years old

The historic Istanbul tunnel, the worlds second oldest underground metro, is 140 years old and serves to carry passengers between Karakoy and Beyoglu.

15:24, 05 February 2015 Thursday
Collection of Mushaf Al-Sharif on display in Turkey

Turkey's biggest collection of Mushaf Al-Sharif will open on Friday in Eskişehir, Turkey.

22:55, 08 December 2014 Monday
Religious discussion now open for debate in Turkey

The Muslim world, including Turkey, started to imitate the West in its new attitude towards religion, the president says

15:56, 11 September 2014 Thursday
Turks in Serbia to introduce Turkish in primary schools

Association of Turks in Serbia is committed to introducing the Turkish language as an elective subject in elementary schools in Serbia.

09:28, 06 August 2014 Wednesday
FBI returns smuggled Lydian artifacts to Turkey

US investigators return 10 illegally traded artifacts from Lydian Iron Age civilization to Turkish mission in Washington.

16:09, 24 June 2014 Tuesday
Turks 'define themselves by religion' claims new report

Turkish people tend to associate national identity with religion when defining themselves despite decades of secularism, says ISSP report.

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