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00:40, 25 July 2014 Friday
News Analysis

12:58, 08 July 2014 Tuesday
Gaza Palestine or Jerusalem

Neither can the people of the region be silenced like they were in the past, nor can they remain isolated from the world; nor do the equation setters maintain their old power.

17:40, 06 July 2014 Sunday
The State Of Secular Conservatism

While capitalist relationship forms that match with modernity entails secularism, the protestantization of the religion is not inextricable from individualization

13:28, 06 July 2014 Sunday
Liberal arrogance

Global powers promoting apolitical revolutions were targeting to establish a geographical location in which they could integrate Islam with global capitalism; thus transforming the 'menace' that was the Middle-East and North Africa into a client.

17:13, 29 June 2014 Sunday
Rouhani A master of persuasion

Together with being a madrasa-educated man of knowledge, Rouhani, who was also a law professor, is known for his close ties with Rafsanjani during the beginning of the revolution.

16:47, 19 June 2014 Thursday
The theology of Sykes Picot

The partition of Iraq in de facto terms began with the American invasion. Now today's discussion topic is that the artificial boundaries lasting a century are now being re-drawn.

13:40, 16 June 2014 Monday
Egypt s Baathist-style democracy

As the noisy propaganda of Sisi worship subsides, the country’s massive socio-economic problems will become more prominent.

11:30, 04 June 2014 Wednesday
Turkish- KRG relations in a changing Middle East

Ankara’s relations with the KRG are not an abstract interrelationship but one framed by the same conditions dictated by the prevailing Middle Eastern political setting

11:38, 01 June 2014 Sunday
Provoking the Balkans

Islam in the Balkans is not an imported product of this geography, rather it's a fundamental element of the region

09:56, 28 May 2014 Wednesday
What does Modi as India s PM mean

Although Mr. Modi has toned down his anti-Muslim rhetoric but his elevation to India’s top post serves as an encouraging factor for Hindu nationalists

14:05, 09 May 2014 Friday
Pope Francis IV Love for Palestine and respect for Zionism

The Pope's visit to Palestine by definition was a trip where religious and political representation merged, diplomacy and the essential characteristics of civilizations found means to be represented

10:55, 07 May 2014 Wednesday
Violence against Muslims in Assam A grave failure of the

Muslims say Bengali-speaking Indian citizens are being targeted by Bodo groups and the BJP is stoking tensions over the issue.

11:55, 05 May 2014 Monday
Egypt s murderous new military regime

Sisi`s Egypt is a `praetorian state` fortified by a justice system whose trade mark is the kangaroo courts assigning death sentences at the military`s `kind requests`.

23:55, 04 May 2014 Sunday
Future of Gulen Movement after electoral debacle

The Movement has a very strong presence across the globe, and total crackdown leading towards the virtual ban on Movement’s national and international activities will further harm the brand Turkey

12:17, 03 May 2014 Saturday
The rage of media intellectual

The ones who are angry are the authorities of the past, status quo supporters, and those whom drag in the past and today, the incoherent and otherizers; that is the opposition.

09:45, 16 April 2014 Wednesday
As India elects Kashmiris remain unheard

None of the political parties in India, AAP included, are willing to listen to the genuine aspirations of the Kashmiri nation and feign ignorance to the writing on the wall

15:32, 14 April 2014 Monday
Before and after Turkey's local elections

The result of 45% of votes in favor of the AK Party shows that the doors have opened for Erdogan to become the next president.

14:10, 14 April 2014 Monday
India's Prime Ministerial candidate is no supporter of women

This wilful dereliction of duty toward his wife should be reason enough for 49% of India’s female population to shun the BJP leader’s candidacy and other 51% to abandon him in solidarity with them

11:15, 14 April 2014 Monday
Al-Sisi s electoral gambit A coup leader in the making

Al- Sisi's run for the Presidential election has been a significant eye opener to the naïve Egyptians who had sought their political problem by supporting the military junta.

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