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12:44, 10 February 2016 Wednesday
News Analysis

17:31, 02 January 2016 Saturday
On Unjust Trial of top Opposition Leader Nizami in Bangladesh

Serious imbalances need to be addressed to ensure a fair balance in judicial trials in Bangladesh.

17:20, 29 December 2015 Tuesday
Modi visit to Pakistan Whiff of fresh air for Kashmiris

Indian premier's short visit is expected to help in bringing the two hostile neighbours together in future and will help further to chalk out peaceful and stable course for the Indian Sub-continent

15:53, 29 December 2015 Tuesday
Djibouti 16 years of failure

For the last 16 years the state is utilised as an instrument to enrich and nourish the elite of the country

11:16, 25 December 2015 Friday
TAPI agreement Whether tangible or just a pipe-dream

Turkmenistan holds the world's fourth-largest natural gas reserves and sees the TAPI pipeline as a way of boosting exports and to diversify its export market

17:56, 18 December 2015 Friday
Christianization of Warfare Putin s manipulation of history

Putin searches deep inside Russian history, where he finds the Russian Orthodox Church, an institution that despite some oddities is still worth eulogizing because of its resilience even during the protracted Soviet era

12:39, 17 December 2015 Thursday
What remains of the Arab Spring

The story of the Arab Spring is a predetermined one, deprived of all kinds of political attitude

12:55, 16 December 2015 Wednesday
A void in Iraq after ISIL

An important question that is still avoided is how ISIL was able to easily capture Mosul and appear at the skirts of Baghdad

13:02, 14 December 2015 Monday
Europe was never Islamised The case of the Polish Muslim

Muslim Tatars in Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus – known as the Lipka Tatars – lived in these countries as a religious and ethnic community since the 14th century

11:42, 10 December 2015 Thursday
Iran-Turkey Geocultural competition

Whether in Syria, Iraq or even the Yemen crisis, Turkey and Iran face each other in total opposite axis

10:50, 09 December 2015 Wednesday
Consistently Shifting Narratives in Middle-East and the use of Propaganda

Propagandists are hired to alter the narrative of a nation and Syria is no exception with Assad's propaganda on par as one of the most evil in existence.

10:31, 05 December 2015 Saturday
Bidding Farewell to Our Father On His Way Toward Martyrdom

Former Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami was executed by the tyrannical regime of Bangladesh on 21 November 2015. This is the second part of his account of his final hours his execution.

13:24, 02 December 2015 Wednesday
Bidding Farewell to Our Father On His Way Toward Martyrdom

Former Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami was executed by the tyrannical regime of Bangladesh on 21 November 2015

12:16, 30 November 2015 Monday
Shooting down of Russian warplane not surprising

After creating new disorder in Syria, Russia has been showing disregard for Turkish sovereignty; this is an unacceptable situation for Turkey and Russia knows it very well

16:40, 28 November 2015 Saturday
Americans people of the book heathen Russia

The downing of the Russian jet has called into question a show of might by nationalistic forces and displays the politics of Russia following its Eurasionist strategy

14:56, 24 November 2015 Tuesday
Ideological cost of civil war

Syrian civil war to be free of a sectarian nature... In other words, the countries in the region to refrain from adopting a strategy that gives prominence to sectarian elements...

13:05, 23 November 2015 Monday
Miscarriage of Justice in Bangladesh

Bangladesh court wasted no time in handing down the two prominent opposition politicians, Mujahid and Salahuddin, the death sentence

11:59, 17 November 2015 Tuesday

G20 summit and investigations into the Paris attacks continue to dominate the front pages of Turkish dailies on Tuesday

16:56, 14 November 2015 Saturday
Is Islam an accomplice of the West

Up to the nineteenth century Islam has never raised any objection to making money hence the socio-economic formation of the current developed nations economies cannot be considered in isolation of Islams place in the world.

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