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14:21, 26 November 2015 Thursday
News Analysis

10:42, 11 November 2015 Wednesday
Indonesia s Widodo Government Lessons For and From Turkey

Whilst both countries are different Indonesia has lessons to learn from Turkey, with optimistic predictions for its economy.

11:52, 07 November 2015 Saturday
Sharm el-Sheikh suprise from UK to Sisi

The announcement of the possibility of a bomb being the reason for the crash of a Russian passenger plane comes as a surprise for Egypt's President Abdalfattah al Sisi

14:12, 06 November 2015 Friday
Modi s BJP on war path to win Bihar election

Stakes are so high in state of Bihar election that ruling BJP (Indian Peoples Party) at centre under leadership of PM Modi left no stone unturned to win this state election at all cost by hook or by crook

13:35, 31 October 2015 Saturday
The conservative language of leftist politics

The actual issue regarding conservatism that needs to be addressed is the issue of whether conservatist politics conservatize the system or whether it is groups that stand distant to the status quo that make connections to the system.

11:34, 29 October 2015 Thursday
AKP MHP and HDP performances critical in Nov 1 election

The Turkish snap elections are around the corner with the country at a crossroads as to the final outcome on Sunday.

10:56, 27 October 2015 Tuesday
Muslim Inferiority Complex The Hero of Liberal Victory but why

The lack of honest leadership, who is ready and willing to talk about issues beyond jurisprudence is key to the Muslim communities in Canada to break free from the shackles of an imposed - and absorbed - inferiority complex.

17:55, 26 October 2015 Monday
Growing Russo-Afghan bonhomie A disenchantment with US

Relations between Afghanistan and Russia keep improving, meanwhile ties with US deteriorate

11:11, 20 October 2015 Tuesday
Are you aware of the danger

Occupying al-Aqsa everyday is trying to be transformed into an innocent freedom of worship problem based on the historical talks of myths of Zionist

11:04, 16 October 2015 Friday
Regime-change is only the Cover-Story

Since 2003, the United States’ Eurasian policy has been centrally defined, not by regime-change, but by destabilization for its own sake.

12:40, 13 October 2015 Tuesday
Is it a post Sykes-Picot model

The massacre in Ankara should be viewed in the light of the new "spheres of influence" that are currently being formed, emulating the Sykes-Picot Agreement.

11:23, 09 October 2015 Friday
Beef Politics in India takes a dirty turn

It is a fact that since Narendra Modi guided Hindu nationalist BJP to victory and became India's PM, minorities in India, especially Muslims, have felt threatened by many policies adopted by ruling party

15:09, 08 October 2015 Thursday
Is Turkey Europe's asylum seeker

With the refugee crisis Europe has already started to shape and define where it sees Turkey

13:18, 06 October 2015 Tuesday
Kashmir The Arrival of Hindutva

Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party has given a free hand to Hindu chauvinist groups throughout India and is seemingly unfazed by the brazen acts of violence by these groups

21:22, 02 October 2015 Friday
How did Mina Stampede happen - Who is Responsible for

The tragic death of hundreds of pilgrims warrants a full and proper investigation to determine responsibility as well as ensuring that the same mistake is never repeated again

17:03, 01 October 2015 Thursday
Are the principals of the proxy war going down to

At the point reached, the primary elements of the proxy war never became directly involved in the war

10:16, 27 September 2015 Sunday
Crimean Tatar Mejlis oscillating towards opportunism

For a very long time, one of the most serious social disadvantages facing Crimean Tatars has been bad leadership

13:21, 22 September 2015 Tuesday
What did Putin promise

Netanyahu's visit to Putin is seen as a game changer which effectively signals a new equilibrium in the Middle East. His visit only begs the question: What did Putin promise?

12:18, 22 September 2015 Tuesday
When Muslim theologians fought British colonialism

The role Muslim theologians played during the freedom struggle is explored in the publication of a new book and looks at Indian history in the wider global context with the age-old conflict between Western imperialism and Islam also being addressed.

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