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18:13, 28 January 2015 Wednesday
News Analysis

13:13, 10 January 2015 Saturday
Bangladesh A democracy in deeply troubled waters

It is imperative that the international community join hands in firmly calling for an immediate re-election subject to impartial observation in order to lay tensions to rest and restore the rule of the ballot and ultimately democracy itself.

09:49, 03 January 2015 Saturday
Kashmir A fractured mandate and brazen hypocrisy

With 25 members in the 87 member assembly, the presence of BJP is definitely a cause of concern, whether in power or in opposition

15:57, 02 January 2015 Friday
UN Sliding down from redundancy to non-entity

Only comprehensive structural reforms to be adopted according to the realities of twenty- first century can save this world body from oblivion

14:33, 01 January 2015 Thursday
The process and violence helix

If this (peace) process is destroyed, then it will mean a new international plot that led the region, Turkey and the PKK to lay a trap of their own making.

17:37, 25 December 2014 Thursday
Kashmir The good the bad and the deluded

Containment, the first rule of occupation. The second being dilution, control and re-routing of opinions, desires and activities.

15:00, 25 December 2014 Thursday
Europe getting involved in Middle East

What’s being experienced is not the incident of Europe becoming neighbors with Middles, but rather, the state of removing the borders with the Middle East…

19:00, 14 December 2014 Sunday
ZANU-PF s Rule of Thumb for Zimbabwe s Politics

History teaches us the ZANU-PF’s intelligence capability and their ability to implement its strategies effectively

13:05, 13 December 2014 Saturday
Being included to the region without interfering

It seems that while the Kurdish card will be forming one side of the new equation being established in the Middle East, the other side will be formed by the ISIL card

18:38, 11 December 2014 Thursday
What does the US legal aid means for the Muslims

Mission of the regional counterterrorism adviser in the Balkans seems to be the production of enough spindoctoral justifications and legal traps that the local governments will need to invent in order to frighten and terrorize their Muslim populations

17:52, 11 December 2014 Thursday
Moral lessons from the CIA

The moral issues of American policies, which are covered up with national interests, and can never be covered up for too long.

13:19, 05 December 2014 Friday
UAE terror list Ridiculous despotism gets more comical

The list seems prepared with the motive to target ordinary Muslim professional, using various illegal clandestine networks funded by the Country’s unaccountable oil billions

13:27, 04 December 2014 Thursday
Whose problem is Alevi ism

It is clear that Europe-based circles in particular are inclined to create a perception and imposition that Alevi’ism is a separate religion; and that cemevis are the houses of worship of this religion

11:59, 01 December 2014 Monday
Ottoman Turkish or the erasing of memory

Old Turkish, which we call Ottoman Turkish, is a language that is derived from the values and concepts of Islamic civilization that we belong to, and enriches it and has associations with it

11:19, 23 November 2014 Sunday
Trial of Mohammad Kamaruzzaman in Bangladesh Justice Denied

The trials are nothing but a mockery of justice. And Kamaruzzaman is the latest in a steadily growing line of victims

14:49, 22 November 2014 Saturday
Forms of secularism in Tunisia

The culturalization of the religion amounts to compressing it in a certain field and isolating it from life. The “cultural Islam” against the “political Islam” thesis is cut perfectly for this.

11:27, 22 November 2014 Saturday
Egypt is not only composed of Sisi

In order to ease the military regime’s oppression on the Muslim Brotherhood, and to look after the possible mediation opportunity, the channels should have been kept open

11:04, 17 November 2014 Monday
Is India losing its edge in Afghanistan

So far, the Modi government has been reluctant to spell out the terms of its engagement with Kabul as the political realities in Afghanistan have been in flux

12:37, 13 November 2014 Thursday
Extending an olive branch to capitalism

We have left behind the era of unrestrained capitalism but the backdrop of thought that shapes the relationship between the modern being and nature still runs strong

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