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20:34, 17 November 2017 Friday
News Analysis

11:43, 30 October 2017 Monday
US rescue operation for former consulate staffer

The developments that took place after July 15 have gained a new dimension, with rumors about possible U.S. relations with coup-makers and discussions about the dark links of an employee under the name of consular contact officer. In fact, even if that person was not revealed, it is estimated that at least certain U.S. representatives in Turkey were involved in the coup attempt.

10:02, 27 October 2017 Friday
Jakarta Governor Election Setting the tone for next Presidential Election

Jakarta’s new governor, Anies Baswedan was inaugurated in a large and highly publicised ceremony on 16 October.  

16:59, 12 October 2017 Thursday
Al Sharq Youth Forum 'in favor of the Future'

The forth annual al-Sharq Youth Forum kicked-off in Istanbul. This year, it focused on future trends in politics and economics, business, media, science and technology, and arts and culture.

03:23, 10 October 2017 Tuesday
Absence of coherence in US foreign policy

Most American foreign, national security policies are shaped by bureaucratic organizations, not the political administration

15:53, 07 October 2017 Saturday
How to Handle North Korea s Kim Jong Un and

The first one is through negotiated agreement. In return to North Korea halting its nuclear program, west will gradually lift the sanctions against Pyongyang.

01:01, 05 October 2017 Thursday
Is Albania still a secular state

When Albania was created as a state in 1920, the fathers of Albanian nationalism agreed to adopt secularism as the “religion” of the state.

09:31, 03 October 2017 Tuesday
WORLD BULLETIN Celebrating 10 Years

World Bulletin News Portal has been launched to publish within the body of Global Communication Center since the last days of September in 2007. This year marks the 10th anniversary of World Bulletin.

09:07, 03 October 2017 Tuesday
Can an independent Kurdish state in Iraq survive without Turkey

The only country that openly supported the referendum for an independent Kurdish state is none other than the state of Israel.

10:25, 29 September 2017 Friday
Croatia s Forgotten Muslim History

When said Hırvatistan, no one immediately thinks Islam; although it is same with Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia in terms of the Ottoman heritage.

12:18, 26 September 2017 Tuesday
North Korea What Does Kim Jong Un Want

Countries with nuclear weapons such as United States, Russia, China, France, India, Pakistan and even Israel have largely been silent or even evasive in their nuclear arsenal’s issue.

12:18, 20 September 2017 Wednesday
The United Nations in a changing world order

UN structural reform should target more inclusivity, justice, not held hostage to the permanent members’ caprice and jealousy

15:05, 12 September 2017 Tuesday
Bosnia s simmering Black Gold

If Bosnia plays its cards right, it could lay the ground for becoming Europe’s cradle of black gold

11:37, 11 September 2017 Monday
Being neighbors with North Korea in the Middle East

N. Korean regime has most recently made headlines with its alleged testing of a hydrogen bomb  

09:41, 10 September 2017 Sunday
Nuclear stalemate of our century

The presence of 10,000 nuclear weapons makes it impossible to take a deep breath and relax

17:30, 08 September 2017 Friday
Ways to stop the genocide in Myanmar

According to reports prepared by nongovernmental organizations, the Rohingyas are in the final stages of the genocide process.

12:09, 30 August 2017 Wednesday
Trump and free trade the NAFTA example

Ending NAFTA would see middle- and low-income Americans pay more to meet consumer needs

06:06, 28 August 2017 Monday
Barbarian Bannon' prepares for war

Despite not being a politician coming from the base, Trump had his candidacy accepted in the party and won the election against Hillary Clinton.

17:54, 26 August 2017 Saturday
Iraq's changing political landscape

In differing ways, Iraq's political elite is trying to capitalize upon nationalist narratives

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