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09:55, 25 May 2017 Thursday
News Analysis

14:25, 09 May 2017 Tuesday
India-Turkey strengthen the bilateral relations ties

During the last ten years, many high-level visits including the president of both countries strengthen the bilateral relations.

15:09, 03 May 2017 Wednesday
The fallout of North Korea s nuclear policies

Kim Jong-un's nuclear policies run the risk of geopolitical escalation in East Asia

12:28, 02 May 2017 Tuesday
Right wing governments set to cripple meat industry in India

According a 2015 data, of the total buffalo beef produced in the country, nearly 47 percent was domestically consumed and the remaining 53 percent was exported outside the country.

03:04, 30 April 2017 Sunday
Macedonia in grip of new crisis

Protests at parliament shows that Macedonia is once more facing deep political lockdown and internal weakness

12:53, 29 April 2017 Saturday
Ottoman Armenians an inequitable accountability

If accountability is to take place, then the West cannot compensate for South Africa, the Hejaz, Yemen, the Middle East and the Balkans.

12:52, 25 April 2017 Tuesday
Future of European Union integration process is at risk

Anti-integrationist, anti-immigrant, anti-federalist and anti-globalist populist movements threaten Europe

14:13, 24 April 2017 Monday
Predicting the day after tomorrow in Syria

An ill-planned Assad regime assault in Idlib could send more refugees to Turkey's borders

08:44, 20 April 2017 Thursday
Turkish citizens struggle for self-rule

Foreign observers must remove their blinders and inform themselves about Turkish society’s real political history

15:42, 17 April 2017 Monday
The subtle dynamics of Iran s looming election

Iran's conservative camp eyes run-off, while Rouhani hopes ‘negative voters’ will vote for him simply to spite his rival

13:38, 15 April 2017 Saturday
Egypt church blasts meant to embarrass regime

Last week church bombings in Egypt killed at least 45 Coptic-Christian worshippers and left scores more injured

16:20, 13 April 2017 Thursday
Turkey's April 16 referendum around the corner

Turkey will be heading to a new referendum on April 16th.

10:26, 12 April 2017 Wednesday
Israel's history of protecting al-Assad

The US Trump administration may provide Israel with an opportunity to eject Iran, Hezbollah from Syria

17:30, 10 April 2017 Monday
Mosul on way to becoming second Aleppo

Iraq’s Mosul is now on the way to becoming another Aleppo – but without the international community’s crocodile tears

10:50, 08 April 2017 Saturday
Why Bangladeshis are Saying No to the India-Bangladesh Defence Pact

India is aggressively pushing forward a pact with Bangladesh to woo it away from China. Security experts, diplomats and others in Bangladesh think the proposed agreement would not benefit Bangladesh and could even go against the country's interest

14:42, 05 April 2017 Wednesday
EU between the 60th anniversary and Brexit

EU recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome amid the beginning of Brexit

13:38, 03 April 2017 Monday
Turkish referendum galvanizes European racism

The new focus of Europe’s right-wing nationalists is an age-old foe, used to inspire fear for centuries  

01:02, 01 April 2017 Saturday
Cameroon s Anglophones call for secession or federalism

Strike by teachers, lawyers has led to widespread unrest in English speaking regions of west African nation

08:38, 30 March 2017 Thursday
Indonesia Its potentials to shape its destiny as a major

Indonesia has been a silent player in world affairs but if it can realize its potential it could play a decisive role in the world of politics

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