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00:49, 27 July 2016 Wednesday
News Analysis

17:19, 23 June 2016 Thursday
Lebanon as a Small Middle Eastern Country with Big Problems

After six long years, May 2016 witnessed the gathering of Lebanese for the local municipality elections in different regions in Lebanon.

16:27, 21 June 2016 Tuesday
How gas could warm relations between Israel and Turkey

That last item is a key driver of efforts to forge a rapprochement between Israel and Turkey:

12:53, 11 June 2016 Saturday
Ottoman Armenians an inequitable accountability

If accountability is to take place, then the West cannot compensate for South Africa, the Hejaz, Yemen, the Middle East and the Balkans.

15:00, 09 June 2016 Thursday
Queen Cake and creepy Islamophobia

Islamophobia is growing in the UK, with ongoing and regular scaremongering about Muslims from certain sections of the media and it is now at its highest since 2010

18:35, 01 June 2016 Wednesday
Leadership Change in Turkish Politics A Brief Overview

A New Era in Turkey under Binali Yıldırım

12:08, 30 May 2016 Monday
Indonesia China and the growing troubles in South China Sea

Assertive behavior from China, with Indonesia covering up a Chinese incursion is indicative of growing troubles in the region

10:12, 26 May 2016 Thursday
Dua of a Mujahid on His Journey Toward Martyrdom Part-II

Dr Naeemur Rahman Khaled shares part II of his last moments with his father, Dr Motiur Rahman Nizami

10:39, 21 May 2016 Saturday
Dua of a Mujahid on His Journey Toward Martyrdom Part-I

Over the next few days Worldbulletin will publish the account of the last moments of Mawlana Motiur Rahman Nizami, written by his second eldest son Dr. Naeemur Rahman Khaled. Today is part one of that account

16:03, 14 May 2016 Saturday
Hanging of Nizami A Result of illiberal Autocracy in Bangladesh

The hanging of the Maulana Nizami was pure and simply a statement reflecting a systematic state sanctioned campaign of terrorism and oppression against a specific section of the society.

12:32, 10 May 2016 Tuesday
Palmyra recapture Assad's futile exercise for image makeover

Syrian regime is trying to show the world that they have recaptured and improved the military position, liberated and defended Syria

16:54, 30 April 2016 Saturday
Iraq Summary of history and geography or Kut-ul Amara

Although the Kutu'l Amare victory did not change the course of World War I, the victory was a significant event that is to be cherished in its own right

12:38, 27 April 2016 Wednesday
Rousseff s impeachment Will Brazil be ever Socialistic

Nothing is clear in Brazil’s murky political crisis, except that the country will suffer the consequences for a long time to come

12:44, 26 April 2016 Tuesday
While Obama knocks on the Queen's door

US president hopes to prevent 'Brexit' and keep 'its eyes and ears' in the EU

09:39, 22 April 2016 Friday
India-Saudi bonhomie causes concern to Pakistan leadership

The strategic partnership between India and Saudi Arabia with the entry of the UAE could be seen as an issue of contention for Pakistan

14:58, 20 April 2016 Wednesday
Bangladesh heading towards one party dictatorship

Unchallenged national election has turned world’s third most populous Muslim nation into a repressive, de facto one-party state

11:38, 13 April 2016 Wednesday
Will Afghan Taliban talk

The Taliban leader has stated that they have never been in a better position and have issued a statement saying that they will not take part in reconciliation talks

11:00, 08 April 2016 Friday
New areas of war Information pits

Nowadays the 'secret documents' leaked are nothing other than the signs of a state of war and the conflict of global strategic interest

17:10, 05 April 2016 Tuesday
Myanmar s Suu Kyi A strong Leader or a Spoiled

The doubts regarding the authenticity of the Myanmarese Nobel Peace Price winner after her angry reaction to being interviewed by a Muslim journalist

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