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02:00, 24 January 2017 Tuesday
News Analysis

12:32, 09 January 2017 Monday
Us against the ones that are bloodthirsty

Sometimes we see these bloodthirsty people in official clothes and with weapons given to them to protect the country pointing them towards the public.

14:39, 01 January 2017 Sunday
Europe in the New Year

In a year when the European Union is questioning its future and preparing to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the treaty of Rome, the beginning of the process of Britain leaving the Union does not only draw borders for the Europe dream but also remodels the boundary of its political geography.

13:23, 26 December 2016 Monday
Deciphering results of Kuwait National Assembly election

The victory of Islamist block in the election may also bring troubles for ruling royal family.

15:56, 25 December 2016 Sunday
Christmas Before Christ December 25 and Paganism

As Christians around the world celebrate Christmas, historians and theologians question whether the holiday really celebrates the birth of the so called 'son of god' or the 'sun-god'.

14:15, 25 December 2016 Sunday
Syria s Al-Bab Turkey s security gate

Turkey has been seeking to clear Al-Bab town from ISIL

13:41, 14 December 2016 Wednesday
Pakistan s steady geopolitical rebalancing

Much has already been written about Pakistan’s decades old deep-rooted strategic relations with China, strengthening of the strategic relations with emerging Turkey, and more recently its new found bonhomie with the Russia.

14:15, 04 December 2016 Sunday
Philippine s Duterte fancies China over US

Duterte’s pivot toward China would likely to continue and strengthen, but it would also likely weaken, if not vanish its relationship with US. This is actually an indication of US’ weakening influence in the region.

09:50, 01 December 2016 Thursday
A third path for Cyprus

Even though there seems to be a softening in the internal politics of the Greeks, the idea of Cyprus joining with Greece is still alive.

22:49, 30 November 2016 Wednesday
Russia's chronic identity crisis

In the future of Russia, who has one sixth of the livable land in the world, there seems to be no unity either in the name of nationalism or on the basis of Orthodox Christianity.  It is foreseen that Putin, who continues to see the dream of a USSR which has been disintegrated,  will try and achieve unity by way of federations in order to bring to fruition his enthusiasm of a new empire.

11:37, 11 November 2016 Friday
Turkey and Balkans

Specifically for last 20 years, Turkey’s efforts to strenghten its relationship with Balkans has gained big momentum and today Turkey seems to be a quite influential player in the region. Conversation with Mr. Edhem Foco, (General Manager of Al Jazereera Balkan)

16:05, 07 November 2016 Monday
Pakistanisation of Turkey A conspiracy of comparison

There are some semblances in both the countries and the narrative is almost similar, and the chief sponsors of extremism are also common.

09:08, 07 November 2016 Monday

The Europeans are finding it difficult to understand the discussions regarding the agreement which has been finalized as 2334 pages, after the negotiations which has lasted seven years between Brussels and Ottawa.

10:47, 25 October 2016 Tuesday
Bangladesh Realities and Challenges for new Jamaat leadership

A new leadership has to respond to a varied set of local and international challenges

16:07, 13 October 2016 Thursday
Jakarta s eulogized Christian Governor A hero that he wasn

Jakartans have proved themselves as more open-minded and democratic much before the London, they voted and elected a Christian and ethnic Chinese deputy-governor as the running mate of Joko Widodo, often referred to as Jokowi.

08:11, 04 October 2016 Tuesday
The Phenomenon of DAESH A treacherous Imperial design

Whilst DAESH is a US creation, it is evident that it serves the British interest and aims to destabilise the remaining stable states in the region

08:01, 29 September 2016 Thursday
A dramatic fall for communists in Russia Liberals could not

The elections held on the 18th of September for Duma which is the lower wing of the parliament, resulted in a victory for the United Russia party

15:53, 21 September 2016 Wednesday
A Muslim Shoulder to Shoulder with Mandela Ibrahim Rasool

Ibrahim Rasool, the former and the first Muslim South African Ambassador to the United States

23:06, 19 September 2016 Monday
The future of Uzbekistan after Karimov

Even though Uzbekistan swayed to and fro between Russia and the USA, there have never been positive signs in the quality of its governance until today, on the contrary it has even gone backwards

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