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00:24, 18 April 2014 Friday
News Analysis

11:04, 13 April 2014 Sunday
Afghan elections 7th day of positivity or deepening mistrust

Aside from the major tasks set out for this government-to-be, gaining the trust of this politically and culturally polarized community should be of utmost significance

11:31, 08 April 2014 Tuesday
The Peace Process and constructing a new cage for the

Palestinians are being offered a ‘golden cage’ centered on promises of economic opportunities and investments, but in return they must relinquish their claims to the land, right of return and challenge to Israel’s Apartheid structures

14:32, 07 April 2014 Monday
Erdogan s electoral victory A silver lining in political clouds

Erdogan’s win has come as a severe blow to the pro-status quo block; people have cheered his triumph from Cairo to Tunis and Sarajevo to Gaza

17:44, 02 April 2014 Wednesday
Turkey's policy towards Ukraine Crimean crisis

To understand Turkey’s position Crimean crisis requires a comprehensive approach to tackle this lingering predicament from various angles by focusing on multiple factors. Otherwise we risk of being partial and may miss important points.

23:49, 29 March 2014 Saturday
Understanding and giving meaning to election language

The Turkish elite, large proportion of which are intellectuals with leftist backgrounds, have failed to accept and understand the values of the general public.

16:17, 29 March 2014 Saturday
Is Algeria on the verge of a split

Algeria is one of the most balanced countries in the Maghreb, with the National Liberation Front gaining the support of Bureaucrats, tribes and congregations in its struggle for independence. However, the most important part of this balance is the army.

20:42, 28 March 2014 Friday
Egypt s coup Escalating turf war within the Sunni Muslim

The stage has set in where on one side Saudi Arabia along with other monarchies and despots are leading the pro status quo block and Turkey under Erdogan is still vying for the inevitable natural change in the region. Ballot boxes have already shown from Tunisia to Egypt that people want MB or AK Party style Islamic leaning governments to run their respective countries.

16:55, 26 March 2014 Wednesday
Kosovo's adventure with secularism

Regardless of the opinion of the general public, in a country where those in the elite are all vying to catch the attention of their American supervisors, they are constantly pressing the people to distance themselves from religious values by holding on tight to secularism.

10:30, 25 March 2014 Tuesday
Resurging Islamists Playing Savior of Democracy in Bangladesh

The time is not far off when the AL will have to realize its fast shrinking support base in the masses who see the country’s future in the opposition parties where Bangladesh Jamat-i-Islami has a vital role to play, and which is definitely in expansion mode, a factor which has started afflicting the ruling AL alarmingly.

16:39, 20 March 2014 Thursday
The era of 'Cold Peace' in Crimea

The West's nightmare has become true - Russia has annexed Crimea. As much as this may appear to be the result of a popular consensus, it is very obvious that Russia is now laying the bricks of its strategic plan one at a time.

10:15, 20 March 2014 Thursday
Recent social unrests in Bosnia and Herzegovinia

It is very obvious that the level of protests has subsided in recent days, but the grievances at their hearts such as unemployment, corruption, nepotism, organized crime, political paralysis, social problems, and incompetent political elites-mostly rooted in the deal that ended the war- have remained there

15:18, 12 March 2014 Wednesday
Muslim Brotherhood Perceived as Existential Threat to Gulf Monarchies

Islamists in general are emerging as powers after the Arab Spring and, that is why the Gulf Monarchs are suffering from a sort of fear psychosis that makes them to hate the destabilizing forces such as the MB

18:50, 11 March 2014 Tuesday
Hezbollah and Iran reap benefits of US-Israeli relationship crisis

The US's inability to take military action in Syria has disrpted the relationship between the US and Israel, resulting in a crisis from which Iran and Hezbollah have been seizing their opportunities.

16:20, 04 March 2014 Tuesday
The Republic of Continuous Injustice towards Kashmiris

The rules or parameters for humane intervention and compassion from the Indian state dramatically change as soon as the case involves a Kashmiri or in general, a Muslim.

12:46, 02 March 2014 Sunday
Ukraine and Egypt Putin In the Net of Self-contradictions

Putin will have to bear the brunt of his own contradictions; so will be the destiny of the US and the EU, grossly involved in causing the humanity bleed with their disastrous contradictions.

17:21, 27 February 2014 Thursday
Why is Fethullah Gulen's stance vis- -vis Mavi Marmara wrong

The stance of Fethullah Gulen and his movement vis-à-vis the flotilla has been and still is a subject of criticism in Turkey...

12:27, 27 February 2014 Thursday
The ''massacre'' in Central Africa

One wonders what would have happened if the actors of violence in the Central African Republic were Muslims. Christian Balaka gangs are neither being called terrorists nor religious extremists. On the contrary, by saying anti-Balaka, they are being portrayed as being opposed to violence.

17:13, 25 February 2014 Tuesday
Remembering the King s path to rekindle Thailand s shining

As the whispering winds of today’s Thailand gently carry tomorrow’s hope, the hearts of people remember on December 5, 2013, a man who served as, and continues to be, a shining light...

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