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15:13, 22 October 2014 Wednesday
News Analysis

14:07, 10 October 2014 Friday
The process and two separate areas of fracture

The reconciliation process might be an important stage with regard to Kurdish policy, however, it should also not be permitted that all Kurds are rendered hostage.

12:21, 03 October 2014 Friday
Europe s Love Affair with Wars amp Conflicts A Bane

After decades of creating, managing and executing the wars and conflicts the greedy American and European powers have adopted the way of outsourcing their wars to regional mercenary armies

13:47, 01 October 2014 Wednesday
TIKA can t be blamed for the recent arrests made

At least nine imams were among 15 people arrested in Kosovo in September in the second major operation in weeks to try to stem the flow of young ethnic Albanians joining ISIL fighters in Iraq and Syria.

17:28, 21 September 2014 Sunday
A neo-orientalist bribe for France

The perception of ISIL, which was established through the Neo-Orientalistic discourse, is turning into a media bribe for France, which is leading the old colonialists of Europe.

09:58, 21 September 2014 Sunday
Arab Counter-revolution on Threshold of Plummeting

The ongoing ominous geo-political scenario prevailing in the Arab world stands to vindicate the bitter fact that the Arab monarchies are once again on the fast retreat to the days of Ignorance

17:43, 04 September 2014 Thursday
Protecting Myanmar s Women Connecting the Dots to Build Human

Myanmar’s women have been suffering for the last several decades from systematic patterns of sexual violence

13:08, 03 September 2014 Wednesday
Turkey's growing profile in Pakistan A Geo-Political Imperative

The growing mutuality between Pakistan and Turkey in varying spheres cannot be treated as incidental; it is deeply rooted in the history of both the nations, and which is bound to grow further

12:34, 01 September 2014 Monday
If a separation wave tosses the UK s shore

The separation story of Scotland stems from modern nationalism and perhaps from the fact that it’s the last chapter of a kind of story, which cost a lot to the whole world and our region in particular.

13:03, 30 August 2014 Saturday
Germans are taking over the control in Balkans

When we consider this with Ukrainian crisis in parallel, this conference includes the clues about the equations of the new Europe

12:52, 25 August 2014 Monday
Living under occupation A view from Kashmir

What is normal for Kashmiris is abnormal for the world. Normal in Kashmir is usually associated with the pause in death.

10:41, 25 August 2014 Monday
How Saudis planted Sisi in Egypt s power structure

Saudi Arabia and UAE, the most paranoid and oil-rich Arab League members, have emerged as top backers of status-quo in the region, ignoring the desires of populations for freedom and dignity

11:32, 19 August 2014 Tuesday
The PR value of ISIL

Beyond all these war games and strategic calculations, the destruction of the fabric that Muslims have been building for centuries in the Middle East is being established as a geography of bloodshed

11:38, 18 August 2014 Monday
The social cost of the expression

We need to be prepared for the 'social cost' of the politics that are structured on the excitement or fear.

21:35, 13 August 2014 Wednesday
Kashmir the forgotten solidarity

The tragedy with Kashmir is that many people around the world, or should I say most of them, hardly know about it, its people, its struggle

19:17, 12 August 2014 Tuesday
Foreign Direct Investment and Macroeconomic Performance in Turkey

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is mainly seen as a key element in the international integration of a country, which establishes direct, stable and lasting links between economies

18:29, 12 August 2014 Tuesday
ISIL's sociology

The angered dynamism's taking up arms in the name of Islam had become easy, by disregarding all kinds of cultural and historical sociological differences

10:52, 12 August 2014 Tuesday
Sociology of the elections

If you prioritize the question 'who is administrating' before asking the question 'what kind of a world are we proposing', then you would be sacrificing politics to sociology.

10:47, 12 July 2014 Saturday
A Glimpse of Ramadan in Kashmir

Many of the cultural specifics of celebrations in Kashmir have been subject to the vagaries of occupation

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