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23:17, 03 July 2015 Friday

09:26, 03 July 2015 Friday
Dozens feared dead in Nigeria's 'mosque massacre'

According to military and local sources, gunmen opened fire at mosques in northeastern Borno state’s Kukawa town. The death toll is feared to be as high as 100

17:27, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Uganda police blamed for failing to protect slain imam

Muslim leaders in Uganda have blamed police for not protecting Muslim imams.

15:37, 02 July 2015 Thursday
French president visits Benin to discuss Boko Haram

The French President Francois Hollande has visited Benin to discuss the Boko Haram

15:29, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Attack on UN convoy in Mali

Attack on U.N. convoy in northern Mali leaves five dead and six wounded.

14:56, 02 July 2015 Thursday
S African activists aboard Gaza flotilla arrive home

Activists say flotilla's interception by Israel will not stop them from making further attempts to break siege

14:22, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Tanzania gives free land as incentive

Tanzanian government has tried to get low-income families to move out of disaster zones by providing free land as an incentive.

13:24, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Liberia confirms third Ebola case in new outbreak

Liberia has confirmed a third Ebola case after a two month period of no new cases

13:24, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Burundi celebrates independence amid political violence

Opposition says president does not have constitutional right to seek third term

12:06, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Cholera outbreak kills 15 in Nigeria

Experts say poverty and poor hygiene are the most prominent causes of the repeated cholera outbreaks

11:29, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Tunisia hunts for Libya-trained suspects

Tunisian law enforcement authorities conducted a series of arrests of Libya-trained suspects

10:52, 02 July 2015 Thursday
Six killed in Burundi ahead of poll results

At least six people, including one policeman, were killed in Burundi's capital on Wednesday, witnesses and a police spokesman said.

09:30, 02 July 2015 Thursday
UN Security council blacklists S Sudan generals

UNSC blacklists six rival South Sudan generals. It is the first time, the men to be listed by the Security Council's South Sudan sanctions committee, which operates by consensus.

16:37, 01 July 2015 Wednesday
UK to finance DRC elections in 2016

President Joseph Kabila has said that he will not stand for a third term when it ends in 2016. The ambassador to the UK has said his compliance will mean that the UK will finance the election.

12:06, 01 July 2015 Wednesday
12th Muslim cleric killed in Uganda

Sheihk Kirya has become the 12th Muslim cleric to be slain in a period of 2 years.

10:05, 01 July 2015 Wednesday
10000 refugees flee Burundi amid rising tensions

Parliamentary, municipal polls held Monday despite wideranging calls for boycott

20:05, 30 June 2015 Tuesday
Nigerian takes on Boko Haram by sending kids back to

‘Schoopreneurship’ scheme aims to remedy education crisis in Nigeria’s Boko Haram-ravaged northeast region

19:35, 30 June 2015 Tuesday
Ugandan opposition prepares presidential challenge

The opposition have vowed to put aside differences and impose a single candidate to run against Museveni

16:48, 30 June 2015 Tuesday
Togolese government wins vote of confidence

Sixty-five out of 74 parliamentarians voted to support the government

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