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11:31, 24 October 2014 Friday
Science & Technology

16:42, 19 October 2014 Sunday
China says it's hard to resume cyber security talks with

"Due to mistaken U.S. practices, it is difficult at this juncture to resume Sino-U.S. cyber security dialogue and cooperation," China's top diplomat told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

09:49, 17 October 2014 Friday
Facebook launches Safety Check tool for disasters

The tool, during major disasters, will let friends and family know you’re safe

09:17, 17 October 2014 Friday
Apple unveils new iPads

Apple Inc introduced a faster, slimmer iPad Air 2 on Thursday, tacking on modest improvements such as a fingerprint sensor to its mainstay tablet

11:05, 16 October 2014 Thursday
FBI warns U S businesses of cyber attacks blames Beijing

The "flash" warning to businesses described tools and techniques used by the hackers and asked companies to contact federal authorities if they believe they are the victims of such attacks.

13:34, 14 October 2014 Tuesday
Russian hackers spying on NATO and Ukraine

Hackers' aim appears to have been information regarding Ukrainian conflict with Russia

10:17, 11 October 2014 Saturday
France leads in Google search removal requests

The search giant reveals that France leads the list of countries in Europe where the most “right to be forgotten” requests came from.

10:26, 10 October 2014 Friday
NASA prepares Mars spacecraft for close brush with comet

Comet Siding Spring is believed to be a first-time visitor to the inner solar system, gravitationally elbowed out of the solar system's backyard by a passing star about a million years ago.

17:44, 09 October 2014 Thursday
China criticizes US over cyber security accusations

Foreign ministry statement comes after FBI director says China tops list of countries seeking to steal secrets from US companies.

16:27, 08 October 2014 Wednesday
Nobel Prize for seeing how life works at molecular level

Three Nobel winners bypassed this limit by tagging objects with fluorescent markers and scanning them to build up a far more detailed images

10:39, 08 October 2014 Wednesday
Twitter sues U S Justice Dept for surveillance requests

The lawsuit marks an escalation in the Internet industry's battle over government gag orders on the nature and number of requests for private user information.

17:39, 07 October 2014 Tuesday
Japanese US scientists win Nobel for LED invention

A trio of scientists receive the Nobel Prize for physics for creating a new generation of energy-efficient white lamps.

11:21, 06 October 2014 Monday
Samsung Electronics makes 14 7 bln bet with new S

The bet on chips comes as its smartphone business is being squeezed by Apple Inc in the premium segment and undercut by Chinese rivals like Lenovo Group Ltd in mid-to-low end.

13:45, 05 October 2014 Sunday
Rumors spread further than truth on social media

Craig Silverman, a fellow at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, developed Emergent to track data that shows how unverified claims are spread all over social media.

17:37, 04 October 2014 Saturday
Swedish woman world's first to give birth after womb transplant

The unnamed Swede in her mid-30s delivered a healthy baby boy by caesarean section in early September, around two years after receiving a uterus donated by an unrelated, 61-year-old.

09:49, 04 October 2014 Saturday
EU approves Facebook-WhatsApp deal

After months of review and criticism from telecom companies, Europe’s competition authority cleared Facebook’s $19 billion buyout of WhatsApp.

11:32, 03 October 2014 Friday
Google to link smart devices and reduce app clutter

New project wants to connect smart devices using Web addresses, not apps.

09:57, 03 October 2014 Friday
Russia to launch new heavy-lift space rocket on Dec 25

The Angara is the first new family of space rockets developed by Russia since the Soviet era and is a vital part of President Vladimir Putin's efforts to revive the space industry

10:16, 01 October 2014 Wednesday
Windows 10 to hit market in late 2015

The business side of the new operating system was debuted Tuesday. In the spring, Microsoft will reveal consumer capabilities.

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