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11:52, 25 June 2017 Sunday

13:55, 13 June 2017 Tuesday
Google Launches Qibla Finder

Google has launched a website to help you find the Qibla – the direction of prayer.

09:41, 08 June 2017 Thursday
Astronomers see star warp light for first time

Breakthrough observation proves Einstein theory

17:39, 07 June 2017 Wednesday
Turkish university students develop house robot

Bilkent University students designed Arbo which can babysit and notify of gas leaks in the house

17:03, 05 June 2017 Monday
India launches heaviest rocket into space

640-tonne rocket to boost communications satellite sector

01:18, 04 June 2017 Sunday
SpaceX blasts off cargo using recycled spaceship

The refurbished Dragon cargo capsule soared into space aboard a Falcon 9 rocket at 5:07 pm (2107 GMT) from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

12:24, 02 June 2017 Friday
GE Appliances to get Google voice control option

The deal enables GE's "Geneva" to communicate with the Google Assistant, so users can say: "Ok Google, ask Geneva Home to set the oven timer for 10 minutes."

06:00, 29 May 2017 Monday
New Russian jet takes to air in bid to rival

The plane took off from the Siberian city of Irkutsk where the Irkut company is based, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, writing on Twitter.

06:05, 26 May 2017 Friday
NASA's Juno probe forces 'rethink' on Jupiter

A NASA statement described the planet as "a complex, gigantic, turbulent world" that is far different than scientists previously thought.

15:56, 25 May 2017 Thursday
Turkey to establish its own Antarctic base in 10 years

Scientists have completed initial study in Antarctica to establish Turkey's first base on the continent

12:11, 21 May 2017 Sunday
Watch out in a world of connected objects specialists warn

According to documents released in March by Wikileaks, US intelligence can hack smartphones, computers and smart, web-connected TVs, to pilot them and eavesdrop.

10:38, 19 May 2017 Friday
Cyber kid stuns experts showing toys can be 'weapons'

"IOT home appliances, things that can be used in our everyday lives, our cars, lights, refrigerators, everything like this that is connected can be used and weaponised to spy on us or harm us."

09:51, 16 May 2017 Tuesday
Seoul cyber experts warn of more attacks as North blamed

The malware uses a hacking tool known as EternalBlue, which was published last month by an anonymous hacking group called Shadow Brokers, saying it had been obtained from the US National Security Agency.

18:17, 15 May 2017 Monday
Turkcell Huawei to work on domestic tech production

Firms say they will also focus on developing 5G technology, following recent deal

09:17, 15 May 2017 Monday
World braces for more cyberattacks as work week begins

European policing and security agencies said the fallout from a ransomware attack that has already crippled more than 200,000 computers around the world could deepen as people return for another work week.

05:52, 15 May 2017 Monday
200 000 cyberattack victims in 150-plus states Europol

The head of the pan-European Union policing agency said that few had given in to the demands for payment to unblock files so far, but warned that the situation was escalating.

18:20, 10 May 2017 Wednesday
Microsoft aims to make artificial intelligence mainstream

Microsoft's aim on Wednesday was on businesses and software developers, whether they been students building a fun app or professional technology teams.

08:35, 09 May 2017 Tuesday
Apple market cap climbs above 800 billion

The firm's market capitalization climbed to $815.08 billion on Monday -- a first for any company in history

14:45, 06 May 2017 Saturday
China's Tencent 'deeply sorry' for Russia WeChat block

WeChat, which had 889 million global users by the end of 2016, was not properly registered with Russian regulators, Tencent said. 

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