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23:25, 24 April 2014 Thursday
Science & Technology

12:14, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
Two 'Anonymous' hackers arrested in Cambodia

The arrests came as Cambodia prepares its first Cyber Crime law, a draft of which has been criticised as contains measures meant to silence criticism of government.

09:40, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
Risk of asteroid hitting Earth higher than thought study shows

City-killer asteroids are forecast to strike about once every 100 years, but the prediction is not based on hard evidence.

09:24, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
Brazil conference will plot Internet's future post NSA spying

The two-day Net Mundial conference in Sao Paulo will discuss cyber security and how to safeguard privacy and freedom of expression on the Internet, as well as the shape of a future international body

10:19, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Espionage hacking grows with more from east Europe

Though the overall number of spying incidents studied tripled to 511 from total in the 2013 Verizon report, most of that increase is due to the addition of new data sources

17:36, 21 April 2014 Monday
Meteor lights up night sky in northern Russia

There were no reports of damage but the ball of fire raised eyebrows after a meteorite crashed to Earth near the Russian city of Chelyabinsk

11:48, 19 April 2014 Saturday
NASA robotic spacecraft crashes into Moon

NASA officials had planned to crash the spacecraft into the moon, after it transmitted its final batch of data.

23:45, 17 April 2014 Thursday
Scientists find Earth-sized world in orbit friendly to life

The discovery is the closest scientists have come so far to finding a true Earth twin

10:50, 17 April 2014 Thursday
Turkey's first 'eco-city' to be heated by pistachio shells

An ambitious project in Turkey's south could see a pioneering clean energy project.

13:44, 15 April 2014 Tuesday
Sky-watchers see quot blood moon quot in total lunar eclipse

Depending on local weather conditions, the eclipse was visible across a swath of the United States

12:12, 15 April 2014 Tuesday
Google buys wireless signal transmitting drones

Google and Facebook have been competing in innovative ways to increase internet access globally and tap into previously untouched markets.

22:10, 14 April 2014 Monday
Dutch police question girl 14 over American Airlines Twitter threat

A 14-year-old Dutch girl who sent a terror threat to American Airlines as a Twitter “joke” has been arrested by police in Rotterdam

11:47, 14 April 2014 Monday
Blood-red moon to rise

The Moon will be left in the Earth's shadow and will appear red in the sky.

11:28, 12 April 2014 Saturday
Microsoft sued over browser miscue

The legal action is the first to emerge from a humiliating episode for Microsoft, which the software company has never fully explained and has accounted for only as a "technical error."

17:47, 11 April 2014 Friday
U S government says hackers trying to exploit 'Heartbleed' bug

The widespread bug surfaced late on Monday, when it was disclosed that a pernicious flaw in a widely used Web encryption program known as OpenSSL opened hundreds of thousands of websites to data theft.

16:49, 11 April 2014 Friday
Somalis in Mogadishu connect to high-speed internet

For some, increased connectivity has allowed them to see social network and sharing websites like Youtube and Facebook for the first time.

11:44, 11 April 2014 Friday
Hackers steal S Korean credit card data to aid forgeries

The suspects exploited the fact that some users had the same pin number or password for both credit cards and the loyalty card to create fake cards and charge items earlier this year

23:31, 10 April 2014 Thursday
Atlas rocket blasts off with secret U S military satellite

The radar is part of a safety system that ensures a failed rocket will not threatened populated areas.

17:05, 10 April 2014 Thursday
Istanbul to host Solar Energy fair

The World's latest solar energy technologies with innovative products produced in Turkey will be showcased at the fair.

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