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05:09, 29 July 2016 Friday

15:39, 28 July 2016 Thursday
Angela Merkel stands firm on refugee policy

Angela Merkel has stood firm refusing to amend her refugee policy with a call to her people reminding the of the humanitarian challenge of providing a safe haven for refugees in their country

09:16, 28 July 2016 Thursday
Ex-EU 'Many Turks believe US behind coup attempt'

Turkey's former EU minister says US has history of supporting coup plotters in the country

17:57, 27 July 2016 Wednesday
Explosion near refugee office in Germany

Explosion near refugee office in Germany

15:27, 27 July 2016 Wednesday
Turkey 'strongly' condemns church attack in France

Turkish foreign ministry voices solidarity, cooperation with France against terrorism

12:04, 27 July 2016 Wednesday
Greece extends asylum process for 8 fugitive soldiers

Understanding the situation in Turkey is critical before a decision is made on the soldiers’ fate, says one of their lawyers

09:21, 27 July 2016 Wednesday
UN wants more staff to return to W Sahara mission

UN staff had been expelled from Morocco in March after Ban Ki Moon used the word "occupation" to describe the Western Sahara status

08:52, 27 July 2016 Wednesday
Belgian politician faces dismissal for anti-coup stance

Turkish-origin local official accused of provoking protest with anti-coup Facebook post

08:43, 27 July 2016 Wednesday
Overspending Spain and Portugal await EU fate

The European Commission wants to suspend funding Spain and Portugal after violating EU spending rules

15:42, 26 July 2016 Tuesday
Erdogan's mass appeal turned coup around

Turkish President Erdogan has for years strengthened his relationship with the masses and with people's trust in him enabled the coup to be around in only a few hours

14:28, 26 July 2016 Tuesday
French police gun down attackers who killed priest

Two knife-wielding attackers are killed by police after taking hostages in northern French church

09:01, 26 July 2016 Tuesday
Turkish students' union protest against BBC in London

Demonstrators wave flags, chant slogans against broadcaster's coverage of overthrow attempt

08:38, 25 July 2016 Monday
British PM heads to N Ireland for Brexit talks

Theresa May will make her first visit to Ireland to speak to the First Minister regarding Brexit

08:16, 25 July 2016 Monday
1 killed in bomb explosion in Germany

Ansbach mayor says officials unclear about responsibility, number of explosions

14:45, 24 July 2016 Sunday
Germany grapples with enigma of Munich gunman

Using a 9mm handgun, the 18-year-old German-Iranian shot dead nine people, most of them fellow teenagers, before killing himself with a shot to the head.

13:55, 24 July 2016 Sunday
Brexit is risk to global growth says G20

The G20 cited several other factors complicating the global economic environment, among them "geopolitical conflicts, extremism and refugee flows".

12:09, 24 July 2016 Sunday
Italy has 'no banking problem' says finance minister

Fears of a renewed eurozone debt crisis are rife on the financial markets if Italy does not address the 360 billion euros ($398 billion) in bad debt sitting in its banks.

09:10, 24 July 2016 Sunday
EU leaders called to block Gulen organizations in Europe

Co-chair of Turkish/EU lawmakers' committee says Europe should prevent Gulen Organization's activities

18:08, 23 July 2016 Saturday
Polish millionaire seized in Ibiza S Sudan arms bust

Assault rifles and heavy weapons used in South Sudan were sold by a Polish millionaire involved in illegal arms sales

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