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08:29, 01 June 2016 Wednesday

09:23, 31 May 2016 Tuesday
Drowned refugee baby photo wake-up call for EU

Although not identified, the photograph that has emerged of a drowned baby that was pulled out from the Mediterranean may force European leaders to take further action and provide safe routes for refugees.

17:20, 30 May 2016 Monday
Kremlin expects Turkey to take 'first step' apologize

No working group can tackle question between Turkey and Russia unless Turkey takes step first, Kremlin spokesman says

16:21, 30 May 2016 Monday
Chechen asylum seekers on increase in Germany

As it is announced the number of the Chechen refugees living in Germany it is increased.

15:55, 30 May 2016 Monday
Hungary bolsters anti-refugee fence on Serbia border

'Following last week's closure of the Idomeni refugee camp, the number of refugees trying to cross Hungary's barrier has increased,' Hungarian PM's chief adviser says

15:41, 30 May 2016 Monday
UK PM London mayor jointly back 'Remain' campaign

Today, Sadiq Khan and I will set aside our differences to show how remaining in Europe guarantees we are better off: UK PM

15:07, 30 May 2016 Monday
Rights monitor blasts new Greek refugee centres

Council of Europe representative says Greece failed to 'to create decent facilities that meet international standards'

13:27, 30 May 2016 Monday
Paris tourism hit by attacks protests

'The start of 2016 is still feeling the disastrous consequences of the attacks in 2015,' the French capital's tourism board says

09:44, 30 May 2016 Monday
Austrian neo-Nazi wanted to 'kill all asylum-seekers'

A neo-Nazi has been arrested after threatening to massacre refugees

09:28, 30 May 2016 Monday
IMF turns its back on Europeans in Greece bailout

The IMF has refused to back Greece's rescue plan with some seeing the move as the IMF making an effort to protect its own reputation

09:10, 30 May 2016 Monday
Turkey No visa-free travel will cancel refugee deal

In a warning to the EU, Turkey has said that if a visa-free deal is not granted, there will be no agreement with the EU

16:57, 29 May 2016 Sunday
Seven dead in fresh clashes in eastern Ukraine

Kyiv claims Russian-backed separatist have used heavy armor in several assaults

09:23, 29 May 2016 Sunday
Putin ends Greece visit with pilgrimage to holy site

'Common religion and mutual sympathy unite our peoples and help us overcome difficulties,' says Russia's president

09:17, 29 May 2016 Sunday
UN chides Greece over conditions in new refugee camps

After closure of Idomeni camp, new sites lack sufficient food, water, toilets, showers, and power, says UN spokesperson

10:53, 28 May 2016 Saturday
UN hits back at Trump on climate deal

Donald Trump has hit back at Trump after he said that he would "cancel" the Paris climate deal in his first major speech on energy policy.

10:26, 28 May 2016 Saturday
Italian navy recovers bodies from Mediterranean

45 bodies found after major sea accident involving refugees travelling to Europe

10:04, 28 May 2016 Saturday
Putin begins Greek visit at 'crucial time'

'Close cooperation between Russia, the US and EU to end the war in Syria is exceptionally important,' says Greek president

09:56, 28 May 2016 Saturday
British Al-Qaeda recruit sentenced to 40 years in US

Minh Quang Pham has been sentenced after pleading guilty in January to charges he provided material support to Al Qaeda.

17:23, 27 May 2016 Friday
Building a mosque in Spain tile by tile

A new campaign by Muslims in Malaysia are calling out for support for the building of a mosque in Spain's southern city of Seville

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