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07:41, 03 September 2014 Wednesday

17:10, 02 September 2014 Tuesday
Russia reviews military doctrine reflecting chill with NATO

The doctrine was last updated in 2010, when Russia identified NATO enlargement as a national threat and reaffirmed its right to use nuclear weapons if its existence was endangered.

15:46, 02 September 2014 Tuesday
Russian forces strengthening positions in Ukraine - military

Fifteen more Ukrainian servicemen were killed in fighting in the past 24 hours

14:36, 02 September 2014 Tuesday
Estonia wants permanent NATO bases on its territory

President Toomas Hendrik said "yes" when asked at a news conference if he wanted permanent NATO bases in Estonia.

13:07, 02 September 2014 Tuesday
UN refugee agency fears mass displacement in Ukraine

The number of people displaced in Ukraine by fighting has nearly doubled in the past there weeks to at least 260,000 and more are fleeing

13:03, 02 September 2014 Tuesday
Lavrov urges U S to quot talk sense quot into

He said he hoped the talks in Minsk would be an example of seeking a solution through compromise, not by "imposing one's point of view".

12:38, 02 September 2014 Tuesday
France bans Muslim worker from nuclear sites

French court claims the engineer had links with what it termed as "jihadist networks", but his lawyer called it a case of Islamophobia.

09:38, 02 September 2014 Tuesday
New anti-terror powers announced in UK

The introduction of legislation announced to allow police power to seize passports of suspected fighters at the border travelling to Syria.

09:31, 02 September 2014 Tuesday
Pro-independence Scots narrow gap to victory ahead of vote

A poll for the Sun and the Times newspapers showed support for the pro-independence "Yes" campaign had risen to 47 percent

09:20, 02 September 2014 Tuesday
NATO to create new quot spearhead quot force to respond

NATO leaders will agree to pre-position equipment and supplies, such as fuel and ammunition, in eastern European countries with bases ready to receive the NATO rapid reaction force if needed

09:13, 02 September 2014 Tuesday
Ukraine rebels seek quot special status quot crisis talks to

The meeting of the so-called "contact group", at which the rebels also said one of their key conditions would be for Kiev to immediately end its military offensive, ended without any details being announced

16:41, 01 September 2014 Monday
Ball in Ukraine's court over NATO- alliance chief

If Ukraine scrapped its non-alliance status after the Oct. 26 vote, NATO would discuss with Kiev "how to move forward", Rasmussen said

15:37, 01 September 2014 Monday
Britain quot deplores quot Israel decision to claim West Bank

Israel announced the appropriation of land in the Etzion Jewish settlement bloc near Bethlehem, a move which an anti-settlement group said was the biggest such claim in 30 years

14:59, 01 September 2014 Monday
Britain has no contingency plans for 'Scottish breakaway'

Voters in Scotland will decide on Sept. 18 whether they want to form an independent state with opinion polls showing Scots are likely to vote to keep their 307-union with England intact.

14:57, 01 September 2014 Monday
Iceland volcanic eruption still pouring lava no ash

Iceland cut the level back to orange - the next highest level - saying the eruption was not creating ash.

14:56, 01 September 2014 Monday
Ukraine accuses Russia of quot undisguised aggression quot as rebels

He said Russian involvement had radically changed the balance on the battlefield against Kiev in its fight against pro-Russian separatists

12:35, 01 September 2014 Monday
Russia removing Jemilev books from Crimea bookshops

“Mustafa Jemilev: Crimean Tatar voice not heard for decades”, issued in 2014, is being confiscated by the authorities, the head of Crimean Tatar Mejlis (Parliament) Refat Chubarov wrote on Facebook.

11:40, 01 September 2014 Monday
Putin hopes common sense prevails in West over sanctions

EU leaders agreed on Saturday to draw up new economic sanctions against Moscow, a move hailed by the United States, which is planning tighter sanctions of its own and wants to act jointly with Europe.

10:24, 01 September 2014 Monday
Six people died in Paris building collapse

Two children are believed trapped in wreckage of collapsed building.

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