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16:58, 23 April 2014 Wednesday

12:58, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
Senior aide latest to quit Wilders' Dutch far-right party

Stephan Jansen said in a letter published in the daily De Volkskrant on Wednesday that anti-Moroccan remarks by Wilders had marginalised the party.

12:52, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
China warns again ahead of Dalai Lama's Norway trip

Dalai Lama is scheduled to be in parliament and meet some MPs, including members of a "Tibet Committee".

12:26, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
Pro-Kiev activists drowned out by separatists in Ukraine's east

The pro-Kiev protesters blame a campaign of intimidation for keeping like-minded people off the streets. They say many of them have received multiple threats

12:08, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
Dead Ukraine politician faced hostile mob video shows

Ukraine's Interior Ministry said he was seen being bundled into a car by masked men in camouflage

10:08, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
Crimean Tatars unsatisfied with Russian decree

Crimean Tatars unsatisfied with Russian President's minorities decree.

09:06, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
Russia's Putin wants beefed-up presence in Arctic

Russia has staked its future economic growth on developing the Arctic's vast energy resources and reviving a Soviet-era shipping route through the ice

00:15, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
U S journalist held by east Ukraine militants

The self-declared separatist mayor of Slaviansk told a news conference his men were holding an American journalist.

23:33, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Ukraine leader calls crackdown as peace eludes east

Ukraine's acting president accused Russia of aiding "terrorists" who killed a politician from his own party, calling a crackdown in the east that could hamper international efforts to defuse the crisis.

17:38, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Sweden refuses to protect former army interpreters in Afghanistan

The 30 odd translators who worked for Swedish troops serving in Afghanistan now say that they fear for their lives, as militant groups may accuse them of serving the enemy.

17:16, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Italian politicians call to stop saving drowning migrants

The Italian navy revealed on Tuesday that it had saved 1,149 migrants more migrants from drowning in the past two days.

16:53, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
U S backs Ukraine warns Russia with Biden visit

Saying Ukraine faced humiliating threats and daunting problems, Biden said the United States was ready to assist its leaders in seizing a chance to create national unity.

16:38, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Former British PM Brown to urge Scots to stick with

Brown says the cost of separation would include 1 billion pounds ($1.7 billion) for a new pensions and benefits system.

16:35, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Anti-EU leaflets stir racism debate in the UK

UKIP, Britain's anti-EU party, launched its campaign for next month's European elections on Tuesday, fending off accusations from rival lawmakers that its pre-election posters were racist.

16:23, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Libel conviction adds to pressure on Putin foe Navalny

The judge found him guilty of libel over a Twitter posting calling a city lawmaker from the ruling United Russia party a drug addict, and fined him 300,000 roubles

15:13, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Crimean Tatars to vote in Ukraine's elections

Ukraine to hold presidential election scheduled for May 25.

15:09, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Belarus president warns against repeat of Ukraine's 'mistakes'

"A new era is about to start and no one knows how it will turn out," President Lukashenka said, promising to stamp out corruption in Belarus.

14:48, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
US links 'little green men' in Ukraine to Russia

Russia has always denied sending troops to Crimea after the fall of pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovich's administration in late February at the hands of pro-EU protesters.

14:36, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Ukraine PM says Russia seeks to undermine election

Yatseniuk said Russian special forces were operating in eastern Ukraine to undermine a presidential election due on May 25 and called on Moscow to pull them out.

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