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09:41, 25 October 2016 Tuesday

11:42, 23 October 2016 Sunday
America s regional bloc decries halt to Maduro recall

OAS demands national dialogue between Venezuelan government, opposition

16:27, 22 October 2016 Saturday
Canada says EU's 'job' to save trade pact

Canada's trade minister said on Saturday it was up to the EU to save a free trade deal that is being blocked by opposition from Belgium's French-speaking region

13:26, 22 October 2016 Saturday
Suspicious envelope found at Clinton campaign office

Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters were evacuated last night after a “suspicious” envelope was opened by interns.

07:46, 22 October 2016 Saturday
US defense secretary stresses alliance with Turkey

Ashton Carter welcomes Turkey's role in northern Syria

07:31, 22 October 2016 Saturday
Canada walks out of free-trade talks with EU

The Canadian trade minister, Chrystia Freeland, was on the verge of tears on Friday as she announced the “end and the failure” of talks with the Walloon government.

07:23, 22 October 2016 Saturday
Clinton warns Trump is 'threatening' US democracy

According to Hillary Clinton, Trump's refusal to accept the election results is putting democracy "on the line" in the US...

12:07, 21 October 2016 Friday
Trump booed in NY assailed by Obama

Trump cast the United States into uncharted political waters by suggesting he may not recognize the result of the November 8 presidential election and could launch a legal challenge if Hillary Clinton wins.

11:52, 20 October 2016 Thursday
Obama s half-brother says he ll be voting for Trump

Malik Obama said he felt his half-brother could have done more for his family in Kenya.

10:43, 20 October 2016 Thursday
Obama's confession Post-Gaddafi Libya is a mess

Claiming a lack of planning for the aftermath of the Libya revolution, US President Barack Obama has called it the "the biggest mistake" during his Presidency

09:38, 20 October 2016 Thursday
US state of Georgia executes cop killer

The state of Georgia on Wednesday executed a man who opened fire on Atlanta police in 1997, killing one officer and critically wounding another after they had given his intoxicated girlfriend a ride home.

08:29, 20 October 2016 Thursday
The final Clinton-Trump debate Four key moments

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off Wednesday night in their final presidential debate before Election Day

08:05, 20 October 2016 Thursday
Trump will not commit to election result

'I will tell you at the time. I will keep you in suspense', Trump says

10:40, 19 October 2016 Wednesday
Obama scolds Trump 'Stop whining' about rigged vote

US President Obama has scolded Donald Trump telling him to stop whining about the election

10:06, 18 October 2016 Tuesday
US considers quot proportional response quot to Kremlin attacks

US President Obama is weighing a “proportional” response to Russia’s efforts to interfere with this fall’s election campaign through hacking

09:45, 18 October 2016 Tuesday
US police group issues historic apology to minorities

Police chiefs group says officers must ‘acknowledge and apologize for the actions of the past’

09:11, 18 October 2016 Tuesday
Mosul offensive provides a pre-election boon for Obama

The battle in Mosul provides a chance for Obama to boost his legacy as a war-time leader despite more than half of American troops in Iraq now in the operation

17:23, 16 October 2016 Sunday
WikiLeaks releases Clinton speeches for Goldman Sachs

Clinton's campaign did not contest the authenticity of the remarks, which were part of a huge trove of documents hacked from the emails of campaign chairman John Podesta by WikiLeaks.

19:58, 15 October 2016 Saturday
Trump twitter rant Election 'rigged' by a corrupt media

'This election is being rigged by the media pushing false and unsubstantiated charges, and outright lies, in order to elect Crooked Hillary!'

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