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07:23, 27 May 2017 Saturday

05:02, 26 May 2017 Friday
Zuckerberg gets honorary Harvard degree

His speech capped a nostalgic visit for the 33-year-old billionaire, which included a visit to his old dorm room.

20:53, 25 May 2017 Thursday
Trump lectures stunned NATO allies to pay up

US president slams member states over inadequate defense spending, urges them to raise their contributions

14:31, 25 May 2017 Thursday
Obama 'heartbroken' by Manchester attack

He and Merkel had sent a joint message of condolence to the families of those killed in the Monday attack during a concert by US pop star Ariana Grande, he added.

09:20, 25 May 2017 Thursday
US intelligence leak 'undermines' UK bomb investigation

Leaks by US officials to media ‘arrogant, wrong and disrespectful to Greater Manchester’, mayor says

06:02, 25 May 2017 Thursday
Facebook aims for broad views in 'trending topics' tweak

The huge social network said that the new design will offer a "carousel" with a variety of websites.

10:37, 24 May 2017 Wednesday
US sues Fiat Chrysler for cheating on emissions tests

Lawsuit says 104,000 diesel-powered vehicles involved

04:02, 24 May 2017 Wednesday
Trump budget calls for deep cuts to social safety net

The plan, a reported $4.1 trillion for 2018, is certain to undergo major changes on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers rarely approve a president's budget wish list in its original form.

02:01, 24 May 2017 Wednesday
Uber says it accidentally shortchanged drivers in NYC

While rolling out a new pricing system in the US, the San Francisco-based, on-demand ride service uncovered the error, which it said could cost tens of millions of dollars to correct.

01:06, 24 May 2017 Wednesday
UN wants to shift 40 mln to Haiti cholera fund

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made the proposal to the UN General Assembly to address a major shortfall in the $400 million needed to help Haiti recover from the epidemic.

13:04, 23 May 2017 Tuesday
US president vows to do everything for Mideast peace

Peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel collapsed in 2014

10:51, 23 May 2017 Tuesday
New York steps up security after Manchester concert blast

Authorities in New York have stepped up security after a concert blast killed 19 people

10:21, 23 May 2017 Tuesday
Supreme Court says US state sought to dilute black vote

African-American voters traditionally support the Democratic Party, while Republicans have an advantage with whites voters.

08:45, 23 May 2017 Tuesday
Trump says he never mentioned Israel to Russians

"Just so you understand, I never mentioned the word or the name Israel," Trump said ahead of a bilateral session with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

08:07, 23 May 2017 Tuesday
Ex-Trump official will not hand over subpoenaed docs

Lawyers for retired Gen. Michael Flynn say he will exercise right against self-incrimination

12:58, 22 May 2017 Monday
Trump urges Muslim leaders to confront extremism

In a highly anticipated speech to dozens of leaders of Muslim countries in Saudi Arabia, Trump lashed out at Iran and softened his tone on Islam by rejecting the idea of a battle between religions.

08:37, 22 May 2017 Monday
University students walk out of Pence speech

More than 100 people walked out, organizers said

15:46, 21 May 2017 Sunday
Arms deal with Saudi to counter 'malign Iranian influence'

Tillerson said the proposed defence packages also cover border security, maritime and air security, air force modernisation, missile defence, cybersecurity and communications upgrades.

15:20, 21 May 2017 Sunday
What now for the TPP

Here are some key questions about the pact and its prospects.

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