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05:48, 26 April 2015 Sunday

17:29, 23 April 2015 Thursday
Obama apologized for quot accidentally quot hostages killings

Obama apologized for a counter terrorism operation in January that accidentally killed two aid workers and also killed two al Qaeda leaders

16:43, 23 April 2015 Thursday
White House America killed 2 al Qaeda leaders

White House says American al Qaedaa leader Ahmed Farouq and Adam Gadahn, were killed in january operation

14:23, 23 April 2015 Thursday
ex-CIA director D Petraeus to appear court for leaking

Other leak case defendants have received harsher punishments, such as former CIA officer John Kiriakou, who was sent to prison.

12:30, 23 April 2015 Thursday
Obama to refrain from terming 1915 events 'genocide'

Obama administration says US president will pursue previous approaches to the issue.

09:16, 23 April 2015 Thursday
Baltimore demonstrators continue to look for justice

Demonstrators marched through downtown area to reach police station where Freddie Gray was taken after his arrest

12:45, 22 April 2015 Wednesday
Senators call Obama create safe zones in Syria

The lawmakers urged Obama to establish one or more safe zones, with "necessary enforcement mechanisms" including air assets, and securing of the border area by Turkey.

10:47, 22 April 2015 Wednesday
Justice march reached U S capitol

Protesters marched more than 200 miles in nine days from New York to Washington

10:15, 22 April 2015 Wednesday
Nuclear deal between China and U S A

According to Reuters, Obama proposes 30-year agreement with China on nuclear power.

09:57, 22 April 2015 Wednesday
Morsi's sentence troubles White House

The US strongly opposes politicized arrests and detentions in Egypt, says White House spokesman.

09:41, 22 April 2015 Wednesday
Demonstrators look for justice in Baltimore

Protesters chant 'Black Lives Matter' in angry march to protest suspicious death.

14:04, 21 April 2015 Tuesday
Tsarnaev trial on death penalty begins Tuesday

The idea of putting Tsarnaev to death is controversial in Boston. Massachusetts state law does not allow for capital punishment

10:52, 21 April 2015 Tuesday
Death of black man in custody sparks

Baltimore police vowed on Monday to make a full and swift probe of the death of a black suspect who suffered spinal injuries after white officers arrested him

10:15, 21 April 2015 Tuesday
American Muslims say Obama don't categorize us

Last month, a pilot counter terrorism programme launched and testing in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Boston.

16:09, 20 April 2015 Monday
Erdogan Obama to open Turkish mosque in US

Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center will allow Muslims to unite and worship freely, says Cavusoglu.

11:51, 20 April 2015 Monday
American Muslims warn Obama don't say genocide

US Muslim body made a statement on 1915 events, said that: "Calling 1915 events genocide without proper investigation by historians damages efforts for Turkish-Armenian reconciliation."

12:22, 18 April 2015 Saturday
Military strikes not answer to Libya

Barack Obama said the crisis in Libya, where ISIL has built a presence, could not be ended with "a few drone strikes or a few military operations".

10:41, 18 April 2015 Saturday
California gas pipeline explosion fire injure up to 15 people

A county public works equipment operator struck the natural gas line which resulted in the explosion.

12:15, 16 April 2015 Thursday
Canada signs uranium supply deal with India

Five-year agreement will fuel India’s nuclear power reactors.

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