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05:27, 25 April 2014 Friday

09:09, 24 April 2014 Thursday
U S soldier convicted in WikiLeaks case granted name change

Manning has repeatedly stated her desire to live as a woman and has requested hormone replacement therapy in prison

23:43, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
Three charged in plot to ship chemical lab equipment to

An American from Pennsylvania, a Syrian citizen and a London resident conspired to export items as a portable scanner used to detect chemical warfare agents, according to the US Justice Department

23:29, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
Washington state county delays building ban after deadly mudslide

The five-member Snohomish County Council voted unanimously to table the issue of whether to impose a moratorium on construction within a half-mile of landslide hazard areas

10:42, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
US to deliver Apache helicopters to Egypt for Israel

"We believe these new helicopters will help the Egyptian government counter extremists who threaten U.S., Egyptian, and Israeli security," Pentagon spokesman said

23:52, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
U S to send 600 troops to Eastern Europe to

Groups of 150 soldiers will be sent to Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia in rounds of month-long exercises in each country in what the Pentagon calls a "persistent rotational presence"

14:07, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Study reveals the US is not a democracy

A study by Princeton University researchers has revealed that the US political system is based on a typical oligarchy.

12:01, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
US Supreme Court takes up status of Jerusalem- UPDATED

The US Supreme Court decided to hear the case of an American born in Jerusalem, once again taking up the sensitive issue of the status of the contested city.

11:42, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
US has dual oversight of intelligence community

Checks and balances ensure both Congress and presidential administrations oversee U.S. intelligence community.

11:15, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Three staff linked to Armstrong doping get long bans

Bruyneel was banned for 10 years, while Celaya and Marti got eight-year bans after the decision by the American Arbitration Association North American Court of Arbitration for Sport

10:32, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Obama to visit site of Washington State landslide

Obama is due to deliver remarks after meeting with families of victims, emergency workers, and others involved in the recovery effort

09:34, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
U S says will act 'in days' if no Russian

Washington and Moscow each put the onus on the other to ensure tensions are eased in the worst confrontation between Russia and the West since the Cold War.

09:12, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
US sees signs of new chemical attack in Syria

Syrian opposition activists reported that helicopters dropped chlorine gas on Kfar Zeita on April 11 and 12.

09:05, 22 April 2014 Tuesday
Court orders U S to release memo on drones al-Awlaki

Ruling for the New York Times, a unanimous three-judge panel said the government waived its right to secrecy by making repeated public statements justifying targeted killings.

22:29, 21 April 2014 Monday
U S could hit Putin with sanctions State Dept says

The United States has imposed visa bans and assets freezes on several Russian officials and lawmakers deemed involved in Russia's annexation of the Crimea region from Ukraine last month

10:09, 21 April 2014 Monday
Teenager survives flight over Pacific in jet wheel well

The stowaway told FBI officials that he had run away from home, climbed a fence at the airport in San Jose, California, crossed the tarmac and crawled into the wheel well of Hawaiian Airlines flight

09:40, 20 April 2014 Sunday
Iran slams U S justice verdict on Manhattan skyscraper

The settlement marks the latest turn in a long-running battle over the 36-storey building owned chiefly by Alavi Foundation, a non-profit Persian and Islamic cultural centre.

15:06, 19 April 2014 Saturday
CIA torture program designer defends techniques

James Mitchell, a retired air force psychologist, was the mastermind behind the program which used methods amounting to torture to extract information from suspected terrorists, including water-boarding, stress positions and sleep deprivation.

09:22, 19 April 2014 Saturday
Obama signs law banning Iran's UN envoy

The United States had already said it would not grant a visa to Iran's proposed U.N. ambassador, citing the envoy's links to the 1979-1981 Tehran hostage crisis at the US embassy.

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