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08:17, 29 January 2015 Thursday

10:11, 27 January 2015 Tuesday
Obama going to meet new Saudi King

Obama includes Republicans in big delegation to meet new Saudi King

09:39, 27 January 2015 Tuesday
Ex-CIA officer convicted of leaking Iran plan to media

Jeffrey Alexander Sterling has been found guilty of nine counts, including disclosing a CIA operation targeting Iran's nuclear plan to a NYT reporter.

17:43, 26 January 2015 Monday
Small drone lands on White House grounds no danger seen

The device, approximately two feet (61 cm) in diameter, was spotted flying at a low altitude at 3:08 am EST (0808 GMT) before it crashed on the southeast side of White House grounds.

10:53, 25 January 2015 Sunday
Egyptians hold anti-coup rally in New York

Several hundred demonstrators gather in Manhattan to protest Egypt's president Sisi on fourth anniversary of Jan. 25 Revolution.

23:45, 24 January 2015 Saturday
ADC 'American Sniper' prompts threats to Arabs Muslims

Following the release of the film American Sniper in theaters across the US, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has warned of a “significant rise in violent hate rhetoric targeting the Arab and Muslim-American communities.”

11:49, 24 January 2015 Saturday
Senior U S diplomat ruffles Cuba by meeting dissidents

Cuban representatives claim that such groups don't represent the interests of the Cuban people with Cuban government very rarely making comments on smaller groups of Cuban society.

11:35, 24 January 2015 Saturday
Canadian accused in Iraq bombing extradited to the U S

Prosecutors accuse Isa of working with a militant network and will face charges of helping orchestrae a truck bomb on a US base in Mosul in 2009

09:39, 24 January 2015 Saturday
Colorado woman gets 4 years for plotting to aid militants

Shannon Maureen Conley had planned to join ISIL after she met a Tunisian man online.

10:26, 23 January 2015 Friday
US seeking peaceful transition in tenuous Yemen

State Department says counterterrorism is top priority

09:57, 23 January 2015 Friday
U S Vice President travel to Saudi Arabia in quot

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden: "King Abdullah's death is a great loss for his country".

08:42, 23 January 2015 Friday
New Yorkers urge city council to cancel Israel trip

Community groups protest New York City Council members' all-expenses-paid trip to Israel holding banners that read, "Don't Tour Apartheid Israel"

07:45, 23 January 2015 Friday
Obama will not meet Netanyahu during Washington visit

'We do not see heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections.'

23:17, 22 January 2015 Thursday
North Korea seeks U N probe of quot CIA torture

So Se Pyong, ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to the U.N. in Geneva, said that the issue of the "CIA torture crimes" should be put on the agenda of the U.N. Human Rights Council which meets from March 2-27

22:05, 22 January 2015 Thursday
Obama will not meet Israel's Netanyahu on U S visit

Bernadette Meehan, a spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council, said Obama was withholding an invitation for Oval Office talks with Netanyahu because of Israel's March 17 elections.

16:58, 22 January 2015 Thursday
U S - Cuba begin historic talks

U.S. and Cuba have been locked in Cold War-era hostilities now began historic discussions on restoring diplomatic relations.

14:45, 22 January 2015 Thursday
Homeless man set on fire while sleeping at Ventura Beach

John Frazier, 58, was asleep when he awoke to three white men pouring lighter fluid over him, the release stated. The men then set him on fire.

11:08, 22 January 2015 Thursday
White House Netanyahu breached protocol on Congress invite

'The typical protocol would suggest that the leader of a country would contact the leader of another country when he’s traveling there.'

10:52, 21 January 2015 Wednesday
Obama says U S not China must write trade rules

Obama said if China prevailed, U.S. workers and businesses would be at a disadvantage.

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