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17:56, 06 May 2016 Friday
Science & Environment

11:46, 05 April 2016 Tuesday
Facebook tests AI to help blind people quot see quot

Facebook begins using artificial intelligence to describe photos to blind users

10:45, 10 March 2016 Thursday
US researchers use stem cells to grow new eye tissue

Promising treatment provides relief cataract sufferers around the globe

20:23, 15 January 2016 Friday
Financial woes delay Europe-Russia Mars mission

Cash flow issues have delayed the ExoMars project until September

21:33, 14 January 2016 Thursday
Exploding star shines brighter than any supernova seen

Astronomers report they've found the brightest such explosion ever observed. The supernova is almost twice as powerful as the last record breaking explosion and some 200 times more powerful than a typical supernova.

09:49, 20 November 2015 Friday
US approves GM salmon for human consumption

AquAdvantage Salmon, dubbed "Frankenfish" will not require any labelling stating that it is genetically modified

09:00, 27 October 2015 Tuesday
Going Dutch to help conquer the rising seas

An ingenious plan and effort by the Dutch has kept rising seas at bay for thousands of people

10:05, 11 August 2015 Tuesday
Google creates new company 'Alphabet'

Google Inc is changing its operating structure by setting up a new company called Alphabet Inc, which will include the search business and a number of other units.

11:47, 31 July 2015 Friday
Earth's next door neighbour 21 light yrs away

The latest discovery comes just over a week after the first Kepler-452b exoplanet was found.

15:54, 28 July 2015 Tuesday
Experts warn over 'killer robots'

Hundreds of experts sign letter demanding militaries ban development of autonomous weapons

11:18, 18 July 2015 Saturday
New Horizons finds frozen plains icy mountains on Pluto

New images and data changes our understanding of the distant dwarf planet

10:21, 03 July 2015 Friday
New Horizons craft nears Pluto captures photos

As the New Horizons spacecraft closes in on the icy dwarf planet Pluto and its system of moons, astronomers are learning more than ever about this distant family of bodies.

16:31, 30 June 2015 Tuesday
Dubai plans world's first 3D printed office building

Dubai is taking the lead with the printing of a small office building by a 3D printer

09:54, 03 June 2015 Wednesday
Microsoft confirms Wunderlist acquistion

Microsoft has added Wunderlist, the app that has more than than 13 million customers to its software repertoire.

13:36, 28 May 2015 Thursday
Uganda's bicycle-powered USB charger

With less than 5 percent of Uganda's population being able access to electricity, a unique idea from an engineering student is paving the way to open more access for others in Uganda.

12:26, 22 May 2015 Friday
NASA s Hubble catches cannibal star digesting companion

The NASA Hubble telescope has captured images of a star cannibalizing a star companion.

09:40, 20 May 2015 Wednesday
Apple Google FB tell Obama to reject police snooping

Apple, Google, Facebook have written an open letter to the White House asking the White House to reject proposals requiring encryption weaknesses for authorities

17:26, 06 May 2015 Wednesday
In first UAE unveils unmanned Mars mission

A purely Emirati team composed of 150 engineers and scientists will work on a mission to send an unmanned probe to Mars in 2021

10:15, 14 April 2015 Tuesday
Space coffee postponed due to bad weather

Bad weather forced private spaceflight company SpaceX to postpone a daring reusable rocket landing test on Monday (April 13) by at least 24 hours, a delay that also pushed back the delivery of fresh cargo to the International Space Station for NASA.

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