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16:09, 03 August 2015 Monday
Art & Culture

13:42, 22 July 2015 Wednesday
UK university unearths ancient Quran fragments

Accidental find reveals two-foil manuscript dating back 1,370 years, to founding years of Islam

16:08, 12 July 2015 Sunday
Yusuf Islam pens song for Srebrenica

Yusuf Islam, the world famous musician formerly known as Cat Stevens has penned a beautiful instrumental piece in honor of the victims of Srebrenica.

11:41, 12 July 2015 Sunday
Award-winning photographer captures Rohingya suffering

Greg Constantine, a self taught award-winning photographer has an exhibition in Istanbul on the Rohingya Muslims, hoping to provide a better understanding of plight of Southeast Asia’s stateless Muslim group

11:31, 10 July 2015 Friday
Ottoman art and architecture showcased in London

The Courtauld Institute of Art Summer School in London will present a wide-ranging course on 14th–19th- century Ottoman art and architecture as part of its annual Summer School in art history.

09:42, 06 July 2015 Monday
Turkey's Ephesus added to UNESCO Heritage list

World Heritage Committee add Ephesus on Turkey's western coast on list as 15th Turkish property

11:14, 03 July 2015 Friday
Japanese picture book shows Muslim way of life

Naomi Matsubara, a teacher of Japanese and karate has had a picture book published that depicts Muslim life, challenging stereotypes.

14:43, 17 June 2015 Wednesday
Germany prints stamps of Palestinian iconic cartoon

In an ode to Naji al-Ali's Handala, the orphan who became the iconic symbol of Palestinian identity, Germany has printed stamps depicting him in honor

12:37, 15 June 2015 Monday
Australia Indonesia must enforce borders sovereignty

Australia's Foreign Minister has said that to allegations that Australian navy official paid migrant boat to return to Indonesian shores

12:12, 13 June 2015 Saturday
Artists using Istanbul's walls as their canvas

Mural-Ist Festival has brought together 10 mural artists from around the world, and will enliven older walls in Istanbul. The festival will run until September.

14:41, 10 June 2015 Wednesday
Istanbul's Blue Mosque 398 years today

One of the most famous monuments of Turkish and Islamic art, the Blue mosque is visited by all who come to Istanbul and gains their admiration.

16:07, 29 May 2015 Friday
Ottoman-era banknote found

An Ottoman-era banknote has appeared after 139 years, in a lot sent by a collector in Germany for evaluation.

14:02, 28 May 2015 Thursday
Popular Syrian poet adds her voice against Assad

Maram al-Masri, a well-known Syrian poet, has said the Syrian crisis broke out because democratic revolutionaries have not been supported

16:34, 20 May 2015 Wednesday
The legend of Nasruddin Hodja is alive and well

Nasruddin Hodja was populist philosopher and wise man who is remembered across many cultures for his funny stories and anecdotes.

11:52, 27 April 2015 Monday
Spring brings poetry season to Afghanistan

Afghans welcome in spring with a season of poetry events as they look to revive old traditions.

16:56, 24 April 2015 Friday
135 stolen artifacts returned to Egypt from US

Egypt also expects to receive 235 additional artifacts seized earlier in France.

11:46, 13 April 2015 Monday
Registan historic Uzbek grand square spans cities

The historic Uzbek grand square of Registan built by Timur consists of three Madrassah: Ulugbek Madrassah (15th century), Sher – Dor Madrassah (17th century) and Tilla-Kari Madrassah (gold covered)(17th century).

12:48, 06 April 2015 Monday
Before Da Vinci Wright brothers it was Abbas ibn Firnas

A thousand years before the Wright brothers, astronomer Abbas ibn Firnas made several attempts to construct a flying machine. In 852 he jumped from the minaret of the Grand Mosque in Cordoba using a loose cloak stiffened with wooden struts. The Islamic Museum of Australia has honoured his work a real life scale model of his flying machine

14:51, 22 March 2015 Sunday
Ring with quot for Allah quot inscription found in Viking

Islamic inscription on ancient ring is first proof of its kind in Scandinavia of contact between Muslims and Viking centuries ago, Swedish scientists say.

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