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11:40, 25 October 2014 Saturday
Art & Culture

12:06, 15 October 2014 Wednesday
Ottoman movie sector kicked off in 1896 says scholar

The footages have offered significant insights about the socio-economic and political atmosphere of that time

16:56, 13 October 2014 Monday
Renowned Kenyan author Ali Mazrui passes away

One of the most important African specialists Ali Mazrui passed away in USA

16:46, 13 October 2014 Monday
Malaysian founding father Tunku Abdurrahman

After successfully ledding the independency movement, when Malaysia got independent in 1957, Abdurahman got the title of founding father of the country and became president.

14:39, 13 October 2014 Monday

The Vikings, of Scandinavian origin, made successive raids on Britain from the 8th to the 11th centuries, burying their valuables for safe-keeping

16:20, 10 October 2014 Friday
Istanbul Film Days revives Ottoman Empire

The first silent movies to be shot in the powerful pre-WW1 Ottoman Empire are to be screened in a new cinema exhibition in Turkey's largest city

00:04, 10 October 2014 Friday
Fragments from an early Hijazi Qur'an come to Turkey

Five leaves of rare Quran became a part of Yildiz Holding Art Collection

17:25, 09 October 2014 Thursday
Indonesian cave paintings suggest art's Africa origin

40,000 year old cave paintings in Sulawesi are same age as European daubings

14:32, 09 October 2014 Thursday
France's Modiano wins Nobel Prize for Literature

Modiano's works have centred on memory, oblivion, identity and guilt that often take place during the German occupation of World War Two.

09:44, 09 October 2014 Thursday
Kosovo's Gilan and some Ottoman artifacts

Gilan, located 15-min far away from Doburçan, a Turkish populated village welcomed many thousands of tourists who wants to see some historical artifacts

12:26, 03 October 2014 Friday
Bosnia and Herzegovina burnt state archives restored

Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency gives €150,000 to restore burnt archives

16:52, 30 September 2014 Tuesday
Priceless Iraqi artefacts hit black market

Iraq's heritage already suffered a major blow in the lawlessness and looting that followed the toppling of President Saddam Hussein by U.S.-led forces in 2003

13:19, 27 September 2014 Saturday
PHOTO Ancient geoglyphs found in Kazakhstan

Researchers ound different geometric shapes created using stones or sculpting on the ground - including squares, rings, crosses and swastikas - ranging from 90 to 400 meters in size.

14:13, 25 September 2014 Thursday
Vatican Palace hosts Sufi whirling dervishes

UNESCO declared 2007 as the Year of Jalal al-Din Rumi to celebrate the 800th anniversary of his birth.

14:49, 24 September 2014 Wednesday
Erdogan attends New York's Love of Prophet exhibition

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, opened the exhibition that was brought from Istanbul last Sunday.

13:15, 23 September 2014 Tuesday
'Viva Palestine' film festival in Malaysia

Viva Palestine, a non-governmental organization based in Malaysia, organized the event which focuses this year on a female approach to the Palestinian problem.

13:05, 23 September 2014 Tuesday
The last exhibition of Hafiz centers on existentialism

One of the differentiating characteristics of Hafiz’s works is his tools and unusual techniques.

12:39, 23 September 2014 Tuesday
Istanbul hosts largest meeting of calligraphers

The ‘International meeting of Calligraphy’, a three-day event organized by IRCICA has the motto “The Holy Quran was received in Mecca, read in Egypt and written in Istanbul.”

16:30, 17 September 2014 Wednesday
5 000-year-old structure found near Sea of Galilee

The crescent-shaped 150 meter long structure has been dated to the period between 3050 and 2650 BCE.

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