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10:35, 31 January 2015 Saturday
Imad Mughniyah was the head of Hezbollah’s international operations and had been hunted for decades. In 2008, he approached an SUV and a bomb went off.

Analysts say Pakistan army chief travelled to Beijing to show US it has other regional allies

French Muslims freedom is now being curbed in the name of combatting terrorism with the French government unveiling a new video to deter would be fighters with ISIL

Computer and cellphone buyers in Xianjiang region must register with police, with security camera footage to be kept for at least 30 days.

The perpetrators of the Srebrenica genocide have lost their appeals at UN's appeals chamber in The Hague which has confirmed life jail terms for Vujadin Popovic and Ljubisa Beara.

Three simultaneous bombings targeted military and security sites in the city of Aish.

43 killed, many injured in explosion at Shia mosque in southern Pakistan

As part of a global push to combat terrorism, airlines in the USA will now keep a register and record passenger information of those who request halal meals and EU will now ban certain facebook, twitter, and google from displaying results in order to curb radicalization.

Security forces have foiled an attack of the ISIL terrorist group on the Qasr Hotel in Iraq's Kirkuk province.

Japanese Muslims have gathered at the Friday prayers in Tokyo, praying for the release of Japanese ISIL hostage Kenji Goto

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