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11:31, 21 January 2017 Saturday
Trump also will focus on removing hurdles to domestic energy development that he argues will make the US independent of foreign oil.

Tzipi Livni was expected in Brussels on 23 January for a conference at the European Parliament, but pulled out citing illness however was not too ill to speak to the New York branch of the Israel lobby group the Anti-Defamation League on Wednesday.

Loud bangs from stun grenades are heard as riot police move in and people flee protests with their arms held up.

At least 11 killed in an explosion at a vegetable market in Pakistan

A state-wide moment of silence was observed for the Black January victims today at 12:00 across Azerbaijan yesterday

Other orders on first day include regulatory freeze at federal againcies

The opposition delegation will depart for Astana on Saturday

Resistance icon Raed Salah delivers Friday sermon in village threatened with demolition

Systematic and institutionalized discrimination against the Rohingya population led to attacks, says UN human rights envoy

Protesters set trash cans on fire, charge at police after Trump sworn in

All mention of climate change removed from minutes after Trump takes office

Barrow addressed members of Gambia's diaspora and urged them to return home and rebuild their lives. "I wish to congratulate all of you and welcome you to the new Gambia," he said.

No one was hurt at Friday night attacks in Turkey’s largest city

War and desperate economic situation compel children to live in streets all day

Deputy Prime Minister Simsek says his remarks at Davos event were ‘distorted’

President Barack Obama left the White House on Friday and handed over power to Donald Trump.

Obama walked into the Oval Office holding a letter, which he left on the Resolute desk, a 19th century gift from Queen Elizabeth that is made from the timber of a British arctic vessel.

Aid delivered as part of 'Don't Let Humanity Die in Aleppo' campaign

Head of International Union of Muslim Scholars warns incoming US president of consequences of ‘anti-Muslim’ discourse  

"What is happening (in Palmyra) is a real tragedy from the point of view of cultural and historical heritage," he told journalists. "Barbaric actions of the extremists are continuing."

West African delegation is in Banjul in final attempt to negotiate safe exit for Jammeh

Turkey expects positive response from the US president-elect to its concerns, Mevlut Cavusoglu tells Washington Post

'US should extradite Gülen, immediately stop supporting PKK/PYD and conduct a perception management for the harms of the July 15 coup bid,' Turkey's PM Yıldırım says

At least 25 people, including several children, were feared dead after a barrage of snow hit the Hotel Rigopiano on Wednesday afternoon, ripping the three-storey building from its foundations and moving it ten metres (11 yards).

One firefighter, who had managed to escape the 15-storey Plasco building before it fell, died in hospital from severe burns, the official IRNA news agency reported.

What's at stake for the two countries, and the global economy as a whole? And who stands to lose more?

The Tauheedul Muslim girls’ and boys’ schools in Blackburn, Lancashire, run by the Tauheedul Education Trust, beat off competition from London grammars

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Rights groups say government is complicit in 'pushbacks' of refugees to Macedonia and Bulgaria, including families dumped in forests with Belgrade, Serbia as well as hundreds of refugees are now living in miserable conditions in makeshift camps

Predicting that Donald Trump will fail as President, George soros ha said that has predicted the loss of the US' "positive influence in the world in favour of an open society", which would have "a very far reaching effect in Europe and other parts of the world".

With the political upheaval of the last year that investors are trying to make sense of, the religion of the global elite — free trade and open markets — is under attack

Intervention comes after African leader refuses to leave office for incoming president

BfV head Hans-Georg Maassen says country’s security situation regarding PKK 'closely related to the situation in Turkey'

Turkish nanotech firm sells microscope to NASA

The Republican billionaire's arrival caps an extraordinary and improbable run for the White House that, once he takes the reins from President Barack Obama at noon Friday, will launch the United States into new and uncharted waters.

Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to try to separate two groups of inmates as they fought a pitched battled in the courtyard of the Alcacuz prison, AFP reporters overlooking the facility saw.

Adama Barrow calls on fellow citizens and army to work towards national 'reconciliation' after recent political crisis

Meetings conducted in a positive spirit, participants agreed not to disclose details about their discussions, UN says

Raid and arrests come after army accusing Premium Times of 'publishing falsehood against its operations and chief'

"I will use sanctions to the maximum amount of the law," Mnuchin says