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21:21, 26 September 2017 Tuesday
The number who have crossed the border since August 25 to escape a Myanmar military crackdown has increased by 45,000 in two days.

Warning comes amid fourth round of negotiations between London, Brussels  

Recep Tayyip Erdogan praised at Istanbul symposium for providing a voice for suffering people of the world

Amendment allows stripping citizenship from individuals convicted of crimes related to state security

Police officers, firefighters dispatched to Tower Hill, some services suspended  

Arab League has called on Iraqis to heal rifts  

European leaders announce easing of limitation after Athens stabilizes   

Murders rise 8 percent, fueled by boom in big cities  

Houthis say the American national was taken hostage on Saturday  

No one injured in late-night blaze at place of worship in Orebro, southern Sweden

Antonio Guterres hopes UN-mandated activities across Iraq will be allowed to continue unhindered

Final results expected within three days, says spokesperson for Kurdish Regional Government’s Election Commission

1,355 kg of hashish seized in southeastern Diyarbakir province, says Governor’s Office  

Martin Schulz -- Social Democrat leader -- hardens opposition to 'grand coalition' with Merkel's conservatives

Afghan police spokesman says passenger vehicle carrying pro-ISIL militants was targeted in eastern Nangarhar province

It remains unclear how Abadi's order will be implemented  

Omer Celik says rise of far-right party was fueled by hostile rhetoric directed at Turkey, Muslims and migrants  

Army will immediately intervene if northern Iraqi Turkmen are targeted, Cavusoglu says  

Sides agree to intensify cooperation in gas, electricity during Turkish delegation's visit to Sofia, Bulgarian envoy says

Turkey's growth rate target is 5.5 percent in 2017, Turkish prime minister says  

There has been a decade-long split between Gaza and the occupied West Bank since 2007  

Major unions call on their members to disrupt oil transfer after labor reforms were signed last week

Frontier closes as Kurds vote on independence from Iraq    

Chief imam in the commercial hub of Lago since 2000, Sheikh Garba Akinola-Ibrahim died after a protracted illness

Turkish, Russian presidents speak ahead of Thursday meeting in capital Ankara  

Only 14 lawmakers with Turkish background elected to 709-seat Bundestag, where far-right became third-largest group

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim insists independence referendum in northern Iraq is illegitimate  

Voters in KRG-held areas vote in a controversial referendum on whether to secede from Iraq  

Seismic activity grows around Mount Agung on Bali island, expert says  

Habur border gate with northern Iraq remains open amid tighter security checks, says customs minister

Oct. 22 set for general election, local media reports, as opposition in disarray  

We don't recognize Kurdish referendum results, says Foreign Ministry

Iranian president confirms to Iraq’s Abadi: Our country has Iraq’s full support for actions taken to preserve it's unity

Malaysian Foreign Minister opposes statement by ASEAN: Does not represent reality, did not mention Rohingya Muslims

Turkey not to tolerate any new formation on its southern frontiers, says Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim

Cargo plane arrives at capital Dhaka with 100 tons of supplies

On eve of vote, Haider al-Abadi says Baghdad will not recognize results of controversial Kurdish region referendum

Iraqis in KRG-held areas will vote on Monday on whether to secede from Iraq

One day before Kurdish region’s independence referendum, KRG's Masoud Barzani reiterates that polls will not be postponed