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21:03, 18 January 2018 Thursday
The head of the Venezuelan Supreme Court and the chief of the intelligence agency are also blacklisted, diplomatic sources said, making them subject to asset freezes and travel bans.

Border forces acted on tip off from Turkish intelligence

Move comes after U.S. decision to suspend $65 million in aid to Palestine

Gen. Hulusi Akar also set to discuss regional security issues with his Russian counterpart on Thursday

The arrest came after seven people were killed and a dozen injured when police opened fire on a crowd of ethnic Rakhine Buddhists trying to seize a government office late Tuesday.

That sum would allow Germany to achieve an 80-percent reduction of greenhouse emissions compared with 1990, the lower end of Berlin's target range for mid-century, the BDI found in a study.

Army frequently carries out sweeping arrest campaigns in occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem

Senior preachers, scholars languishing in Saudi, UAE detention since mid-September last year

Presidents of 2 countries say solving murder case of Serb politician key to peace in region

German chancellor says criticism to agreement surprising

Icy roads contribute to at least 4 fatalities, fifth death attributed to exposure

The key legislation is likely to come back to the House of Commons with suggested amendments

Company will build new headquarters, manufacturing plants and pay $38 billion in taxes for overseas funds

Border patrol also harasses and uses violence against volunteers, who provide aid, reports say

5 passengers manage to escape, says Kazakh Interior Ministry

Tunisian Naval Forces rescued the migrants near east coast Sfax city

Pentagon and U.S.-led coalition contradicted with each other on function of PYD/PKK-led SDF forces in Syria

We are not creating a Syria border security force at all, says Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, pushing back at controversy

Israeli army frequently carries out sweeping arrest campaigns across occupied West Bank

First National Security meeting for 2018 to discuss Afrin, emergency rule

Lee, a naturalized US citizen also known as Zhen Cheng Li, was arrested late Monday after he arrived at JFK International Airport in New York.

Israeli forces first detained al-Tamimi on Dec. 19 during an overnight raid

Finnish parliament's Second Deputy Speaker Arto Satonen visits Turkish parliament in capital Ankara

Officials and figures from 86 countries attending conference

If France recognizes Palestine as a state, more countries will follow it, says Luxembourg FM

Army ‘reviewing possibility’ of assuming security responsibility over East Jerusalem district, Haaretz reports

Separatist parties won regional elections on December 21 called by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to try and put a stop to a crisis that shook the wealthy region of 7.5 million people, the rest of Spain and Europe.

Located in the bustling Adjame quarter of Ivory Coast's main city and commercial hub, the haven for fake medicine has been targeted time and again by authorities and stockpiles burnt.

Juncker's comment about possible re-accession comes a day after European Council President Donald Tusk said that the bloc's "hearts were still open" if Britain decided to change its mind about leaving the EU.

Bomber targets people leaving mosque after evening prayers; 12 others injured

U.S. said Tuesday it was suspending a total of $65 million in aid to Palestine

The publication cited an anonymous source close to regulators tackling online finance risks.

Since 2011, Libya’s northwestern coast has been a hub for illegal migration to Europe  

Screws to be tightened on sanctions, ships may be stopped, searched

Reason for crash not yet known, defense minister says

Among migrants are Syrians, Palestinians, Bangladeshis, Afghans, Indians, Iranians, Iraqis and Sri Lankans

Tusk's comments, which European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said he hoped London would heed, come shortly after talk about whether Britain should hold a second referendum on EU membership.

This comes a day after similar rockets hit diplomatic enclave in capital Kabul

Ex-officer's personal behavior, as well as his illegal entry, has been deemed as 'serious threat' to public order