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23:05, 09 October 2015 Friday
A video has emerged of a young Palestinian mother executed by IDF soldiers.

Clashes came as Hamas's chief in Gaza called violence that has hit the occupied West Bank and annexed east Jerusalem an intifada

Communities across the US worry over a gathering storm this weekend dubbed the Global Rally for Humanity: ‘There is so much misunderstanding’

Hamas Gaza chief says ongoing unrest in West Bank is a new 'intifada'

ISIL fighters reached their closest position yet to Aleppo in northern Syria at dawn after hours of ferocious fighting with opposition

Award is given for quartet's 'decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011'

Israeli man arrested after stabbing four Palestinians in southern Israeli city

ISIL group fighters have killed a senior commander in Iran's Revolutionary Guards in Syria

US-based news agency's new tally shows 630 more causalities than Saudi Arabia-provided official toll.

Turnbull called mutual respect between faiths 'the glue that binds this very diverse country together', blamed anti-Muslim protesters for stoking divisiveness

Bernardino Leon says new government, which will include three deputy prime ministers (one each from the west, east and south of the country) would survive

If it is neccessary to remind people of Europe how valuable peace is, then real peace fighters' spirits should be strengthened, exiled from their countries, imprisoned, tortured, persecuted, by awarding their symbol-leader, Mustafa Dzhemilev

Physicians for Human Rights have said that medical facilities where hit last week in the Russian attack on Syria.

Russia denies US claim that four Syria-bound missiles crashed in Iran: defence ministry

20-year-old Palestinian woman was scoffed by Jewish settler after being shot

Russia contributes to stability and security near Turkey's borders, says Kremlin

Critics of Egypt’s al-Sisi regime, for their part, say polls - held in absence of genuine opposition - will lack any legitimacy

According to media reports, Israel will submit more requests to Russians in exchange for 'attractive' offers to facilitate Russian army’s military operations in Syria

Turkey does not rush to embrace EU-proposed plan on helping refugees inside the country

UN signals optimism after battling sides show signs of willingness to participate in UN-brokered peace talks

A still image shows the moment an Israeli undercover agent firing pistol into the leg of a Palestinian at point blank range.

A "civil nuclear deal" with Pakistan and the United States is on the horizon with representatives from both countries discussing options before Pakistani Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif visits Washington at the end of the month

Jens Stoltenberg's remark comes after Russian violations of Turkish airspace

‘There was a mistake, and it’s one the United States owns up to,’ White House says

While the Free Syrian Army claims that Russian missiles and airstrikes are hitting its positions and killing civilians, Russia says only Daesh are being hit

Such denial after Russia's defence ministry claimed it was considering proposals from the US to coordinate operations against ISIL

Iraq is keen on Russia having bigger role than Americans in 'anti-terrorist campaign'

Tripoli-based General National Congress to propose names for handful of government posts, including PM and deputy PM

Relatives of Sunni tribesman, who have been battling ISIL alongside Iraqi security forces, were allegedly executed by ISIL

'We, as Muslims, do not accept the temporal and spatial division of Al-Aqsa,' says head of Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate Mehmet Gormez

Iran has opened a whole new door to consumerism with a Saudi investor helping the republic to rejoin the global economy building one of the biggest malls in the Middle East.

Wave of overnight Russian air strikes has been coordinated with ground assault by Syrian government forces on at least four insurgent positions in western Syria

Israeli move comes after Palestinian president instructed security forces, political factions to prevent any escalation of violence which raised fears of new intifada or uprising

At the request of officials from the White House Office of Digital Strategy, the crowdfunding website Kickstarter has begun its first social service campaign aimed at raising money for the United Nations refugee agency on behalf of Syrian refugees.

Serdar Kilic says portraying operations against terror group as means to gain votes mirrors PKK propaganda

Turkish president warns Russia it 'will lose a lot' if it loses Turkey as a friend following Russian jet's violation of Turkey's airspace

According to Palestinian Red Crescent, at least 500 West Bank Palestinians have been injured by Israeli gunfire in last three days alone

Opposition groups call Russian intervention in Syria tantamount to ‘occupation’ of country

European Commission chief says he had thrashed out details of the plan during his talks with Turkish president Erdogan

Palestinian homes have been destroyed as clashes escalate throughout West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Cluster bombs, banned by over 100 countries are being used by the Russian army on civilians in Syria.

Turkish president criticizes EU for not doing enough to solve refugee crisis, calls for buffer zone at Turkish-Syrian border

'Prime Minister Khaled Bahah is in good health and was not harmed,' says Nayef al-Bakri, the minister of youth and sports

'This is the time to have massive support for these countries, benefiting both refugees and host communities,' UN's Guterres says

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