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12:13, 06 July 2015 Monday
EU opponents from France to Finland and across Europe's southern and northern, say that EU project, including the euro is now dying after Greek referendum.

FIFA's ex president Sepp Blatter claims French former president Sarkozy and his German counterpart Wulff tried to influence their voting representatives

Greece’s main opposition leader and ex-MP Samaras resigns after early referendum results show decisive rejection of int’l bailout terms

There has been intense activity on the Turkish border for the past two days. New missiles and artillery have been stationed on the border

'We have proved democracy cannot be blackmailed', says PM Tsipras, as voters reject bailout terms promising more austerity

In reaction to armed group recruiters, the government says it will close 80 mosques for security reasons. Tunisia also closed down Salafist-run mosques last year.

The Lebanese group Hezbollah's television station al Manar said its members and the Syrian army entered Zabadani where oppositions have held it since 2012.

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis says he will resign if Greeks vote 'yes' in Sunday's referendum

New research reveals that Britain and the US knew six weeks before Srebrenica massacre that enclave would fall – but they decided to abandon Srebrenica to its fate.

WikiLeaks disclosed documents Saturday detailing the National Security Agency’s wiretapping of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

Greek Finance Minister says to get deal with international creditors on Monday regardless of referendum

Tunisia has declared a state of emergency one week after the beach attack in Sousse

Fierce fighting breaks out between Libyan army, attached to the Government of Tobruk, and other armed groups in the east

Rallies around the country have marked the end of campaigning to approve or reject proposals from Greece's creditors

Sources claim that senior Israeli and Turkish officials have held a secret meeting in Rome to renew talks on a reconciliation agreement between the two nations

The ambassador to the US, John Bass, has shared his concerns with Turkey regarding the territorial integrity of Syria and has said that Turkey should open SEast airbases

Canada granted permissions for foreign countries to interrogate their citizens after they were assured that they would not be subject to torture

A non-governmental organization has raised alarm over an increase in Islamophobic attacks in France six months after the January Charlie Hebdo shootings

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