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01:31, 29 July 2014 Tuesday
Netanyahu said Israel has to be ready for a long war until the objectives of the current operation against Gaza are achieved. Hamas says Netanyahu's threats can do nothing to scare it or scare the Palestinian people

At least ten Palestinian children were killed and 45 others injured on Monday by Israeli shelling of the western Gaza City Al-Shati Camp

Morning attack by suspected militants kills 21 civilians – including 10 women – headed for Eid celebrations

Dozens of former officials, including a former prime minister, have been arrested on charges such as abuse of power and corruption since Saakashvili's party lost an election two years ago.

Two rival brigades of former rebels fighting for control of Tripoli International Airport have pounded each other's positions for two weeks, turning the south of the capital into a battlefield.

"We are ready, if they wish, to facilitate their asylum on our soil," France's foreign and interior ministers said in a joint statement

Baghdad's morgues are filling up once again with victims of sectarian slayings, kidnappings are on the rise and the bloodshed is forcing families to flee

With Israeli warplanes flying overhead and the sounds of explosions and shelling echoing through the night, the streets of Gaza appeared gloomy and quiet during the early hours of the Eid day

Neither Israeli's nor Egypt under Al-Sisi are willing to get aid to help the Palestinians in Gaza, says Erdogan.

Israel wants Egypt to take the lead in curbing the Palestinian resistance. It worries about Doha and Ankara championing Hamas demands to open up the blockaded territory.

Fierce fighting in the vicinity of the airliner crash site prevented international monitors from reaching it to investigate the downing of the plane with the loss of all 298 people on board.

Two demonstrators were killed when security forces used live ammunition to disperse a pro-Morsi rally following the Eid prayers in the Abu Zaabal neighborhood

Students who escaped sinking Sewol ferry reveal details of ordeal and request strict punishment of captain, crew in ongoing trial

An international arbitration panel in the Netherlands ordered Moscow to pay $51.57 billion in damages to shareholders in the defunct oil giant Yukos, saying officials under President Vladimir Putin had manipulated the legal system to bankrupt the company.

The Palestinians - men, women and children - chanted slogans in favor of resistance movements in the Gaza Strip.

Israel has been pounding the Gaza Strip - which has been reeling under a crippling Israeli blockade since 2006 - from air, ground and sea since July 7, causing massive destruction across the seaside enclave.

Five countries – Oman, Morocco, Gabon, Tanzania and Azerbaijan - have so far announced that Eid al-Fitr will start on Tuesday

All 15 council members had agreed on the statement, diplomats said, and it would be formally adopted

In just a three-day period late last week, 10 Palestinians died and some 600 wounded during a spate of angry protests against the prolonged military offensive in nearby Gaza.

Israeli police arrested the Jewish protesters who carried Palestinian flags and waved victory signs

Around 5,000 people demonstrated in Brussels to protest Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip, which have killed over 1,000 Palestinians

The feast is due to start on Monday in Gaza as well as in some other Islamic countries

The number of Iraqi families fleeing Mosul, Saladin, Diyala and Kirkuk amid ISIL-led insurgency exceeds 110,000, according to Iraqi Red Crescent

The Rafah border terminal represents the embattled coastal strip's only window to the outside world outside Israeli control

The Palestinian death toll from Israel's devastating military offensive in the blockaded Gaza Strip rose to 1053

Scores of people also injured after public bus catches fire near Kavacik district

Militants attacked Kolofata, a town in Cameroon's Far North Region near Nigeria, and seized several people including the wife of Cameroon's Vice Prime Minister Amadou Ali

Malaysian experts have said they believe at least 30 investigators will be required to cover the full site of the crash, in addition to Dutch investigators and an expert from the United Nations' civil aviation body

North Korean leader targeted American bases ahead of 61st anniversary of Korean War ceasefire agreement

A rise in the numbers of child mortalities, miscarriages and premature births among pregnant women reported

Rohingya refugees from Myanmar face difficult conditions in camps in Bangladesh

Ahmet Davutoglu says no sustainable truce is possible if reality of Hamas is ignored, hours before Israel renews military offensive in Gaza

The death toll from clashes between Libyan army forces and militiamen in the eastern city of Benghazi rose to 26

The Israeli army said it resumed its military offensive against the Gaza Strip, citing Palestinian resistance group Hamas' "incessant" rocket fire at Israel.

Muslims continued to face systematic discrimination, including restrictions on freedom of movement, restricted access to land, food, water, education and health care, and restrictions on marriages and birth registration

Protesters were seen waiving Palestinian flags, chanting "We are all Palestinians"

Initial evidence taken from the remote crash site indicates that the aircraft broke apart when it smashed to the ground

Several commentators said Modi's failure to speak out about the incidents risked encouraging aggressive behaviour by fringe elements of his party and related organisations.

The court sentenced Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Yasser Mehrez to two years in prison, accusing him of participating in unauthorized protests in Giza province, west of the capital Cairo, and inciting violence

One-time largest rebel group says hundreds of Philippine troops in full battle gear, backed by tanks moved into Muslim south

Hundreds of people march to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights at Palais Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland to protest against Israeli incursion into Gaza. Around 2,000 protestors joined the rally held in Germany's capital

The Palestinian death toll from Israel's devastating military action in the Gaza Strip had risen to 1047, the Palestinian Health Ministry said

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