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21:20, 23 September 2014 Tuesday
Britain's MI6 Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, Sir John Sawers, said that the way the West responds to civil war in other countries created "real dilemmas."

Syria's Western-backed National Coalition opposition group welcomed air strikes by the United States and Gulf Arab allies on ISIL strongholds but some groups disagree

Crimea's Chief Prosecutor General Natalia Poklonskaya said that incitement of ethnic strife will carry the punishment of deportation.

The Syrian government said it would continue to attack ISIL in Raqqa and Deir al-Zor - areas of eastern and northern Syria that were hit in the U.S.-led air strikes on Tuesday.

China's Ministry of Defence said the two sides' understanding of the line of the border was not the same

Some 138,000 Syrian Kurdish refugees have entered Turkey in an exodus that began last week, and two border crossing points remain open

Foreign Ministry said any airstrikes against ISIL's positions on Syrian territory must be agreed with Damascus and otherwise will fuel tension in the region

Israeli troops shot dead two Palestinians in the West Bank city of Hebron, and the military said they were members of Hamas

“They are committed to doing this, but they first needed to deal with their hostage situation,” said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

The Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq did not intervene in the release of the Turkish Consulate staff, Kurdish Regional Government PM Nechirvan Barzani said.

Karzai blamed both the United States and neighbouring Pakistan for the continuing war with the Taliban-led insurgency and warned the new government

Economics professor Ilham Tohti stood trial on separatism charges in the western region of Xinjiang (East Turkestan) last week

A cross, which was erected early on Monday morning on a hill overlooking Sarajevo, has sparked outrage in the country as war-related wounds from the nineties are opened once again.

The United States and several Gulf Arab allies have launched air and missile strikes on ISIL targets in Syria, U.S. officials said, opening a new, far more complicated front in the battle against the militants.

Israeli military sources said the plane apparently crossed by accident into Israeli-controlled airspace over the Golan Heights

110 deputies, out of 112 who attended the vote session late Sunday, voted in favor of Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni's government.

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie is already standing trial in ten other cases in which he faces violence-related charges.

Many of the millions who braved the threat of attack during two rounds of voting are wondering why they bothered.

Though Ukrainian soldiers continue to die in spite of the ceasefire, Poroshenko defended his peace plan, saying deaths had been reduced ten-fold.

The Houthis were quick to show their muscle by deploying fighters on key intersections, including the main airport road. Residents said armed men also guarded major banks, including the central bank.

Israel has come under fierce criticism from rights groups for its immigration policy and treatment of African asylum seekers, particularly over its Holot detention center where illegal immigrants can be held for up to a year.

“The majority of a country up to the age of 55 is already voting for independence,” Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond said, noting the demographics of the 45% of Scots who voted for independence.

Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Agency says the border is not closed and documentation being carried out by the registration center established under its coordination.

For the first time in naval history, Chinese warships docked at Iran's main naval port on the Persian Gulf, in what Iranian officials say was the start of four days of joint exercises, and what China describes as just a "friendly visit."

Yeni Safak columnist Abdulkadir Selvi, who is known to have close ties to the government, said "A few important names for the ISIL were used in the swap."

Sierra Leone ordered its 6 million residents to stay indoors as volunteers circulated to educate households as well as isolate the sick and remove the dead.

Crimea's pro-Russian Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov said “From the juridical angle, there is no such organization for me. Which Mejlis? The organization was not registered properly. It does not exist.”

Beijing's rejection of the right to freely choose the city's next leader has prompted threats from activists to shut down the Central finance district as part of their pro-democracy campaign.

Four-month investigation delivered to prosecutor claims faulty gas readings, a lack of escape routes and defective commuications equipment exacerbated Soma underground accident which claimed 301 lives in May.

The Rohingya Muslim minority live under apartheid-like conditions in Rakhine State in the west, needing permission to move from their villages or from camps

More than 130,000 Syrian Kurds, driven by fear of ISIL, have fled its advance, many crossing the border into Turkey.

The Observatory, which monitors violence through a network of sources in Syria, said at least 16 children and 11 women were among the dead. At least 17 people from one family were also killed

In a 6,500-word essay published on his Faith Foundation website, Tony Blair said that there was no way to defeat the ISIL without "a willingness to take casualties in carrying the fight through to the end."

Zarif said a meeting he held with his Saudi counterpart would bring a new chapter in ties between their countries

If confirmed this could mean the central government has lost control of the oil ministry, potentially paralysing vital oil exports over questions of ownership.

Tight security makes it difficult for foreign journalists to visit the area, rendering it almost impossible to reach an independent assessment of the situation

Although the ISI officially reports to the prime minister, in reality it is controlled by the army chief, General Raheel Sharif.

Nechirvan Barzani praised Turkey's efforts to help the internally displaced in Iraq.

The Yemeni government and armed Shi'ite Houthi rebels reached an agreement to end the worst violence for years in the capital Sanaa, U.N. special envoy Jamal Benomar said earlier

The event, which comes ahead of a UN summit, will call on leaders to do more to meet the threat of climate change

Afghanistan's rival presidential candidates signed a deal to share power after months of turmoil over a disputed election

A bomb blast just beside Egypt's foreign ministry killed three policemen, authorities said, in the most serious attack in Cairo in almost three months.

Alex Salmond accused London politicians of tricking Scottish voters out of independence by making a false "vow" about granting them new powers.

NATO's Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, and commander of U.S. forces in Europe said Russia has moved some of its forces inside Ukraine to the south to bring pressure on the port city of Mariupol.

Hundreds of thousands more refugees are expected to arrive Turkey over the coming days, as Syrian Kurds are fleeing ISIL in the northern Syrian city of Kobani, U.N. refugee agency warns

Medical aid group MSF initially expelled after being accused of being biased in favor of area's Muslim community

Turkey could not have immediately said ‘yes’ to international calls for a coalition to fight ISIL while 49 Turkish citizens were hostages, says President Erdogan

According to a diplomatic source, al-Sisi would deliver the statement of the Arab group in the UN climate summit on Tuesday.

Israeli forces routinely conduct detention campaigns against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank on claims that they are "wanted" by Israeli authorities.

Professor of aviation law Elmar Giemulla, who is representing three families of German victims, said that under international law Ukraine should have closed its air space

The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) renewed a call for the youth of Turkey's mostly Kurdish southeast to rise up and rush to save Kobani.

A car bomb exploded at a checkpoint controlled by Shi'ite Muslim group Hezbollah in eastern Lebanon

Turkish Consul General of Mosul Ozturk Yilmaz says they managed to hide a cell phone from militants to coordinate with Ankara

Al-Thinni said the government would carry out its job from the Libyan capital Tripoli after the exit of militant groups from it "either by peaceful means or by war"

As many as 50,000 have been forced out of their homes over the last 24 hours in Sindh province, say officials.

The plan was drawn up by a higher Gaza reconstruction committee headed by National Economy Minister Mohamed Mustafa and more than 20 ministries and local and international agencies

Ethiopia's representative in the meeting, Gedion Assefa, said his country firmly believed that the current row with Egypt over the dam could be resolved through dialogue

Sarah Belal, lead counsel for Justice Project Pakistan, said the government did not inform the families about the release and she feared the men may now be transferred to secret Pakistani prisons.

With Scotland having put regionalism high on the agenda, Cameron and the other London parties are under pressure

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