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00:27, 01 August 2015 Saturday
A charity fashion bazaar sets the change in stereotype of Russia's Muslim population. Moscow has Russia's largest Muslim population of 1.5 mn Muslims, making it Europe's largest Muslim city.

A British inquiry has been told by Alexander Litvinenko's widow that Russian President Putin had persoally ordered the death of her husband

Clashes come against backdrop of Palestinian baby’s murder near Nablus

A vaccine developed by researchers has shown promising results with a trial tests showing 100% protection against Ebola

Iraqi forces retaken several areas west of Ramadi that had fallen into the hands of ISIL.

Second World Crimean Tatars Congress to be held in Ankara

The spying goes back at least as far as 2006, WikiLeaks said

Only men over 50 and women were allowed to enter mosque after undergoing rigorous inspection

Collective prayers, forced conversion to Christianity, Islamic clothing have been banned in Western Central African Republic, in particular in areas where there is an absence of UN peacekeepers.

There are fears of a humanitarian crisis as refugees seek ways to enter Serbia taking weeks to walk from Syria making their way through Turkey, Greece and Macedonia

This is the worst attack by Israeli extremists since a Palestinian teen was torched to death a year ago

The US imposes further sanctions against Russia over the events in eastern Ukraine and Crimea

Flags have been hoisted as Bangladesh and India prepared to swap tiny islands in a historic deal

Speaking to China's CCTV, Turkish President Erdogan says Islam 'rejects extremism and recommends middle path'

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