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07:39, 25 August 2016 Thursday
President Erdogan will attend ceremony

General assembly of Turkish Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors convenes in Ankara in wake of July 15 coup bid

Reports of Pravin Gordhan's potential arrest lead to market turmoil

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto says Hungary is continuing investigation into Gulenist-linked schools and individuals

President of Kurdish region says agreement will not damage students

PKK extremists detonate roadside bomb during army operation in Bingol, source says

Kayed has entered his 70th day on hunger strike to protest his ongoing placement in "administrative detention" in Israel

The municipal elections will be held on Oct. 8

Ten Iraqi soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing in Qayyara

Main opposition Republican People's Party urges government to fight against ISIL inside and outside Turkey

Yemen has been ravaged by civil war since late 2014

Turkish Air Forces hit 11 of 12 targets with precise accuracy as part of anti-ISIL operations in Syria

Operation aimed at clearing Turkish borders of terror groups, supporting territorial integrity of Syria with residents in nearby Karakamis evacuated on Tuesday

A research paper has exposed the activities of Russian-funded organizations in Europe whose goal is to “shift European public opinion towards a positive view of Russian politics and policies, and towards respect for its great power ambitions.”

US Vice President will visit Turkey today to hold crucial talks in order to smooth over the failure of the US governments response to the failed Turkish coup

NATO has been stationing troops in eastern Europe for months, in response to Russia's actions however communication is open to prevent a potential conflict

US Vice President has departed Latvia, but not before assuring a pledge of support for NATO allies and slamming Trump, saying that he should not be taken seriously

In a disgraceful incident, French police threatened a Muslim woman with pepper spray before forcing her to strip off her burkini whilst she was on a Nice beach with her family

Russian President Vladimir Putin, will watch a friendly match with President Erdogan to be played in Antalya at the end of the month

Adil Oksuz donated $5,000 to Clinton two years ago via a fictitious company, USA Today report says

FBI investigating alleged attacks by Russian government, according to sources speaking to CNN

Buildinds have collapsed in villages close to the epicentre of the earthquake with three people reportedly killed

The suspect was beaten to death by Palestinian security forces

French capital is 'going through an industrial disaster,' says head of region’s tourism committee

Chancellor says Germans expect allegiance from long-term residents

A 19-year old Palestinian was killed during clashes with Israeli forces near Hebron last week

Israelis also arrest 8 Palestinians in separate incident in the West Bank

Council convenes for second time since July 15 coup bid

Officials from Turkey and US begin talks on Fetullah Gulen extradition in Ankara

Typhoon Mindulle causes flooding in northern Hokkaido island after leaving at least 1 dead in Tokyo region

ISIL group claimed responsibility for the shooting

The UAE has agreed to provide Egypt's central bank with a $1 billion deposit for a duration of six years

The trio were accused of threatening to kill Supreme Court judges during radio show in June

No injuries in border town as Free Syrian Army seeks to retake nearby Jarabulus from ISIL

Officials awarded unauthorized bonuses, sent or accepted gifts and were involved in misuse of public vehicles

Binali Yildirim says normalization of relations with Israel will never prevent Turkey's stand for Palestinians

Case concerns eight Turkish soldiers who fled the country after last month's coup attempt, and sought asylum in Greece

A day after Israeli forces targeted Gaza, the Zionist regime air forces struck Syria

The move is seen as a setback to efforts aimed at resolving the five-year conflict

The Turkish army shells ISIL in Jerablus, PYD in Manbij

'We continue to strongly support the democratic government of our allies in Turkey,' White House says

Defying the UEFA ban, Celtic fans not only matched the fine for raising the Palestinian flag but raised more than £50000 to donate to Palestinian charities

Move comes after Austria banned post-defeated coup signs of support to Turkish democracy but allowed pro-PKK march

Cuba pledges continued opposition to sanctions against Iran