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09:43, 23 April 2014 Wednesday
Speaking at a meeting with a Fatah-led delegation in Gaza City, Haniyeh accused the United States and Israel of seeking to undermine the Palestinian cause.

Ukraine's acting president accused Russia of aiding "terrorists" who killed a politician from his own party, calling a crackdown in the east that could hamper international efforts to defuse the crisis.

The Italian navy revealed on Tuesday that it had saved 1,149 migrants more migrants from drowning in the past two days.

UKIP, Britain's anti-EU party, launched its campaign for next month's European elections on Tuesday, fending off accusations from rival lawmakers that its pre-election posters were racist.

Former German rap artisit Deso Dogg is believed to be among 16 killed in the attack.

Police said that 188 of those detained had since been released after being proved Kenyan citizens or legal residents.

Russia has always denied sending troops to Crimea after the fall of pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovich's administration in late February at the hands of pro-EU protesters.

A study by Princeton University researchers has revealed that the US political system is based on a typical oligarchy.

Medvedev told parliament Russia would insist on fair access to foreign markets for its energy exports and would, if necessary, take legal action or seek arbitration at the World Trade Organisation

Country faces challenge of aging population, according to TurkStat report.

Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People said Mustafa Jemilev, a member of the Ukrainian parliament and the former chairman of the Mejlis, had been handed a notice banning him from Russia for five years.

The US Supreme Court decided to hear the case of an American born in Jerusalem, once again taking up the sensitive issue of the status of the contested city.

The two discussed progress in the Cyprus peace talks between the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, which resumed in February after a two-year stalemate.

The setback occurred as the $4 million U.S. Navy submarine Bluefin-21 was scheduled to complete its mission

Internal Affairs minister Yoshitaka Shindo, along with a close aide to Abe, paid their respects at Yasukuni, where 14 war criminals convicted by an Allied tribunal are honoured along with the nation's war dead

Life grinds to a halt in Indian held Kashmir as the region observes a call for a shutdown in protest at what is seen as a crackdown in the run-up to voting in India's national elections.

In a statement, the ministry said that "Arab and foreign terrorists" had been among those killed in Sunday's airstrikes.

Dubbed "Forces for Change," the new coalition described Algeria's current regime as one based on "electoral fraud."

Rouhani's government confirmed rumours it had reshuffled the leadership of Itan's atomic agency to sideline nuclear experts opposed to talks on its atomic programme with the West.

In recent months, groups of extremist Jewish settlers, often accompanied by Israeli security forces, have repeatedly forced their way into the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex.

Syrian opposition activists reported that helicopters dropped chlorine gas on Kfar Zeita on April 11 and 12.

Turkey's Supreme Election Board decides to void mayoral election results in Yalova, citing voting by people who were not licensed to do so.

Ruling for the New York Times, a unanimous three-judge panel said the government waived its right to secrecy by making repeated public statements justifying targeted killings.

More than 200 people sheltering inside mosque killed after rebels ousted government troops, according to UN investigators