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22:16, 17 January 2017 Tuesday
Turkish president used "terrorising economy" for those who intend to sabotage country's progress

Foreign minister says inviting representatives of new US administration to Astana would be a "right" decision

Sheikh Raed Salah was imprisoned last year after Israeli court found him guilty of ‘inciting violence’

Turkish prosecutors prepare an indictment requesting a 142-year prison sentence for the PKK-affiliated HDP leader Selahattin Demirtaş

Federal judges say NPD does not have potential to realize its anti-constitutional aims

As Gambian president tries to cling to power, more ministers resign, flee to Senegal

The vote for the new chief of the EU's only elected assembly will be closely watched in European capitals, including London, as it the parliament that will have a final say on any eventual Brexit deal.

Center-left group leader quits, leaves path open for Italian head of center-right European People’s Party

U.S. Secretary of State critical of President-elect's media comments

Here are the key dates in the disappearance of the plane and its 239 passengers and crew.

Provincial governor says Abdulgadir Masharipov confesses to New Year's Eve attack on Reina venue

Turkish Prime Minister Binalı Yıldırım confirms that the gunman who killed at least 39 New Year's Eve revellers has been captured, and says more details will be released soon

Kyrgyzstan had announced that the country of six million would observe a day of mourning on Tuesday.

Northern Islamic Movement leader Raed Salah has been released from prison

Downing Street has repeatedly said it wants to secure the best deal for the British economy while allowing for cuts to immigration.

Mirroring pressure in Russia under President Vladimir Putin, scrutiny of foreign-funded NGOs has been cranked up since Orban was re-elected in 2014. 

The Dutch vote will be the first in a string of elections held against a backdrop of growing anti-EU sentiment and fears over Europe's largest wave of immigration since World War II which have emboldened far-right parties.

French president's remarks come after US President-elect criticizes EU, NATO

Barcenas faces 42 years in prison for money laundering among other charges

On a state trip to Hanoi, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe promises to help bolster Vietnam's naval capabilities

Protesters call for freedom of religion for all

Dominic Ongwen, ex-Lord’s Resistance Army commander, faces 70 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity

The blast happened at a mosque in the staff quarters area of the University of Maiduguri and is thought to have been carried out by a teenage girl, a local resident and a lecturer said

Abdulgadir Masharipov was captured during a police operation on a residence in Istanbul's Esenyurt district

Morales said Guatemala had no contingency plans in case massive deportations did happen. But he stressed the incoming US leader would have to get lawmakers' consent to follow through with his threat.

UK, Australia declined to sign final statement at Sunday’s Mideast peace conference in Paris

Trump told The Times and Bild newspapers that Brexit would be a "great thing", and on a trade deal said he would "work very hard to get it done quickly and done properly."

Deputy Prime Minister Kurtulmus dismisses talk of snap elections

Barred from traveling abroad since 2015, Raed Salah faces fresh travel ban in light of impending release from prison

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Monday he was sure that Britain and the US could conclude a free trade deal that was in their mutual interests after President-elect Donald Trump said he was keen for one.

Among the convicts are members of an elite police unit, including 3 ex-military officers

Aid campaign run by Turkish Red Crescent draws large attention at home and abroad

Gen. Hulusi Akar will visit Brussels to attend NATO’s highest military authority meeting

Intervention comes after diplomatic spat over slogan-covered Serbian train which tried to enter Kosovo

OPEC and non-OPEC oil producing countries agreed to cap production from January 1 to end a global glut that has hammered prices, but doubts remain about implementation before data is released at the end of the month.

Kenyans will go to the polls on August 8 in what is set to be a hard-fought general election decided in large part by the core support of candidates' ethnic constituencies.

The government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had appealed against a lower court ruling in June that found the controversial border demarcation agreement was illegal.

International Organization for Migration head thanks Turkey for hosting 3.1 million refugees

At least 180 ISIL targets also destroyed as part of Turkish-led Operation Euphrates Shield, Turkish military says

Oxfam pointed to a link between the vast gap between rich and poor and growing discontent with mainstream politics around the world.

Hundreds of Serbs protested today in Northern Mitrovica for the Belgrade train that was stopped from entering Kosovo. 

In a statement, prosecutors investigating the scandal said they asked a Seoul court to issue an arrest warrant for Lee Jae-Yong, the son of the Samsung group chairman Lee Kun-Hee. 

Donald Trump has taken aim at NATO saying that its obsolete and has suggested a deal in which nuclear arsenals would be reduced and sanctions against Moscow would be eased, giving no further details.

Turkey to send 12M liters of fuel; Qatar will provide $12M to relive electricity crisis in the Gaza strip

Lawmakers approve regulations on parliamentary and presidential elections

Government spokesman pledges honest and transparent commitment to 5-track deal with Washington

Chancellor Philip Hammond says if Britain is 'closed off' from EU markets, it will be forced to be 'something different'

Diplomats from 70 countries gather in French capital to renew stalled Israel-Palestine peace process

Lawmakers approve motion that allows head of state to keep ties with his or her own party

Government spokesman Lambert Mende says DRC wants Uganda to explain presence of M23 fighters in Ugandan camp

The Philippines' longtime ally, the United States, has led international criticism of the killings, with outgoing President Barack Obama urging Duterte to prosecute his war "the right way".

Trump has pledged to pursue more pro-Israeli policies and move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv, where it has been for 68 years, to Jerusalem - a move that will have dire consequences for peace efforts

Cancelation of event marks second time this month that Buddhist hardliners impeded a Muslim gathering

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry says soldier Fikret Besirov martyred in a border clash with Armenian forces

Chiefs of general staff from 13 countries to take part in meeting on fighting Daesh in Saudi Arabia

The Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas held a private meeting with Pope Francis before inaugurating the diplomatic mission, located in a building facing the Vatican that also houses the embassies of Peru and Burkina Faso.

Iran has seen a rise in oil exports and increased investment in manufacturing since it came into force however Iran has accused Washington of not keeping to their side of the agreement

Donald Trump tore into civil rights legend John Lewis for questioning the legitimacy of the Republican billionaire’s White House victory

The final list of candidates for the European Parliament President will be published on Monday

Mikheil Janelidze calls Turkey strategic partner, values its support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity

Panama said the change was made to better focus resources and to boost checks on nationalities that have "the biggest incidence on the security index" in the country.

Trump has threatened to get tough with what he sees as unfair Chinese trade practices, and suggested that the One China policy could become a bargaining chip.

Iceland said it was not aware of such plans but was willing to host a summit to help improve relations between Washington and Moscow.

Curfew declared in Baqubah.

Lawmakers approve host of changes including name, structure of country’s highest judicial body, budgets

Over 100 migrants from North Africa were trying to reach Italy from Libya

Political committee of Syrian opposition says Jan. 23 Astana summit will pave way for peace talks in Geneva next month

Article 13 dealing with ‘military courts’ endorsed by Turkish lawmakers

President agreed last year to let both neighbors' navies enter Philippine waters to nab pirates kidnapping ships, tourists

More than a dozen also rescued from boat that was carrying at least 40 people, death toll feared to rise

The following is a list of those who have publicly said they will not attend the January 20 ceremony, and the states which they represent