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04:04, 24 July 2016 Sunday
Graham Fuller, a former CIA chairman has refuted claims that Fethullah Gulen was the mastermind of the coup. Gulen fled Turkey to the US in 1999 after officials charged him with trying to overthrow the state

Assault rifles and heavy weapons used in South Sudan were sold by a Polish millionaire involved in illegal arms sales

In 2015 Luca Locatelli, a documentary photographer, received permission to visit Mecca and Medina. He documented his trip in a virtual reality video for The New York Times.

Turkey detains Gulen's nephew after attempted coup, refresh for updates

2 explosions rip through 1,000-people protest against power line plan in Kabul, Afghanistan

Community leader says concrete evidence, transparency needed to ensure citizens are spared unlawful persecution

Police say 'obvious link' between Munich gunman and Norway's Breivik

Rodrigo Duterte says will push for law pursued by one-time largest Muslim rebel group, minus ‘unconstitutional’ provisions

Angela Merkel has convened her security council over the Munich shootings

Indian forces have shot at numerous protestors with more than 3000 people injured after violence flared after the killing of 18 year old Burhan Wari

Turkish President Erdogan has for years strengthened his relationship with the masses and with people's trust in him enabled the coup to be around in only a few hours

Hundreds of refugees set off on foot Friday toward Serbia's border with Hungary to protest its decision to keep its border closed for most people trying to reach the European Union.

Despite Israel illegally occupying the land of Palestine, a small group of Palestinian villages living in the hills of al-Khalili may also be forced to leave their homeland because of Israeli claims of living on an "archaeological site"'

Nearly 1,000 athletes from 36 countries will compete in the first Down Syndrome Olympics

In latest sign of normalizing ties, Russian PM announces resumption of economic, trade relations

Former KKK leader David Duke has launched a bid for the US senate

Articles in Western media mischaracterize the state of emergency, ignore FETO's threat to democracy

A shooting rampage at a busy shopping centre in Munich, which killed at least nine people, was carried out by a sole attacker, who then shot himself dead, German police said early on Saturday.

US vice president says Turkey’s extradition request for Gulen to be examined closely and as soon as possible, according to AK Party official

Hamas hired more than 40,000 people after it seized Gaza in 2007 following deadly clashes with militants of Fatah, the party of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas.

Since the power cut, US forces at Incirlik used back-up generators so they could continue aerial strikes against ISIL targets in neighboring Syria.

Top business leader decries ex-president's release, calling it setback to Philippines' fight against graft, corruption

Normalization process between Russia, Turkey continues despite military coup attempt: Russian Embassy in Ankara

Iraqi forces hope to secure areas surrounding Mosul before mounting offensive aimed at retaking city from extremist group

Hollande and Irish PM Kenny want Theresa May to invoke Article 50 'as soon as possible'  

With Turkish flags in hand, tens of thousands gather at night on Istanbul's Bosphorus bridge, the symbol of the fight against coup attempt, where tanks opened fire on civilians on July 15

For first time since July 15 failed putsch, Turkish president will inspect parts of parliament hit by bombs and gunfire

Turkish Deputy PM Kurtulmus says state of emergency is declared to more effectively put coup supporters to justice

Easing of border restrictions, checkpoints sees large influx of people fleeing fighting in Juba

The coup plotters who fled to Greece should not be given political asylum, says FM Mevlut Cavusoglu

National will strongest antidote to coup, president says

A project that helps Palestinian women helps achieve their dreams and providing income for families that are suffering dire circumstances as a result of the illegal occupation by Israel

Turks are a great nation and they showed it during the failed military coup, says Montenegrin Muslim leader

Restrictions lifted after Turkish authorities assure Russia of additional security measures following coup attempt

Qatar-based Islamic organization describes last week’s failed coup bid in Turkey as ‘haram’ act

Thousands of Turkish people gathered overnight on Istanbul's Bosporus bridge, the symbol of the fight against coup attempt, where tanks opened fire on civilians on July 15

'Muslim Americans are as patriotic, as integrated, as American as any other member of the American family,' Obama says

US vice president assures Turkish PM America would 'work together' on issue

Parliament passes motion greenlighting 3-month state of emergency by vote of 346-115

The Worldbulletin editor Erhan Erken writes on important points regarding the failure of the attempted coup of July 15

A Muslim man was named and his seat number called a number of times on the announcement system and was told by a crew member that she was "watching" him

A nationwide three-month state of emergency aims "to eliminate threat to democracy, rule of law, rights and freedoms", says Erdogan

Turkish government aims 'to keep the state of emergency as short as as possible'

Group’s decision to take part in Palestinian municipal polls is aimed at breaking longstanding Gaza siege, experts say

Eight soldiers fled to Greece in helicopter after failed coup on July 15

Barrier will stretch from Palestinian town of Tarqumiyah to Israeli settlement area near Mitar military checkpoint

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is also due to meet his predecessor, as well as former PM Ahmet Davutoglu

SOCAR Turkey remains loyal to Turkey where it has over $18 billion in investments, says board chairman

Britain voted to leave the European Union but Prime Minister Theresa May has indicated she does not plan to invoke Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty -- the formal exit procedure -- before the end of this year.

By sunset, millions cheering and waving Turkish flags are pouring into the streets in country-wide defiance of Gülenist extremists, who attempted to topple the government

'As long as we join hands and accompany the people, the tanks could do nothing,' Turkish president says

With burials underway for many of those killed the prosecutors office has said that all 84 people killed in the Nice attack had been formally identified meaning that the number of Muslim fatalities may be even higher.

'Turkish people have shaped a historic day' says Muslim Brotherhood figure Abdullah El-Haddad

Hundreds of people poured into several Libyan cities to protest against the French military presence

Azerbaijan allocates military buildings to Turkish Armed Forces

American anti-racism group meets relatives of police killing victims in Brazil