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07:41, 09 February 2016 Tuesday
Footage showing Egypt president's convoy driving over several kilometres of red carpet sparks outrage on social media

Presidential council has asked the Tobruk-based parliament to grant it an extra week to form unity govt under UN deal

'No one should assume that just because Turkey is taking in all the refugees that it should be expected to shoulder the refugee issue alone,' Turkish PM warns

UN commission of inquiry on Syria accused Damascus of committing 'extermination as a crime against humanity'

Turkish Prime Minister says Turkey and Germany are to work together for NATO involvement in curbing refugee flow

Human Rights Watch denounces Egyptian justice minister's call to kill Muslim Brotherhood members

According to an army source, Iraq is deploying thousands of troops hoping to retake the key northern city

A picture of Malcolm X with his travel companion and teacher of Islam - Shaykh Ahmed Hassoun

Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus has said Turkey did not have option to say 'no' to refugees fleeing from bombardments in Syria and Iraq

Opposition factions north of Syria's second city Aleppo have been increasingly stuck 'between the pincers' of Kurdish YPG forces on one side and pro-regime fighters on the other

Riyadh has announced discussions between Saudi and Venezuelan oil minister over ways to boost oil prices

Abu Dhabi says it is prepared to help int'l coalition against terrorist group; announcement comes days after Saudi Arabia pledges support

Mosques across Britain open up for visitors as part of Visit My Mosque Day in bid to counter negative portrayal of Islam in mainstream media

Vienna is considering deploying troops and police to the Balkans to reduce the flow of refugees on the route between Turkey and Austria

Thousands have protested in Sarajevo against a ban on wearing the hijab in courts and other legal institutions

Riyadh announces plans to open consulate in Erbil, capital of Iraq’s northern Kurdish region, according to Saudi ambassador in Baghdad

'If things improve with Turkey... gas could both be sold to Turkey, and to Greece via Turkey,' Israeli energy minister says

A monitor says regime troops want to push north to the border with Turkey to prevent opposition and weapons from entering Syrian territory

'I appeal to the international community to spare no effort to urgently bring parties back to the negotiating table,' Pope Francis says

The barrier stretches some 200 kilometres across about half the length of the frontier between the two neighbours

Security coordination between Egypt and Jewish state is 'better than ever', Israeli infrastructure minister asserts

'If they reached our door and have no other choice, if necessary, we have to and will let our brothers in,' President Erdogan says

The potential reforms are meant to address longstanding public grievances in the North African nation

EU foreign policy chief says there is no set date for the visit, but the preparations are under way with the Iranian side

The international community has harshly reacted to North Korea's announcement of successful rocket launch

The Pegida group has called for the Saturday rallies, urging supporters to march under the anti-migrant banner of 'Fortress Europe'

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