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12:30, 28 August 2015 Friday
Dozens of Jewish settlers overnight took over a large, five-story building in Silwan, and tried to force a Palestinian family who resides in it and holds a legal rental contract, to leave.

A spot check on visas in Melbourne's central business district was cancelled after community members expressed outrage over police state like laws.

Shelling from India has claimed the lives of nine civilians as India fired shells across the border of Indian occupied Kashmir

As Ukraine readies itself for entry into the EU, leaders have backed less restricted travel for Ukraine amid migration crisis in Europe

Peoples’ Democratic Party's (HDP) Istanbul deputy Tuzel says he will not take part in the interim government because of alleged negative aims of AK Party

FM spokesman says Ankara committed to train-and-equip program as per deal with US in fight against ISIL

German Chancellor says EU must help Balkan countries to deal with migrant influx

John Gatt-Rutter says EU will 'use more tools' to force Israel out of Jewish settlements expansion

Polish President Duda expects influx of Ukrainian refugees leaving no room to accept others

Courts in at least five cities in Uighur populated region jailed suspects for several crimes including 'organising terrorist groups', 'illegal border crossing'

A 20 year old African refugee has overcome tribulation to gain first place in the Greek university entrance exams.

US watchdog says cluster munitions are adding to the terrible civilian toll in Yemen's conflict

Conflicting sides confirm ceasefire which is due to begin Thursday

Rights group cites ‘overwhelming evidence’ that Israel committed violations against children ‘amounting to war crimes’

Raw material for fuel will be built in north east Kazakhstan

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