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04:35, 05 March 2015 Thursday
Turkish Defense Minister says Ankara is ready to support material aid for those that will be forced to leave Mosul

Libya has not had government since ousting of Gaddafi, with the North African state in chaos

Dollar strength and waning investor confidence are driving the lira lower

The Syria conflict is the first war that scientists have explicitly linked to climate change. With so many reasons for why the conflict happened in the first place, the overstatement of why climate change in a region where drought is common can be seen as a distraction from the core reasons.

Despite Netanyahu's threats, Iran and the US have resumed talks over Iran's nuclear programme

Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu and his delagation reached New York to hold financial and regional talks. PM Davugoglu will address the UN General Assembly on Friday

The boat had left Libya and was carrying 130 people at the time.

The rise, for China, is the smallest in recent years

Campaign group Cage under scrutiny over links to Mohammed Emwazi with investigations underway into charities which back Cage. Cag says targeted because it exposes state wrongdoing.

Drones were seen flying over sensitive sites in Paris and above nuclear power plants

A large crowd of ultra-Orthodox Jews demonstrated Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit in New York

President Erdogan has said that if Saudi Arabia takes a step forward, then the situation in Egypt can be reversed.

Israeli leader calls on US lawmakers to oppose a prospective deal with Iran.A senior U.S. administration official said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to offer an alternative in his speech to the U.S. Congress on the ongoing nuclear talks with Iran.

Two planes carrying military aid land in Baghdad and have delivered much needed supplies and was handed over by Ambassador Kaymakci to Iraq Defence Officials.

After the video went viral online, Israeli media reported that Israel's chief military prosecutor had ordered an investigation into the incident

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said in an interview, Greek are confident to repay

Talks resume between India and Pakistan after being suspended over row last year

A North Carolina district attorney will seek death penalty against man charged in murder of three Muslim students

The Lebanese army said an Israeli gunboat violated Lebanese coastal waters.

'Safe Harbor Turkey' exhibition in Geneva shows how different communities have found shelter in Turkish territory throughout country's history.

Judge told El-Alloul that she had two choices: either remove her headscarf or apply for a postponement in order to get legal advice.

Leonard Nimoy revealed in an interview how a Jewish sign, signifying the feminine aspect of God was used for the Vulcan greeting, which has been used by unwittingly by thousands of people.

Three Israeli nationals have been accused of “providing raw materials directly to Hamas for the benefit of manufacturing rockets, missiles and other armaments.”

He also said it was wrong to compel Muslim students to attend church services

Ismet Yilmaz has said " When the it comes to national interests, as assessment is made on this basis and to fulfill the responsibilities required to become members of the coalition "

With Armenians preparing for the 100th year of the killings, the diaspora is now taking aim at Turkeys investments, putting pressure on American business to withdraw their investments from Turkey

Australia has updated their travel warning and has banned its citizens from travelling to Mosul in northern Iraq.

Over half a kilogram of explosives have been found by security in Hatay province under a car belonging to a Syrian citizen living in Turkey.

Iraqi army forces bombarded ISIL positions. The offensive is the biggest military operation in the province

Protesters arrested at annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington.

Yemen's Hadi declares Sanaa occupied by the Shiite Houthi, saying that the government takeover is nothing less than a coup.

Two Palestinians were shot and injured after

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