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17:01, 22 May 2018 Tuesday
Abdel bari Atwan

Abdel bari Atwan
11:54, 15 February 2013 Friday

Mali - Israel’s gate to Africa

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Diplomatic reports from Mali prove that the French military interference to confront Islamic groups in the Muslim country are aimed at serving the interests of Israel and its expansionist plans in the African continent as whole.

The Israeli objective is to penetrate the African countries at the expense of Arab existence. The Israeli diplomacy works to achieve this objective through inciting the African states and their governments to confront the Arab presence. It also offers its technical experience and expanding international relations, especially with international financial institutions, to build huge projects there.

An Israeli study said that Mali President Dioncounda Traoré expressed his resentment, at the Arab countries, or at least some of the Arab countries, who have not condemned what he described as violations committed by the extremist Islamic groups in his country, while they condemned the French interference.

He reminded the Arab nations that all but four countries had decided to cut their relations with Israel in solidarity with the Arab countries.

The Malian president was repeating Israeli statements which contradict the truth. At the recent Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit in Cairo, 60 Muslim countries turned to support the military interference in Mali, opposing any separatist attempts that could divide the country.

Cutting relations with Israel is a moral stance, and religious and humanitarian values impose adopting such measures. Israel is the aggressor that has occupied Arab territories to change its demographic identity, displacing millions of people. It launched many wars against its neighbours, while Mali and a large number of African states that have Muslim majority consider occupying Jerusalem as an insult against over a billion-and-a-half Muslims.

Israel penetrated Nile Basin Countries through financing the projects to build dams, inciting them to amend the agreements of water distribution to reduce the quotas of the downstream countries, including Egypt and Sudan.

Unfortunately, Egypt’s former regime was conspiring directly or indirectly with the Israeli conspiracy, while the current official Arab situation is sleazy due to its unprecedented weakness, the matter that could provide the suitable atmosphere for the Israeli penetration in Africa.

Egypt is currently occupied by side effects of its revolution, that have led to the current instability. Tunisia faces huge political crisis. Libya has turned to a failure, as its central government obeys the orders of NATO that overthrew the former regime. Algeria suffers from the Mali crisis, as it fears of repercussions on its security and stability.

We talk about the Arab African countries, as they should bear the responsibility of confronting the Israeli penetration. This does not mean that the other countries do not bear the responsibility in this regard. How can Syria that suffers from the civil war, Iraq that is divided on sectarian basis, or the divided Yemen play a role in building the African continent?

Saudi Arabia or some Gulf States have not ignored their role in this regard, while they are occupied in interfering in the Syrian crisis to serve the interests of the Syrian opposition or in failing the Egyptian revolution through supporting the opposition. These countries do not believe in democracy or the values of human rights.

Unfortunately, Israel stands to gain due to Arab slumber.

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