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Muslim woman thrown off moving train in Australia

: Islamic World

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Don't know why it has to be said so often that islam is not a race...
03/10/2014, 06:06
Gamieda Brenner
Iim appalled an speechless! So this woman is "unknown" what a joke! I expected so much "more" from Australia......
02/10/2014, 23:19
And yet Israelis with Australian citizenship are freely allowed to return to Israel and perform their military service and commit all kinds of horrific acts against innocent people but receive no pressure from the Australian Government.
02/10/2014, 16:19
Kashif Syed
Train doors can not be open while they are in motion in Australia specially in Melbourne, there are CCTV mounted on every door. No one has seen it, no cctv footage has found so far, this is a fake news, thats all I can say that the victim is playing some game.
01/10/2014, 23:03


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