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Last sultan gets a modern makeover

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WW I not WW II
Nihat Altintop
Please correct the error. The article is talking about WWI not WWII
10/10/2010, 17:23
Unity in the name of one God
Abdullah Bin Jaffar
Greetings to Arabs, Turks and all muslims. I implore in the name of the one god Allah that we worship and his last massenger prophet Muhammad s.a.w, please put aside petty differences that we may have and unite as muslims so that we will not be intimidated and despised. Cherish your glorious past and cast aside unpleasant ones. Are the sufferings of muslims around the world whether inflicted by enemies of islam or directly from god's wrath like the flood in Pakistan not enough to remind us. Please.
09/09/2010, 16:08
This pearl article should be translated into Arabic
Nermin Kurtulush
This pearl article should be translated into Arabic and be published in The opponent and non opponent Newspapers all over the world to defend the History of Turkish polite people.
25/08/2010, 10:15


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