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11:12, 27 May 2018 Sunday
17:12, 09 February 2017 Thursday

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EU Hahn meets political leaders in Macedonia
EU Hahn meets political leaders in Macedonia

Hahn met the acting Prime Minister, Emil Dimitriev, while he has planned to meet other leaders during the day.

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The EU Commissioner for enlargement negotiations, Johannes Hahn, started meeting political leaders in Skopje, while parties are negotiating to find a solution for the formation of a new Macedonian government.

After Gruevski's VMRO-DPMNE failed to form a government with the Albanian party, Zaev's LSDM was authorized by the President to negotiate with and Ahmeti's BDI.

VMRO threatened the rival LSDM that the new government would face many problems if it is not formed by the party that won the elections.

Commissioner Hahn asked the parties to form a government that has the widest parliamentary support, so that they can continue with the reforms that lead towards the European perspective.

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