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05:25, 24 May 2018 Thursday
Update: 04:03, 29 July 2017 Saturday

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Albanian Muslim player leaves Skopje because of cross symbol
Albanian Muslim player leaves Skopje because of cross symbol

Florent Osmani left the team due to religious reasons.

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The biggest reinforcement left Skopje as he couldn't stand the cross on the club's emblem, since he is a devoted Muslim. 

It should have been a goal machine for Skopje's come back in the top flight, but instead, two weeks before the start of the new season the club from Avtokomanda is forced to look for a new striker. 

"The amblem of Skopje has a cross on it which I have always covered it so that it could not be seen. I was doing that for religious reasons. Beacuse of that everyboddy looked at me differently and eventually started ignoring me despite the fact that I came as a great reinforcement." - Osmani said.

Because of his and others behaviour he was summoned on a meeting with the club's board earlier today. It was decided his contract to be terminated on mutual agreement. So now after 17 days Osmani is a free agent again.

"The board invited me to a meeting today and told me that what I do is not ok and if I wanted to be part of this club I could not cover the emblem anymore. I am a practitioner of Islam and my religion does not allow me to do so. I have always covered only the cross and not the whole emblem. But since they forbid me to continue doing that, I decided to leave the club because religion for me is the most sacred thing."

It is not the first time Muslim players to be part of this club, but it is the first case like this one. Osmani came to Skopje after he left Kosovan side Liria, while he previously played for Shkupi, Gostivar, 12 Bingölspor (Turkey), Butrinti (Albania) and Skopje. Interestingly, Osmani was already part of this team two seasons in a row. Back than the cross wasn't a problem for him, but probably he experienced a religious enlightenment recently.

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